Guest Posting Services by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

eAuto is an automotive parts and service provider located in Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar India. eAuto serves as the online portal under the parent company Anay Auto Parts Retail Private Limited.

The company strives to provide our customers with high-quality service by delivering genuine spare parts for motorcycles, scooters, and scooty’s. eAuto was looking to increase its online presence and reach more customers. They approached us for help in increasing their Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Domain Rating through guest blogging service.


We were looking for a way to increase the visibility of the business by inviting and encouraging guest bloggers of the same industry. By doing this we were able to increase the visibility of eAuto and increase their online market demand. As a result, we have designed a list of SEO strategies that will help their site to grow.

As a team, we had the goal to primarily focus on the Domain Authority, the Page Authority, and ultimately the Domain Rating of the website within a couple of months, as well as the amount of effective traffic and exposure that their website has for their business.


We implemented various strategies to help eAuto reach its goals. These strategies included:

1. Research work: We researched bloggers and blogs that tackle similar subjects to yours.

2. Outreach: After reading and analyzing some of the other blogs in your industry, we have chosen to retweet their content and compliment their posts in order to connect with them. This led to the reciprocal email and helped us with the guest posting email request.

3. Provided optimized content: When we made new contacts and agreed to exchange content, we provided guest bloggers with our best content. There are no drafts. All documents have been proofread.

4. Followed up: We share the guest blogs across all your social networks, so the host gets some immediate benefit from your followers. Every time a reader comments or asks for more information, our team responds. Develop your reputation as a communicator. Personalize your thank you.

5. Reciprocation: Give as received. Assisted other bloggers by bringing guest bloggers to your site. As they share the content they have written for you on their social networks, reciprocity builds something bigger than a network: it builds a community.


The effort we put into eAuto paid off as their Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Domain Rating all increased. Their business exposure and traffic increased as well. Additionally, we established relationships with automotive website owners and editors, which will allow eAuto to continue attracting more customers.

Enhanced content sharing and link building through social media helped the eAuto achieve great results. We also reached influential bloggers with guest blogging, which helped the company be more visible in the market.