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Get the great exposure of your business with Local Business Listing Services that provide well planned Local SEO Services under budget. Through Local Citation Services you’ll get great exposure to your product and services facilitating you with immense visibility and profitability. There’s no denying that the mixture of internet and globalization has allowed people buy, sell and trade easily on their fingertip. But to target respected audience you need to first make your business visible to market so that the customers can easily track down your location. If this task is done accurately then you’ll surely get huge amount of leads and if done imperfectly your business will be hidden in the eye of interested customers. Through local SEO services one can easily promote keeping in mind the market and audience.


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Today customers searches a lot on internet specially to find out nearby services. By means of Local SEO you get to authenticate your business and can easily display the type of business offering. It is now considered as an important internet marketing strategies where all you need is the right amount of reputation so that your presence can be well felt in digital world that will eventually help your business to grow faster.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

Is Local SEO More Important?

Potential customers are moving to online. They prefer to search through directories, listing and maps to get the appropriate response. Think from this perspective, 64 % of the people searches on internet and 28 % uses old paper directories. So if you have to find out where the potential lies one can easily see.

◆ Online searches for local businesses are up by 58%: If we compare data of 2008-2009, the percentage that uses a local Search engines grew by 58 percent which clearly shows that more and more people are searching for online information within their reach or desired region.

◆ Targeted and Timely: The local search marketing is likely to have more conversion rate that promotes your business in front of local customers in an exact time that is what they are looking. This instantly connects you with potential customers.

◆ Growth in Mobile Internet Users: There is tremendous growth in Smartphone users and we have so many mobile apps to find best local businesses. We cover all those platforms that could generate you a new lead for your products.

◆ Local Newspaper Readers Has Been Down By 40-80%: Today every news and information is available on the finger tip of our phone and only few people read newspaper now. Almost 80 percent of readership is down in the last 20 year because people are turning on internet for most of their searches.

◆ Local Consumers Trust Online Reviews: It is because of reviews that made local businesses successful. The trusted reviews that were written by your customers plays an important role in luring potential customers.

Why Choose us for Local Business listing

Our local SEO service is take care of your business and make sure that it ranks at highest position and gets maximum attention. The best thing about our platform is that we offer a complete Web Designing solution so whatever your business theme is; we are absolutely ready to assist at every corner. Have a look to variety of listing services that we undertake:

⌖  Google Map/ place listing
⌖  Keyword research as per target region
⌖  Optimization of map listings
⌖  Increasing Google reviews and ratings
⌖  Competitive research and link assessment
⌖  Building inbound Links from Local City Websites
⌖  Selection of listing category
⌖  Quotation building from top business indexes such as Yellow Pages and other Directories
⌖  Creating brand awareness with content, video, photo, etc

So if you are planning to boost up the productivity of your business through the result oriented SEO services then do contact us at info@linkbuildingcorp.com and our dedicated team will soon get in touch with you for further proceeding.

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