Link Building Services by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

EliteHubs is an upcoming Computer Accessories Store & Esports Tournament Organizer in India. They wanted to increase their online presence, boost their traffic and improve their business exposure. In order to do so, they turned to us for professional link-building services to help them with these goals.


Our aim was to build more links that results in increasing the visibility of Elitehubs and increasing the online presence. For that, we compiled a list of SEO statistics. In doing so, a strategic outreach campaign was considered.

That’s what happened. A number of websites backlinked to us after we sent multiple emails.

The Skyscraper Technique is probably familiar to everyone. Link building involves finding a page with several links, creating something “better,” and then pitching the improved resource to those linking to the now inferior page.

In theory, it can be applied to any type of content, but we assumed it would work particularly well for statistics pages due to the following reasons:

1. Links are common on statistics pages
2. Statistics pages are frequently out-of-date
3. The updating of statistics is often inefficient


The direction we are going might already be clear to you. Here is a step-by-step description of the entire process. As a result, we were able to:
1. Identified a winning topic
2. Prospective links were found
3. Reduced the number of potential links
4. Developed a page for statistics
5. Identified contact information and vetted prospects


We had a high conversion rate due to deliverable emails, which resulted in the websites we contacted linking to us.

Two other interesting things occurred as well:

1.Links were received from a variety of sites that were not contacted by us. Many of these people probably found our post through links from others as well as through social media sharing. Several people shared our post on Facebook and Twitter.

2.It has been observed that some websites have been linked more than once. There were both new and old pages included in this analysis.

We were able to reach a good number of links from unique websites as a result of our campaign. We improved Elitehubs’ Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Domain Rating within a few months of working with us. The business was able to gain greater exposure on the internet as well as increase its effective traffic.