Top 15 Working Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website


At internet, one can find huge numbers of articles to increase the organic traffic to website but most of them are not in clear state and outdated. The competition to get the huge traffic to your website has become exceedingly difficult because of massive number of blogs coming up online. Sometime, it’s really become frustrating when you know that you’ve written quality article but it’s not grabbing the masses. Coming up to reasonable solution is like a solving a giant box of puzzle. One must try to understand that there’s no trick to get traffic instead only genuine practice.

1- Create Unique And Evergreen Content

Let’s understand the two terms quickly i.e. Unique and evergreen. When you create an exceptional post that was not written before and informative, then you may consider that your post is unique. On other hand, if your post likely to go outdated and capable in providing information for long period of time then it is evergreen.

Analyze the trend and audience behavior to bring out some of the great Topic Writing for your blog
Make it more informative and resourceful for better reading experience
Try not to repeating same on topic stories

2- Optimize Your Web Page And Post

This helps in making your article findable on search engine. You need to make sure that your website is being crawled by search bots to rank.

Find out the suitable hidden keywords as per your website niche that user commonly use to search
Select the one that are capable in generating high traffic
Implementing these keywords on Title, Page Body and Meta description

3- Use Long tail Keywords

Instead of choosing and implementing short tail keywords, try those 3 or 4 phrases that are highly specific to your content. Even the Google starting to rank your post on the basis of your long tail phrase.

Do Include the words the people uses to search
Do not compromise on your blog quality
Do not try to inject rather implement accurately to bring out the meaningful sentence

4- Build Attractive Headline

The biggest setback of any post is the boring headline that draws away the interest of readers. One must understand that the headline serves as the cover page of any book. If the headline is appealing, then it will instantly grab the attention of readers and persuade them to click. Most of the bloggers take help of professional content writing that bring content of interesting caption.

Come up with intriguing headline that could easily tell what your blog is all about
Do try to use numbers like 10 facts or top 5 to make it more interesting

5- Do Not Miss Out Meta Description

Do not think of this as an irrelevant element as Meta Description plays an important role in SERP as well as providing short summary to your post. To get instant online information, user search on internet and they get thousands of results. Going through each one is a hefty task and this is where Meta Description plays an important role in providing general idea.

Provide a user a sneak peek to website content
Tells about what your site of blog promises to offer
Keep it under 155 character
Avoid any falsified description

6- Include target keywords in Site URL’s

Though it’s true that URL leads to the website main page, blog or post but it can also be used as smarter for search engine result and getting huge traffic.

Implement the keywords at website URL
Search engine do has the ability to read these

7- Make Your Web Page Load Faster

This is the main reason that most of the website don’t rank at search engine and they evidently don’t get the huge traffic. You need to make sure that your website load faster in just matter of milliseconds as popular search engine emphasize on swift loading of web page. For better results one can also take advantage of website optimization experts for swift results.

Keep on maintaining your site
Check the SEO structure of your site
Check the responsiveness and mobile loading speed
Avoid unnecessary scripting and plug-in that affect the site performance
Resize the media to lower resolution
Regularly check your loading speed at Pingdom

8- Making Your Content Simple To Read

Sometimes we focus on so mush in optimizing content with keywords that we clearly forgets the user reading experience. You need to write content from reader’s point of view with a motive to being out information in a more digestible form otherwise they’ll get bored.

Organize your information or data with bullets
Use sub heading for better understanding
Keep the paragraphs short and digestible
Highlight the important to generate interest
Maintain the flow of content

9- Try To Bring Out Graphical Representation

Your website page or post should not be only about series of texts rather you need to be innovative. Bring out some of the appealing factor in your article such as images and videos.

Users stays longer if your website has graphics as it generates interest in then to read and share
A single image is capable in sending thousands of information if properly organized
At present, infographic is getting highly trending and popular to bring information in front of users

10- Post Regularly and focus on backlinks

Google highly emphasize on those sites that bring out series of content on a regular basis and possess quality backlinks for relevant sites that shows your credibility. There are various off-page optimization that results into quality one way link.

Keep on researching and bringing new articles in your blog to keep user interested and to tell search engine that you are in game for long period of time
Backlinks serves as the voting elements where higher the backlinks results into higher voting and top ranking
Make sure that you get backlinks from high DA and PA relevant sites

Today, 87 percent of the organize traffic are coming up through blogs only. By carefully implementing all these points into your website, you’ll easily get tremendous increase in website traffic. This is highly recommended if you are planning to get the huge online presence for your business product and services.

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