Mobile SEO: What is Mobile SEO & Why is Mobile SEO So Important?


Do you know around 40% of transactions happen on mobile? If you need mobile users to attract to your website and turn into long-term customers, you should invest in mobile SEO. Mobile SEO is the method of optimizing your website to rank better in search results and maintain mobile leads on your page.

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What Is Mobile SEO?

Is there any cons if your Site Isn’t Optimized for Mobile Devices?

The Importance Of Mobile-SEO

How Mobile SEO is Different

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If your website is optimized for search engines, there are extra things that you need to keep in account when optimizing for mobile devices. Mobile optimization takes a look at website structure, website design, page speed, and more to ensure you are not inappropriately turning mobile visitors away. Mobile optimization makes sure that mobile visitors have a sufficient experience optimized for their mobile device and keeps in mind site structure, site design, page speed, and more to make sure a high-quality mobile user experience. If your site is already well-optimized for search engines, then making some extra changes is all you require to think about when optimizing for mobile. Here, you can prefer efficient SEO solutions for better execution of the process.

What Is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is the method of optimizing your site to make sure that your website looks fabulous and functions prominently on mobile devices. When you perform mobile SEO, you will offer a positive website experience to users since it looks great on every device, in spite of the screen size. Mobile device usage has skyrocketed in the past years. 76% of consumers shop on mobile devices and this number is only expected to boost as mobiles become more accessible.

Many agencies do not realize the significance of a mobile-friendly website, but when you do not have a mobile-friendly site, it affects both your audience’s point of view of your business and SEO. In fact, about 52% of users are less probably to engage with your company again because of poor mobile experience.

If you need to prevent poor mobile experiences, you must enhance your website to be mobile-friendly. Professionals offer you more tips on how you can do that later. Every year individuals invest more time on their mobile devices and tablets, but many sites still are not made to account for various screen sizes as well as load times. Just like effective link building for SEO, mobile SEO is also important.

Is there any cons if your Site Isn’t Optimized for Mobile Devices?

If a genuine customer is searching for a specific product or service, they are more probably to search it on their mobile. Saying that, if the site is not optimized appropriately for the internet or is complicated to use, the customer will end up searching for a product or service somewhere else. They will end up searching for a competitor company with a site that is optimized for their mobile device in spite of getting a computer to search the previous website.

A Bad Experience = Bad Feelings

A consumer who does not have a great mobile experience will get distributed and frustrated. Sometimes these bad feelings will show how they feel toward that specific company. A website that is not mobile-friendly can show that the company either does not care about their business or is not upon the current technology times. Unluckily, the user will be less probably to interact with that agency in the future. Also, in making your website successful, you also need perfect content creation services.

The Importance Of Mobile-SEO

The mobile SEO involves an entire revision and optimization of the site in the optical and technical aspects. Mobile web design favors short loading times, which are an indigenous indicator of the interest of the aimed group. The more frequent and ever faster access to the search results through tablet PCs and smartphones, the growing user expectations and the technical innovations make it clear how essential a reorientation is for SEO Company.

Sites with only less mobile availability or diminishing structures with mobile access have no possibility with Google and will be entirely lost in future competition. Of more than 200 search engine ranking aspects, mobile SEO provided by potential link building providers holds an important position and is a must-have for anyone who needs to boost their visibility and improve the conversion rate.

Those who cannot be found on the go can already face the effects on sales. In the future, sites without mobile SEO will have no possibility at all and will leave the most essential, existing but unutilized resource unused for no reason.

1. Improved User Experience

People have all been there, a friend delivers you a link through text message or email when you try to open that link on the mobile device, and individuals are presented with many loads of unorganized garbage. This will decrease any chance you have of turning that visitor into a customer. If the user cannot conveniently browse and read the content on your site from their mobile device, they will leave it unenhanced.

Some surveys present that 60% of mobile users in the past 12 months have witnessed issues when browsing sites that have led them to abandon the page. The trusted business SEO tips also play an important role in attracting mobile users.

2. Increase the Time Spent on Your Site

Having customers browse your site gives advantages to you in the two easiest ways. The first is that the more they browse, the more connection they make with your organization. This leads to more possibilities of them making a buy or promising to signup.

The second reason is that it incorporates your SEO score. The bounce rate calculates the time people invest in your site. If they come and go quickly, it has a bad impact on your score. A mobile effective website enhances this vastly.

3. Higher Search Engine Rankings

In the year 2015 Google started to use “mobile-friendliness” as an aspect when it’s the matter of search rankings. It is been proven that sites that are optimized for mobile with the help of prominent website SEO services use will rank great than sites that are not. This means that even if an audience is on a desktop computer, a company’s site that is not for mobile use will become buried in the sea for search outcomes. Whereas a mobile-friendly website can boost visibility around all and any devices. Google says that the reason they rank a site higher if it is optimized for mobile is that it makes it convenient for users to get the best search results that can be viewed around different devices.

Just like a physical store, customer needs to be able to navigate and get what they require more conveniently- the same goes for mobile sites. Taking your content and developing a new design that is more responsive on mobile devices will provide your company a competitive benefit. Not only will your company stand out from the rest, but you will also get more sales, conversions, and a higher search engine ranking.

Here, good content creation is also important.

4. Decrease Bounce Rate

As an observation, you only have less than 3 seconds to initiate a mobile user. If a user feels less encouraged to browse your site then he/she will quickly abandon your website. This will ultimately lead to boosting your website bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of users that leave the website too quickly or after going through only a single page of your site. Bounce rate puts a negative impression on your website SEO too.

Therefore a mobile-optimized site assists in decreasing the bounce rate.

5. Attract more local customers

Mobile SEO is very essential to local SEO and efficient complete beginners guide to SEO can help you massively. Many people will execute search queries on the go when they are searching for a particular business. These people need to purchase. If they are near your physical location as well as they get your site while doing a mobile search, they are more probably to drop in and make a buy. Bad mobile SEO will translate to bad local SEO, thereby affecting your capability to attract local customers.

6. Increased Average Time on Site

As with everything that is there online, it is about time. You have a specific amount of time to get a site visitor’s attention. This is even more so the case with mobile devices as users are acquiring your site while out and about on the go. If a visitor is able to conveniently navigate your web pages and the content is written mobile-friendly, you boost the possibility of turning visitors into customers. Furthermore, you can prefer professionals who know enough about mobile SEO and also how to increase website authority for success.

7. Improve Your Brand Identity

If you give attention to your brand identity, a mobile site will probably add to it. The flip side is true, also. If you do not prefer mobile SEO your brand will face problems because people won’t see it on the devices they utilize.

Investing time searching for search engine optimization data and then learning from it to enhance your site will lead to people thinking better of your brand. As that happens, they will have more brand trust and loyalty, which means they will return to your mobile website often.

8. Improve Website Speed

When you optimize your site to suit mobile standards, then your site should load fast. Sites that are not appropriately optimized for mobile mostly take a while to load, mainly when they use flash aspects. Mobile users just are not going to invest time on your website if they cannot get your pages to load. By improving the speed of your website, you are more probably to keep visitors on your website for a long time. Adding to that, reliable guest posting for SEO can also help you to increase the demand for your site.

How Mobile SEO is Different

Optimizing for mobile devices needs different practices of desktop SEO. But mobile search results are much more different in comparison to desktop searches, as they are influenced by an additional set of factors.

Things such as user locations, page organization, screen size, operating system, and more impact what content gets a top ranking. The interaction of these variables means that search engine going through, indexing, as well as ranking processes, differ between devices. Mobile SEO provided through profitable local SEO services offers a framework to succeed on any device. But first, it is essential to understand what differs between mobile and desktop, and how

Here is where they diverge:

1. Search engine results pages (SERPs)

What varies most between mobile and desktop SEO is the layout of the search engine result pages. Because mobile phones are smaller in comparison to desktop screens, Google does not have sufficient rooms for 2 columns. This means that anything on the right side of a desktop search result will heap above or below the organic search results, and some results will present on the first page- this is mainly true for paid listings.

Additionally, the Knowledge Graph panel is displayed at the top of mobile SERPs- this is the block of content that answers a web question with summarized information so you do not have to click on any links. Similarly, landmarks, Google My Business, and Things to Do surface at the top of mobile search engines.

This highly interactive, attractive content pushes search results further down on the page. However, on desktop, it is to the right of results. This might give the answer to your question is SEO still relevant for business.

2. Location

The majority of modern mobile phones have a global positioning system, which offers search engines with more prominent location data in comparison to stationary desktop computers. Even if a device does not have a GPS, mobile phones have other methods of providing search engines location data, which initiates search results. This is the major reason that mobile search results are way variable than desktop search results- if you search something in Bangkok, the outcomes will probably be very different than if you search while in NYC.

However, desktop searches are also affected by the physical location of your mobile phone if you are logged into a Google account on both. Some think that the weighting of location information is greater in mobile searches, meaning that it has more influence over the results. For instance, you might be more probably to get a map outcome when searching for a restaurant ON Google’s ad platform.

3. Phone operating system

Mobile search results are also influenced by phone operating systems. This is mainly true if Google thinks that the query might have an app-oriented intent. In this case, search engines are more probably to present an app pack- the colorful grids of app icons that link directly to an app in the app store. Keywords such as a fun game, run tracker, or image editor tend to rank apps, as these keywords are linked with apps that people often download and use. Google will only represent apps packs with apps that work on your phone’s operating system, usually Android or iOS. As the majority of apps do not work on desktop, app packs basically do not display in desktop results. Apart from that, if you hire professionals they can help you with mobile SEO according to the best Google Search Statistics.

4. Screen size

Google adapts search results to suit the device that you are utilizing to search. This influences how many results are visible on the page. When tablets flooded the market they included even more variations to search engine layouts.

5. Other factors

Finally, Google has new search power and some are mobile-specific. For instance, Google now provides search through augmented reality. This technology permits Google to deliver search results about what it finds in the camera frame on your mobile device. Let’s say you have a golden retriever dog- if you were to open your mobile device’s camera with your dog in the frame, Google will analyze the dog breed and surface search results about it. Mobile SEO professionals anticipate that search power on devices will continue to get more interactive.

This is the possibility that your competition is already ahead of the game with a fabulously optimized mobile site. Out of the top 200 retailers surveyed, 68 companies did not have a mobile-ready site. It is safe to analyze this is a great number but specific industries are much more progressive in this regard.

We suggest going through the sites of your competition to view if they are mobile optimized. There are various types of SEO that you can prefer. This will provide you an idea of the landscape as well as where your company falls.


Mobile SEO is an important part of growing your business online. If you need to assist your business to grow via SEO, you must consider users that search for your business with the help of mobile devices. A robust mobile SEO plan will assist you to reach potential audiences interested in your business. If you are not sure how, to begin with mobile SEO, our team of professionals can assist. With many years of experience, you can count on us to assist you to develop a mobile SEO plan that boosts mobile users for your business.

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