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5 Prominent Strategies for Broken Link Building

In the changing market scenario, the Broken Link Building has started to get a bad reputation. People think that it’s a straightforward and narrow strategy, but it’s not. It is actually the most effectual white-hat link building strategy since years. You can be more creative and successful with this strategy than any other technique. This technique is appealing to the industry because the success of a marketing campaign is directly related to how much good efforts you employ for the web. Through this tactic, you can contact a webmaster who has a broken link on his website and recommend various alternatives that include his target site. You can even go way further with this strategy. But many professionals are still unaware about the productive strategies to build broken links.
Hence, here are some of the out of the box strategies employed for effective broken link building:-

1. Build Links to Other Pages

You can use secondary link building strategy in combination with building broken links. If you have got a link from your specific target website or you feel that the link could possibly send spam signals, then you can ask for a link to a site that has been already linked to you. This will pass value to you and avoid risks out of some situations.

2. Keep Track Of the URLs

Whenever you find broken URLs, just plug them into OSE to locate other places linking to that specific URL. You can then export the CSV and start maintaining a master spreadsheet. By doing so, you can get one broken link per page (on an average). Build and maintain your spreadsheet, and you will never run out of prospects.

3. Create Attention

All you need to do is to find one or two broken links on the site to get attention. An “in” is a value-adding parameter for contacting someone. Thus, broken links are considered as “in”. An example of an “in” is fixing the spelling or grammar. When you have one, you can easily grab one’s attention, meaning that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a broken link on your specific target page.

4. Get In Touch With Other Link Opportunities

Finding broken links are also used to initiate relationships or get in touch with someone with regards to link opportunities, viz. crowd source participation and guest posting. The sooner you start using broken links, the sooner you will start reaping the advantages of these opportunities that are known to yield much greater rewards.

5. Plug Broken Sites into OSE

Sometimes you will come across an entire site that is broken. It will serve as a Jackpot to you. If the site would have a decent amount of link equity, then there will definitely be more advantages than to just add it to your master spreadsheet. Plug in the website to OSE for locating their top pages and determine which ones yield the highest link equity.

Once you find something you can easily recreate it, but ensure to make it 10x better. If building broken links was successful in the past, then just imagine the success you could get if it is much better than ever before. You do not just use this to ask the webmasters for updating the obsolete broken link with a link to you. You also use it as link bait.

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