Jack & Lily

Guest Posting Services for Jack & Lily
Client Overview

Jack & Lily is an online clothing store specializing in high-end children’s fashion. They were looking to increase their brand exposure and attract more customers to their website. To do this, they enlisted the help of a guest posting firm to help with the goal of driving more traffic to their website and increasing their customer base.


In order to achieve the primary goal of the partnership between Jack & Lily and the guest posting firm, which was

– To create high-quality, engaging content that would be showcased on popular websites in the online fashion and apparel niche.
– To reach the most influential bloggers with high traffic levels on their blogs who have established their own sites.
– Increased visibility and customer traffic on the website.
– More productive results and link building to the top fashion websites with the help of content promotion.


We started with our proven strategies that worked well for the Jack & Lily’s website growth which includes:

● An in-depth analysis of the market and the trends in blogging has been conducted.

● A detailed analysis of influencers in the blogging world can been researched.

● Send an email to the bloggers and ask them to share their relevant blogs relating to fashion and services on Jack & Lily’s website in order to promote the brand.

● Keeping all social media platforms up-to-date with informative content and blogs.

● In order to maintain a good link building strategy, our team responded quickly to any queries that may arise.


The guest posting firm was able to secure several high-profile placements for the content they had created. These placements garnered a lot of attention and traffic for the Jack & Lily website, resulting in a significant increase in customers and sales. In addition, the content was well-received by readers and helped to build awareness of the Jack & Lily brand.