Link Building Services by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

HGB is a strategic marketing agency that specializes in brand development. Marketing, branding, advertising, websites, design, and digital are their main focus areas. As part of their marketing strategy, they desired to enhance their online presence, increase their traffic, and improve their business exposure. For this purpose, they enlisted our professional link-building services to help them achieve their goals.


The company aimed to increase their online presence by building more links that result in an increase in visibility. Furthermore, they also wanted to improve the domain rating, domain authority and page authority of the domain, as well as the flow of traffic for their business.

Since the site is still in its early stages of link building and is just starting to build trust with Google, we wanted to build links primarily to the homepage with natural anchors as the site was still at the beginning of its link building journey and was only beginning to slowly build trust with the search engine.

When it comes to client sites, we always follow best practices when it comes to linking.


This is the process we worked on:

We started building to the homepage with natural anchors that would address the small over-optimization issue, continue to establish the site’s authority, and created the groundwork for future, more active link building once more trust had been established.

Developing URL and branded anchors to the homepage would be similar to building money anchors, but without the danger because the site was an EMD (Exact Match Domain). So, to take advantage of this advantage, we intended to use a lot of these anchor kinds.

In the beginning, we also intended to conduct a little more linking with basic, white-hat link kinds to make sure we had a strong, diverse link profile to expand on.


It was a remarkable result. As of now, the main keywords we used are still at the top of the search engine rankings, showing no signs of dropping. While working on the site, we continued building links and focused on raising rankings for other important keywords to attract additional targeted traffic. Moreover, the site’s owner is cleaning up the blog and adding new content that is also search engine friendly. This effort resulted in a good result, and we finally got what we expected.