Mr Home Buyer

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Client Overview

Mr Home Buyer is a real estate solutions and investment company based out of Calgary, Canada. Investing in houses is one of their specialties. A new customer base was being sought by Mr Home Buyer by increasing their online presence. To help them reach their goals, they decided to use our guest posting services.


As part of their marketing strategy, MrHomeBuyer wanted to increase their online presence by reaching out to the most influential guest bloggers who will help their website gain more traffic. Their goal was to engage more audiences with their services through the use of engaging content that would attract potential customers and help them build a loyal following of customers.

Having taken into account their concerns, we decided to provide them with a list of guest posting strategies that will enable their business to grow and achieve the results they desire.


As part of our strategy for Mr. Home Buyer, we researched trending blogs and bloggers related to their industry.

In order to write for their business services on their website, we approached the best guest bloggers who already have a good amount of traffic on their blogs, appreciated them for their work and received reciprocation. Email is used for the entire request process.

Our guest bloggers provided engaging contents for Mr Home Buyer’s site after we shared the best piece of content with them. As much as we could, we shared them on social media. To promote guest posts and get them in front of more potential customers, we leverage our network of influencers and websites.


For MrHomeBuyer, the guest posting campaign was a huge success. Their website traffic increased by over 30% as a result of the posts. In addition to seeing an increase in sales, they also saw a rise in loyal customers. In addition to increasing their online presence, the campaign helped them drive more customers to their store. Also, the reputation of the company got enhanced and they became more authoritative in the eyes of Google.