Value Added Promotions

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Client Overview

Value Added Promotions provides promotional goods and corporate merchandise solutions to SME and corporate clients in order to help them build their brands and expand their businesses. As the internet grew and the web became packed with content, the company realized it needed to find a means to enhance organic traffic and boost exposure on the search engines. When the company initially started, they had little to no competition, if any at all.

As a result, they started looking for creative ideas and an SEO plan that would help them achieve these objectives. And they reached us to help them with the solution.


Getting your business or corporate organization noticed is our main objective as a leading marketing firm. In order to enhance your brand, business, reputation, and profitability, we deliver bespoke, targeted marketing solutions based on our extensive marketing experience.
The goals of Value Added Promotions were to increase the company’s visibility, modernize it to reflect current SEO practices, and emphasis on content relevance. The company also sought to improve the domain rating, domain authority, and page authority of their website.


We began by reviewing the website’s present state of health. After learning about its shortcomings, we began using our SEO strategies.

The first strategy involved conducting a search for the most significant and popular keywords, which we then substituted for the previous ones. This contributes to more traffic.

After that, we developed industry-relevant information. We selected the most fascinating subjects to differentiate our website from others. We stuffed the contents with anchor texts to gain additional links because content aids in the link-building process as well.

We updated the website as much as possible to optimize it. The website’s speed was improved, and the SEO checklists were followed as well.


Value Added Promotions and we were thrilled with the increase in traffic, but what’s even more amazing is that it was accompanied by a rise in the traffic’s quality. The gradual improvements reached a breaking point, and the rate of increase in traffic accelerated sharply.