Local SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic in 2023


So, you are here. This clearly means that your organic traffic is not up to your expectations. Or you are not happy with the current sessions. Otherwise, why would you end up landing in this article? So without wasting any further time in the introduction, let’s cut to the chase and know some local SEO techniques that can drive organic traffic in 2023.

Here, in this article, we will learn:

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Still Important in 2023?

Best Local SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2023

a) Core Web Vitals as a Google ranking factor

b) Earn backlinks

c) Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

d) Make Your Images Mobile-Friendly

e) Local Search Marketing

f) Implement Technical SEO

Let’s get started…

Now, more than ever, it is important that you make your unique mark in Google Search.

Why? Go through the reasons below:

Around 3.5 billion Google searches happens every day.
87% of American shoppers search for products and services online before purchasing.
Around 60% of Google’s traffic goes to the top 3 results in search.

What do these statistics really mean for your company?

It means that it is vital to meet customers where they are and deliver informative, valuable content educating genuine customers about your products to boost more traffic and drive more revenue.

So how do you make sure that people searching for products like yours visit your site and not your rivals?
The answer to that is conveniently said than done: SEO where powerful local SEO solutions can help immensely.

Yes, SEO will assist your business boost sales by more effectively tapping into the growing online market. With leads from organic web traffic averaging close rates of around 14% in comparison to 1.7% from conventional marketing methods like direct emailing, influencing search engine rankings is important.

But being an SEO professional needs dedicated to research and experimentation. Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm, so you have to stay abreast with the new updates.

Best Local SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2023

1. Core Web Vitals as a Google ranking factor

In the year May 2020, Google announced 3 new metrics, known as Core Web Vitals to be utilized for analyzing user experience: loading, visual stability, and interactivity. All three metrics are actually related to just one single thing, and that is page speed: how fast does the page load, how quickly it gets interactive, and how stable is it while loading.

Core Web Vitals will be among Google’s ranking aspects in May 2021, meaning you will have to pay close attention to them to occur on the first page. For instance, if there are two different pages with equally appropriate content, then user experience will assist search engine bots to decide when one should be ranked higher. This will also give an answer to your question how many backlinks do i need for website.

If you are planning to generate organic traffic outside of optimizations on your site, you have a great plan for you: Get backlinks. Backlinks are links to your website from other outside websites. These links assist you to increase your site’s trust and authority in your industry. Backlinks increase organic traffic in two different ways.

First, somebody preferring to link to your website on their page leads to the traffic from their site to your site. Therefore, if a review blog links to your clothing in their blog about top clothing places, anyone who clicks on that links to your website becomes new traffic for your business. Plus, gathering credible backlinks through top-notch off page SEO services assist in increasing authority and trust, which enhances your ranking.

So, how can you gather backlinks? Here are 2 major methods.

a) Broken-Link Building Method

People prefer the broken-link building method as it works effectively to create one-way backlinks. The method includes contacting a webmaster to report broken links on the website. At the same time, you suggest other sites to replace. And here, obviously, you need to mention your site. Because you are doing the webmaster a favor by giving the broken links, the possibilities of a backlink back to your site are high.

Therefore, to use the best broken link building, first find appropriate sites in your niche that have resource pages. Find them through search queries in Google:

•  your keyword + links
•  keywords inurl:links
•  your keywords + resources

For instance, if you have a parenting site, you will search for parenting + links.

To conveniently get broken links on those pages, download and install the Google Chrome plugin known as Check my Links.

Now, coming to webmaster: When reaching out, be very friendly and introduce yourself first. Tell him or her that they are linking to some resources that are no longer available. Ensure you provide the exact location of the broken links, so they can be easily found. Here, extremely dedicated SEO experts can help you. Try to be helpful, not greedy. Often, this method works, but there will be cases when the webmaster will not link back to you.

b) Guest Articles

Guest blogging is the most efficient manner to reach new audiences. By publishing articles on other famous sites, you will get your content represented in front of new readers and get more exposure. Sometimes, it is not just about backlink, but about establishing online reputation or strengthening social media followers. Guest blogging assists you leverage your relationships and increase your audience. In case you have any doubts regarding guest posting, consider that even Google accepts guest contributors on its Google Analytics blog. If you still have any other doubt, consider hiring affordable SEO services in Australia.

Utilize Google search queries to find blogs that are accepting guest contributors:

•  your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
•  your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
•  your keyword + guest-posts
•  your keyword + become a contributor
•  your keyword + bloggers wanted
•  your keyword + contribute
•  your keyword + submit an article
•  your keyword + want to write for
•  your keyword + become an author
•  your keyword + now accepting guest posts
•  your keyword + guest post by

Find influencers publishing guest posts daily and try to contribute tothe same sites they have had in the past. Utilize social media to explore other options.

On social media like Twitter, search for “guest article, “guest post” or “guest author”. To automate the method, use Topsy to set alerts for the keywords you wish to track.

When publishing a guest article, always ensure you are linking to your social media profiles. If someone enjoys your post, she or he can conveniently follow you for similar future articles. Here you can get help through prominent link building packages.

3. Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

When you aim for a similar keyphrase via different pages of your site, keyword cannibalization happens. In other words, keyword cannibalization is when one of your pages attracts the other page’s traffic. This can occur because your two pages are competing with each other by positioning a similar search on the same page.

Now some of you might think, “Isn’t it great to rank at different positions on the 1st page of SERPs?”

Yes, it is.

But if you look at some examples, many articles are focused on the same topic. And when you check both of them, you will found many similar sentences. In this case, you can say these blogs are eating traffic of each other because the accumulated number of visitors is being divided in both of them. Now, the keyword cannibalization concept might be clear. It is one of the effective SEO trends 2023.

So before moving on to how to ignore keyword cannibalization, you should know “What’s not keyword cannibalization?” Because this is something very confusing. Therefore let’s clear these things for you. If 2 of your pages rank for a similar keyword, that does not always mean keyword cannibalization.

For instance, your search for a mobile phone and you get its features and purchase page on two varied spots. This does not denote keyword cannibalization. Since one page is made because of the purchase and another represents its features. They both have varied contexts.

Find out if any web page is cannibalizing other’s traffic. You can do that by searching “site:yourwebsite.com keyword” on SERPs. You can also utilize tools such as Ahrefs, and so on. This is the major guide to SEO.

If you cannot alter the context of the cannibalizing pages, merge their content and delete the least effective one. But ensure to incorporate 301 redirects while merging your content so that you do not lose any provided backlinks.

Make a spreadsheet and list all your site URLs and their concentrated keyword in it. Analyze any duplicate values. If there are, act accordingly.

If you cannot merge the pages, alter the context, focus keyword, and anchor text.

You can also delete the web page if you do not require it on your site. If you want to keep the web page but ignore cannibalization, you can de-index the pages. De-indexing will ensure that the pages will be on your website but would not rank on Google. This is one of the profitable link building strategies.

Utilize the rel=”canonical” attribute to represent a page as the main page if 2 of your pages have the same content. This will ensure that the main page will be indexed on Google.

4. Make Your Images Mobile-Friendly

At its worst, it can provide you a huge bounce rate as well as low conversions. But, at its best, it can deliver you more ranking power as well as great user engagement.

The issue is, how do you optimize your images for the mobile index? You develop responsive images. This means that the image will scale with the size of the website whether the user is utilizing mobile or desktop. It manages the size of the device. This might have given you the answer of is SEO still relevant for site growth.

Mozilla provides a comprehensive on using the srcset as well as size attributes to offer the browser extra source images, enabling the display of the same image content resized for the device.

It is vital to format this with various parts of the attribute value on every line, as demonstrated in this instance from their resource:

<img srcset=”elva-fairy-480w.jpg 480w,
elva-fairy-800w.jpg 800w”
sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 480px,
alt=”Elva dressed as a fairy”>

Local search is growing. In part, it is linked to GPS, voice search, and mobile. Today 46% of all Google searches have an aim to find local information. In 2023, it will be even more reliable as algorithms improve to give users more appropriate information. You can count this in the list of top SEO link building method.

Start with developing a business account by Google. Ensure your contact details and opening hours are available. For publishers, it can be an opportunity to win local audiences by developing local content.

Finally, concentrate on getting strong backlinks and considering social media geotagging features.

6. Implement Technical SEO

If your page is really slow to load on mobile, users might chalk it up to a WIFI connection. But Google knows all your secrets. Its algorithms reward speed, straightforward page locations, and security. To make sure the backend of your site does not sink your search results:

☛ Optimize your web pages for mobile devices and desktop
☛ Ensure all pages load on HTTPS to enhance security
☛ Develop an SEO sitemap and simplify your website’s organization.

Furthermore, same as the crucial importance of mobile SEO, technical SEO is also necessary to understand. Listed are two most used methods that you can use to do technical SEO:

a) Optimize Your URL Structure

Another item in your technical SEO audit list is to go through the URL structure of your site. By URL structure we mean the formal of all your URLs.

Top SEO practices dictate the following about URLs:

✓  Utilize lowercase characters
✓  Use – to vary words in the URL
✓  Keep the descriptive short
✓  Ignore using unessential characters or words
✓  Utilize your target keywords in the URL without keyword stuffing

In general, once you clarify the presence of the format of your permanent link structure, the only thing you will have to do is to optimize your URLs when generating new content.

If you are utilizing WordPress as your CMS, you will observe that when developing a new post, WordPress considers your title and develops the URL.

For instance, if this is your post title “Top SEO Techniques To Generate Traffic”, the URL generated will be http://www.example.com/Top-seo-techniques-to-generate-traffic.

This is not bad, but you can keep it short like this http://www.example.com/seo-techniques which is easier to keep in mind.

As in the case of the targeted domain, if you decide to alter your permanent link structure you can do so utilizing 301 redirects. It is not suggested though to change the URLs of existing points, there is slight value in doing so, but you can consider the best practices for your new posts. This clearly shows and makes you understand why do you need SEO.

b) Specify a Preferred Domain

When establishing your site or blog, you have to highlight your preferred domain. By doing so you give a command to search engines as to which variation of the domain you want to utilize throughout the lifetime of your site. Let’s see why you need this.

A site by default is accessible with www and without www in a domain name.

For instance, if your domain is example.com, your site can be accessed by both http://example.com as well as http://www.example.

While this is ok for customers, it is a bit confusing for search engines as they consider these as two different sites. This means that you may face indexing problems, duplicate content issues as well as loss of page rank.

To solve this issue, you have to set your preferred domain as well as inform search engines about your choice.

www or no www?

One of the questions majority of people have is whether to use www in front of their domain or to go with the non-www version. There is no SEO benefit from selecting one format over the other, it is a matter of personal preference.

People prefer to have www in front of their domains as it looks more natural to them but there is nothing wrong if you want to go with the HTTP version.

What is essential is to inform search engines about your decision and maintain consistency throughout the lifetime of your site.

As you all know, SEO is rapidly changing. Business owners and marketers have to adapt, and fast, but it is still possible to provide your site the edge over your competition. Ensure to invest time on the fundamentals of solid content creation as well as copywriting, and stay on top of technical trends, and the impact of things such as backlinks, schema and site speed.

Lastly, with all this information, we hope that now you know how to increase website traffic.


If you are planning to generate organic traffic to your site, it is time to put these tips into action. If you don’t have enough time to drive more organic traffic to your site? LinkBuildingCorp can help. We have many years of experience in assisting our clients to increase organic traffic to their sites. Our team knows how to drive valuable traffic that converts into sales and leads for our clients. Just give us a call now.

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