Guest Posting Services by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

Leading software development firm Applify wanted to broaden both its customer base and online presence. The business aimed to raise brand recognition and draw more visitors to its website. They approached us to assist them because they were able to boost their consumer base and website traffic by using a guest posting company.


Company goals include:

● In order to create high-quality, engaging content that will be featured on popular online digital marketing websites.

● To reach influential bloggers who have established their own blogs with high traffic levels.

● Increased visibility on the website and increased traffic from customers.

● A more productive approach to link building with the help of content promotion will result in more productive results.


In order to grow Appify website, we utilized our proven strategies, which include:

● In order to gain a deeper understanding of the market and the trends in blogging, an in-depth analysis has been conducted.

● A detailed analysis of bloggers’ influencers is carried out by conducting a piece of research on the topic.

● Send an email to the bloggers asking them to share their relevant blogs related to the niche so we can promote the brand through their blogs.

● Making sure every social media platform is updated with informative content and blogs on a regular basis.

● As part of maintaining a successful link-building strategy, our team ensures that all queries related to the link-building process are handled as quickly as possible.


Due to the increased visibility of their work, Applify noticed an improvement in their search engine results within two to three months of the guest posting campaign. They received more quality leads as a result of their increased visibility, which also increased their company’s exposure in general.