How To Boost Your Website Results Using Google Cache?


You must have heard about Google’s cache as it appears in the search results. Cache in simple terms is a snapshot or an image of your web page that search engine forms and stores after indexing a page.

Often it is seen that Google’s cache is overlooked while implementing SEO strategy. However, using it can help in getting information that can boost leads, sales, customer satisfaction and even provide answers to current issues with your website.

You can get a cache of your web pages by clicking Google snapshot of the page on the Google toolbar. You can get to know the date on which search engine cached the webpage. Also, you can view the HTML view of cache content. If you don’t like your site’s content to be cached by different search engines, you can simply use

This way visitor when type specific keywords on Google they will find your site in the search results and easily get to know and appreciate your product and services. Though there are certain inevitable situations when the server is down or your web page loads up very slowly in that time interval. At that moment of time, it is best for the visitor to click back button of the browser and search for the cache link in your site in search engine results.

In case you have applied Meta tag, the search engine will not display the cached link of the website. Due to this, your potential customers might fail to know your services. If they had been successful to view the link, the chances of winning loyal consumers in the future were certain. For this reason, the cache link is useful and works as a backup if the live web pages fail to load quickly.

Advantages of Google Cache

1. If you don’t like some web pages to be cached by Google due to confidential details, it is better not to publish that information online. If you think it poses threat or it is no essential for visitors to read that content, just block the URLs in robots.txt and to be indexed in the search engine you can enter in meta no index tag. This is the best way and if in future you want to remove the URLs you can on the Google URL removal tool, if you have blocked and 404 error web pages or employed with a Meta no index tag.

2. To enhance visitor’s experience, webmasters are always suggested to see that webpages which you need to rank should be cacheable by the search engine.

3. Content is crucial for any website. Cached pages offer a good substitute for the visitors to get information. They can go through the content, even if your server or company’s site has issues. Only you have to do is remember the URL and you could land on the website in the future, thereby increasing the presence of your website.

4. By viewing text-only version of search engine’s cache you can get an exact idea of whether it is selecting the correct textual information of your web page. If you want to view it press the “text-only version” link in the Google cache result of your site. (mospagebreak title=Identify crawling problems with the text-only version of search engine’s cache)

5. Related to hyperlinks on your website and find whether they are crawlable, you can try looking the text-only version of Google’s cache to view those hyperlinks and check it by testing them

6. The text-only version is helpful for identifying hidden text, and flash-based text on your website. If you content grasped by Googlebot is dissimilar from what appears with a common browser, it means you will have to work on the content presentation so that it looks exactly the same as what your visitors see and what your Googlebot grabs.

Those websites which are reliable and trustworthy are indexed fast by Google than less familiar websites. Cache data show that it’s all about search engine’s trust in your site so it necessary to develop engaging content that draws quality backlinks.

It is essential to understand how Google cache works and help in improving your website’s online presence. Moreover, marketers must completely understand the Google search algorithms to improve rankings in the search results. They must know various features that are accessible to them. Google cache is a very important element which can help in boosting page ranking. So, it is crucial to understand its importance in an online search.

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