How to Hire SEO Experts? 12 Questions To Ask Before You Hire


Today’s users rely on search engines to get the right solutions. If people are searching for solutions that are relevant to what your business serves, you need to be present there. This means if you want your business to grow its customers, it is important to make an online presence. It’s always a challenge for a business to get to the first page of results and for this, it is better to trust SEO experts. But how can you identify that you are dealing with a professional SEO expert?

If you own a business, then it is important for you to have a website that can help in growing brand awareness. Also, having a website is not enough and you need to use SEO solutions to make the website grow. SEO isn’t the easiest thing to figure out, and its strategies can only be implemented who have a solid grasp on it. Ineffective SEO solutions can harm your online reputation; therefore you need to hire an SEO expert to get the best results. When you hire an SEO expert, you can see your website growing and performing well online.

The expert performs website optimization and ensures your website gets traffic when the relevant search is made. This will help to grow your website traffic and brand awareness.

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• How To Hire SEO Experts?
• 12 Questions To Ask Before You Hire SEO Experts

How To Hire SEO Experts?

SEO encompasses several techniques as well as complicated strategies that can only be handled by an SEO expert. When you understand importance of SEO for business, then you can see better growth of your business online. For this, the website owner must look for an SEO expert equipped with specialized knowledge on implementing SEO for a particular niche. Nowadays companies hire SEO experts and assign them tasks instead of having an in-house employee.

When you are hiring an SEO specialist, you need to evaluate certain abilities or qualifications, which are listed below:

1. Better Experience

SEO can improve a website’s ranking in search engines fast if it is done correctly. When you hire an SEO expert, find out about their experience in this particular field and ask for their portfolio.

2. SEO Strategies

The SEO specialist must be equipped with sufficient knowledge regarding all strategies. These include on-page techniques, off-page optimization such as article marketing, link-building tactics, press release submission, etc.

3. No Spam

If you are hiring an SEO expert to grow your business locally, make sure they follow important local SEO checklists. He must not use spamming methods to attract customers and must explain their SEO strategies in detail.

4. Testimonials

To hire a professional SEO expert, it is beneficial to read customer reviews and testimonials. This represents an individual’s reliability and quality of work and will help you to choose the right SEO expert.

The benefit of hiring an SEO expert is to introduce best practices that are particularly useful for your website. This ensures your website sees positive results in a short span of time.

12 Questions To Ask Before You Hire SEO Experts

If you are not present on the first page of search results, potential customers may stay unaware of the fact that you exist. To provide better visibility for your business, it is important to grow your website and increase awareness. When your website ranks higher in the search results, you’ll see an increase in sales and profits. If you lack in the time and technical expertise to improve your site’s search engine ranking, hiring an experienced dedicated SEO expert is the best option.

Here are the top 12 questions to ask before you hire the SEO expert:

1. Can you make my website grow in search engine ranking?

This is the most common and important question that everyone is curious to ask. In this, you’ll get to know how he going to initially review your website and find the reason responsible for your site’s lower ranking. By asking this, you’ll also get to know whether the expert has knowledge of your industry or not. It is hard to know what you really need to rank for if the expert is unaware of your industry.

If the expert is aware of your niche, then he will definitely assure to get you to #1position. It should never be 100% guaranteed by the expert as isn’t an overnight process.

2. Which sector are you specialized for?

If you have made up your mind to spend money on SEO solutions, it is important to ask your SEO expert and his experience with the industry you deal with. Suppose you have a business of the cloths selling, then it is good for the expert to have prior experience working with the cloths selling SEO solutions. If he doesn’t have any experience, then don’t get pleased by his buttery words. Ask this before you sign a contract paper with him.

If the expert is not familiar with your niche, then you have to wait for a long time to get better results.

3. Did you work for enhancing local search results?

For every business, the website is the best way to grow in the international market and local market as well. If your expert works on focusing only on the international market, then you may lose your local customers. The SEO expert must implement the effective SEO strategies that help to grow your business in every way.

Example: If you have a dental clinic, then you can ask your SEO expert to grow it in local search. The SEO expert must provide the strategy to make your dental clinic pop up when someone nearby search for a dentist.

4. Will you share with me the changes made to my site?

SEO includes major changes to your existing web pages. To optimize your website, these changes are really important. If the changes are being made on your site then it’s important for you to know exactly the adjustments.

These changes include:
Site architecture
Google My Business listings

It is important to make sure that these changes are being tracked. Ask them on how they plan to redesign webpage and also about the website navigation.

If the SEO expert plans to change the layout or design of the web pages, you can tell them to let you know before accessing and altering your website.

5. How do you measure the growth of your SEO campaigns?

A monitoring SEO campaign is very important and this helps to measure the success of SEO efforts. You need to track exactly how much traffic is coming to your website and where it is coming from. The experts you hire must be experienced in using Google Analytics to track your website improvement in terms of rankings and traffic. Also, the expert must be able to measure the number of links from other websites driving traffic for particular keywords searches.

Be sure that experts are ready to share these important analytics with you and use the data to continually improve your search engine rankings.

6. Will you incorporate SEO with our overall marketing strategy?

The SEO campaign is successful only when it is part of an overall marketing plan. Avoid choosing the experts that expect to perform their tasks in isolation. SEO always goes hand-in-hand with other marketing and social media marketing activities. It can be used for effective link-building too.

Therefore, choose the best professional link building experts and they must be open in collaborating with your other marketing teams as well.

7. What are the important metrics that you track?

This is an important question that is directly related to your business goals. You must hire an SEO expert that understands your goals and mentions KPIs that directly benefit your business. Before asking this question it is important for you to be aware of some common metrics:

• Traffic – Ask your expert to provide the regular traffic report with a specific time frame as compared to a previous range to track progress.

• Rankings – The expert must provide a regular rankings report that shows how your website is performing with target keywords.

• Conversions and Revenue – This is one of the best ways to truly evaluate if there’s a return on investment.

SEO metrics allow you to measure the effectiveness of strategies used by SEO experts. If your website doesn’t stay on top of key metrics, your SEO expert is not implementing best strategies.

8. Do you guarantee top position for my website in the niche?

Definitely, every client has different needs. No SEO expert can ever guarantee to make your website to be at the top in a few weeks. The search engine’s ranking depends upon several factors. There are some situations where some SEO tips don’t work because of the changing Google updates. The SEO expert must discuss the search engine algorithm updates and how they play a major role in ranking.

The SEO expert you hire must guarantee increased visibility to your target audience, and an overall greater web presence.

9. How do you evaluate success of SEO strategies?

The performance indicators help to measure whether the SEO expert is using the right strategies or not.

For general SEO, some of the KPIs measured include:

Search Click-Through-Rate
Average Session Duration
Bounce Rate
Number of New Users

The SEO expert you choose must let you know how your website is performing according to these metrics. It’s good to see where your site traffic is coming from and what are visitors doing on your website.

10. How do you conduct keyword research?

Keywords are an important part of the SEO campaign. For you, it is very important to know what are SEO keywords and their role in SEO success. The SEO has the main focus on the keywords that will help your website to rank. To know this, you can ask the SEO expert, “how does he conduct keyword research?”. This process is integral to your SEO campaign and the answer will be a great indicator of the priorities, organizational skills, and thoroughness.

11. Is the SEO package cost aligned with the industry?

If somebody says you to offer cheap SEO packages, be careful you are likely to fall into a trap. Most SEO agencies that offer cheap SEO packages use blackhat techniques. Getting the business to the top is getting tougher and tougher. If your website uses Blackhat techniques then you can’t see your website to the top. Do your homework and research on the standard cost of top SEO packages in the industry. For this, you can seek consultants within that range.

Also, with the price, know about the experience of the SEO expert. If the cost gets aligned to their experiences then you can go for them.

12. Can you provide case studies of past clients?

Before you jump and assign them your project, it is important to make sure they are credible enough. The SEO expert you hire must have executed successful campaigns for clients in the past. For this, they must be ready to provide the case studies of their work, detailing the strategies they implemented and the end results. This information will make you feel comfortable about choosing them.

When the question is SEO still relevant? The answer is yes, it is. SEO techniques can be implemented by anyone, but to ensure your business grows online, you need professionals. The SEO expert you hire must be specialized with knowledge of various SEO strategies and years of experience in the field.


SEO is an important solution to make your business grow online. By investing in SEO solutions, you can see amazing results for your business website. This makes more users reach faster to your website, which is the best way to grow your business. LinkBuildingCorp. implement the right strategies that help your business to lead to success.

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