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10 Quick Sources of Building Qualitative Links

Quality links are the major building blocks of an excellent SEO strategy and also the most challenging task. The major search engines utilize links to crawl between individual pages on your website, and between entire websites. In this way, the search engines decide whether a page is qualitative enough to rank well for relevant keywords or not. Further, there are a number of techniques for building quality links but they vary in the levels of difficulty. Most the SEO professionals find it very difficult to obtain authoritative links, thus they fail to improve search rankings for their website. –
In order to gain quality links, one must consider the following sources for link building:-

1. Blog

Writing a blog provides you with two-fold benefits. Not only the blog fosters adding more links to various business-related websites but also lets you grab the opportunity to obtain newer external links.

2. Video

Videos have tremendous potential and ability to instantly go viral in the social media environment. You can post the video on your website and then promote it in the relevant message boards and social media.

3. Infographics

Reports state that a well-planned and creative infographic is likely to engage and lure users more than any other strategy. Also, infographics are a viable way to obtain authentic links.

4. E-Book

As per your field of expertise, you can prepare a comprehensive publication and turn it into an e-book. For effective backlinks, there are a number of places available where you can share your e-books.

5. Educational Content for Students

Prepare an informative and educational content related to your field of expertise that will be highly beneficial for students. In order to gain maximum attention and gain links from the university websites, prepare a content that boasts of quality learning material having usability in the practical life.

6. Case Study

If you offer a service or product, then case studies are the perfect source of gaining genuine links. Results supported with numeric figures tend to attract attention immediately.

7. Offer Discounts

If you wish your Information to quickly sweep the Internet, it is advisable to offer discounts. People generally share this kind of information among their friends and family.

8. Business Directories

Simply add your website information along with contact details to a business directory. In exchange you will get a backlink. Simply Filling the NAP (name, address, phone number) fields will assist your Google Local entry.

9. Use Social Media

In order to reach a wider group of people and gain quality links, you should use social media networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

10. Improve Internal Linking

Make sure that the pages are properly linked internally. Since, you have complete control over internal linking, therefore do it precisely and efficiently. Try to avoid such mechanisms that automatically turn mentions of a given phrase of text into links.

To facilitate quality links, make sure that you follow the sources of link building effectively. Even a slight mistake in conducting your task, can result in huge losses and decreased website ranking.

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