Make Sure You Opt These 7 Latest SEO Trends To See Your Website On Top


If you are still struggling with the ranking of your website in Google or any other search engine, then I can really feel your pain. But the thing is what all you have done to keep your website on the top in the online world? Are you really using latest SEO optimization strategies for your business when coming to a correct keyword, domain strength, inbound linking, user data analysis and quality content?

Work On The Latest SEO Strategies And Focus More On A Customer:

You must all know that search engines play an essential role in consumer’s buying pattern. Let me tell you that you can even expect Google algorithm to display more importance on end user and their entire browsing experience. This is actually done to ensure that users to stick with the search engines.

Don’t you think that video marketing, infographics, link building as considered as one of the SEO trends these days? But just don’t get limited to these trends as they may not give you expected earnings.

So here are new SEO trends that can help you in gaining a competitive advantage and improve the SERPs:

Table of Content:

1. Voice Search
2. Accelerated Mobile Page
3. Content Marketing
4. Mobile Optimization
5. Long Tail keyword
6. Local SEO
7. Google quick Answer Box

1: Voice Search:

This trend was released in back 2002 by Google and this is highly used by smartphones users to search anything online. Now in 2014, Google got some addition to it, allowing the users to use this platform in 5 different languages.

How does it help in SEO?

Along with fun and entertainment, personal assistance and general information this voice search is expected to change local search that includes online shopping experience too.

You must focus on takeaway. So make sure your mobile site does not limit the resources that have CSS files, video and images and more. Using Flash is now an old trend, so avoid it. Do have a high-quality image on your site.

2: Accelerated Mobile Page:

This trend came into existence in 2016. And within 6 months Google started sending users to AMP Pages for offering better performance and experience.

How it benefits SEO?

So when you are searching any topic or keyword on Google with the help of your mobile phone, then Google will automatically rank sites using AMP in their top stories section on each of the search result pages. Any top stories that you choose will open extremely fasts and hence this will result in reducing bounce rates and lead to higher conversion rates.

3: Content Marketing:

This was and will be the most important SEO trend when it comes to targeting correct keywords using Google keyword Planning to share valuable information.

Now how does it help SEO?

Here Google algorithm will actually read your text, will automatically index them and accordingly provide ranking in their search engines. So, the quality and consistency of your content will decide the reach of your business to the online users. You can do this by hiring a professional blogger.

4: Mobile Optimization:

You will believe the fact that mobiles and tablets have overtaken the desktop in the terms of internet usage and it is still increasing every day and you would not like to miss in targeting such a potential customer base.

How it help SEO?

Let me tell you that Google will consider the desktop when it comes to rankings. Speed and user experience will be the vital factor in your mobile site’s search engine visibility. Make sure you have a responsive website, should have separate URLs for each mobile page, must avoid Flash and faster page load speed.

5: Long Tail keyword:

Here you can use maximum use three words and have to be more specific and less competitive than generic keywords. Let me explain this with an example, if you go for keywords like ‘Tea’ or ‘Marketing’, then it will take time to improve the ranking for each on Google. So make sure to use less used keywords like ‘Home tea maker’ and ‘SEO marketing for your business’.

How it improves the SEO?

You must know that Google shows up 60 characters on a SERP, but it doesn’t mean you will make your keyword that lengthy. The search snippet title displayed by Google can be unique based on search query, so don’t stay behind creating longer titles that suits your page.

6: Local SEO:

Now because of increasing number of smartphone and also because of Maps, people are finding it easy to find local information such as company business hours, address, phone number and also the review.

There is now FAQ feature by Google to Google maps that allows the user to post questions for business owners and allow them to respond.

How it help SEO?

An algorithm is something which Google has to determine local business rankings according to proper categorization in the business directories such as business name, phone number, citations, and address.

But make sure to improve quality backlinks, enough content with keywords.

7: Google quick Answer Box:

When you search for any information on Google, then you would have seen a list of search results along with an informational box on the top of the page which actually has an immediate answer to your search terms.

How it helps SEO?

Let me tell you Google got a change in the search algorithm to enhance results for conversational search after Hummingbird update in 2015. And after the launch of Rank Brain, search engine became smarter at answering user specific questions, rather than focusing on any specific keyword. Make sure you create your content with phrases like how, why, and where, also ignore the question that is already showing in Google quick answer box.

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