Link Building Services by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

Back4app is one of the most incredible open source backend as a service providers, assisting programmers in quickly creating scalable and extendable mobile and web applications. There was not much traffic on the client’s website, and it had not been updated to the latest SEO trends, which was somehow affecting the growth of their business. They reached out to us for advice on how to improve the performance of their website. Our recommendation was to begin with link building


In order to improve traffic to their website, Back4App set a goal. Furthermore, they wanted to improve their domain rating, domain authority, and page authority. Our goal was to build links primarily to the homepage with natural anchors because the site is still in its early stages of link building and is just beginning to gain Google’s trust.


We analyzed the site’s current health and previous SEO efforts when we first accepted the client for our Managed Link Building Program. This is just like we would with any new domain or site.
Here’s what we found:

● Google indexed about 15 pages of this small niche site.

● On-page was good. It wasn’t fancy – they just put keywords in the right places.

● Content was great.

● About 9 months before, its first links appeared. The number of referring domains was about 26.

So we started link building mostly natural anchor links to the homepage. As content is the basis for building links, we created engaging content with relevant keywords to target the right audience. We mailed the guest bloggers with active high-traffic to get impactful blogs that we could share on the social platforms. In addition to finding the broken links, we analyzed the competitors to make sure we’re on top.


The clients relished the fantastic outcomes after adopting an efficient link-building strategy. Their website saw a lot of traffic, and the domain authority, domain rating, and page authority all increased. The client expressed satisfaction with the website’s excellent functioning.