Dubai Tour Pro

SEO Service by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

Dubai Tour Pro (DTP) is a leading tour agency in Dubai that offers a variety of tours and excursions to local and international tourists. The company was struggling to increase its online visibility and reach potential customers. To achieve this goal, DTP hired us to provide a comprehensive link-building service.


As part of our strategy, we were aiming to increase Dubai Tour Pro’s online visibility and reach potential customers for the tours and excursions it offers. Moreover, through our experiments and constant SEO work over the years, we have come to realize that Domain Authority and Domain Rating do not directly determine your ranking, but they are helpful tools for analyzing a website’s search engine optimization performance.

We have personally benefited from it in terms of improving the performance of our business. In our research, we have found a few techniques that would definitely enhance the domain authority score of DTP business.


To achieve the desired results, we developed and implemented a comprehensive link-building strategies:

1. Our team has compiled a comprehensive collection of the most relevant statistics in the travel and tourism industry for the purpose of building high quality backlinks. Stats are always of interest to content creators. They enjoy building data-driven content, which must be backed by data.

2. We started building relationships with high-authority websites and bloggers in the travel and tourism industry.

3. We started creating and publishing high-quality content on DTP’s website.

4. We started to develop a link-building campaign to attract relevant and authoritative backlinks.

5. Last but not the least, we promoted the DTP’s content and services on social media platforms to gain as much traffic and responses as possible.


The link-building strategies implemented by our team yielded impressive results. Within 2-3 months, DTP’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Domain Rating started to improve and the company began to receive effective traffic and business exposure. The link-building campaign resulted in an increase of over 500% in organic traffic and a significant increase in both website engagement and conversions.

The comprehensive link-building services provided by our team enabled DTP to increase its online visibility and reach potential customers for its tours and excursions. Through our link-building strategies, DTP was able to improve its Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Domain Rating, resulting in an increase in organic traffic and website engagement.