Most Controversial Actions That DO NOT Affect Your Google Rankings Directly


Structuring Your Online Presence

If you want to have the most effective online solution, you’re going to want to structure it strategically. There are some things that will affect your Google rankings, and some things that won’t. You’ll want to do a little digging to figure out your best method of approach.

Following are several practices which may seem controversial, but don’t tend to affect rankings. You may or may not need to change such practices accordingly. Skimming the surface, several things that aren’t going to really affect your ranking include the age of your website, whether or not you’ve decided to use Google services or applications, and how many likes, tweets, or plus ones your sites accrue. Surprisingly, time on site isn’t as likely to matter.

Neither does the technology supporting your site behind the screen, as it were. Many headlines and H1-3 tags don’t make a big difference either. To see a comprehensive explanation of why these things aren’t necessarily controversial, you can check this top ten article which explores them, and more, in detail.

Crunching The Numbers

There are lots of numbers to work with in terms of marketing today, and you’re going to want to read a number of different case studies to get your bearings among the veritable ocean of available stats. The right ones can demonstrate specific methods of approach which help identify relevant metrics, and tertiarily help you to avoid focusing on that which doesn’t really matter.

Case studies show that certain things will be more effective than others; for example, a simple game plan but delivered with consistency. There’s no need to over-complicate SEO.

Those working within the study used several vetted, professional, easily-employable techniques to drive traffic, and they saw success. It’s likely you can use the same sort of techniques, provided you’re able to match your branding techniques to SEO production.

Live Chat Considerations

Solutions like live chat make your website more conveniently navigable to visitors. Live chat can be a controversial topic, but it’s not likely to drive away traffic or decrease your ranking with Google, so it can be a valid and effective selling technique if properly employed.


Applying something like this to your business could provide a level of expertise to your site’s perception without hurting rankings. But keep in mind: even the slickest sites can sometimes have poor rankings. You’ve got to know what is important. Primarily, the algorithms Google designs are made to help users find what they’re looking for as quick as possible, and as securely as possible.

This is going to mean those algorithms must be designed to produce relevant content. Your best bet to recognition is learning what the algorithms find relevant, and designing your site to reflect that. Use backlinks, keywords, long-chain keywords, meta tags, images, pictures, and a variety of links. Find what works, and put it to work for you.

Provided you’re careful to roll with trends which are showing positive numbers, you’re very likely to see just the kind of positive ranking and subsequent site traffic which you’ve been seeking.

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