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What You Need to Know about Increasing Organic Website Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store

The number of people visiting and accessing information on a website is collectively known as “traffic”. Much like how vehicles on the highway travel back and forth in different directions, data is also continuously being sent and received across the World Wide Web.

Essentially there are two kinds of traffic on the Internet — organic and paid traffic. Paid traffic is just what it sounds like; compensation is made to a service provider that directs users to the desired website (Adwords, Facebook Ads, and the like).

In contrast, organic traffic is a visit to a site that happens naturally with no compensation involved. Such traffic is directed via search engine results, good old-fashioned referrals or even printing the URL on promotional materials like T-shirts, stickers and memo pads.

Why Businesses Ought to Focus on Organic Traffic

SEO experts (Search Engine Optimisation) recommend and help businesses to leverage organic traffic for one simple reason — it is free! While it is more challenging to drive organic traffic and see results, the rewards are long-term and more sustainable compared to paid traffic.

There are many ways that businesses can boost the amount of organic traffic to their website. One is through the strategic selection and integration of keywords on a site. You can probably attest to this source of organic traffic yourself when using search engines to look up a particular topic that is of interest to you.

Of course, it is not enough that you have the right keywords on your site. Generating significant amounts of organic traffic to a site also requires technical expertise and a good understanding of how search engines rank websites for a particular search term. Businesses that lack such knowledge would do well to enlist the help of the professionals that specialise in web marketing. These experts can help companies to tweak and optimise their site to attract targeted traffic from organic searches.

Another area where SEO experts can prove help is to keep pace with search algorithm updates on Google — the dominant search engine on the Internet that drives the most organic traffic to websites. As you may already know, Google continuously makes changes the inner workings of their search engine in an on-going effort to improve the quality of search results and provide a better experience for users.

Here are some other specific methods to increase organic website traffic to your eCommerce store:

Leverage Social Media

Creating promotional campaigns on social media can greatly impact your success – especially when done correctly. But to make this traffic generation method work, you must be smart about how you put together the campaign – specifically, you need to be very mindful of the elements of a good campaign.

You need an attractive, one-sentence post, a large, visually-appealing image, and an incentive – something that encourages fans to click through your links and possibly make a purchase.

Create your posts thoughtfully if you want your online store to get traffic. Never write more than one or two sentences, and always try to keep the word count of the entire post under 140-160 characters.

GOOD: “You can never look too elegant. Right? Browse [store name] today – first-time customers get up to 75% discount!”

BAD: “For women, looking good is never easy. We keep searching for the perfect garment, we spend hours in the front of the mirror, we ask for a best friend’s opinion. Browse [store name] and find our collection of fail-proof garments. Up to 75% discounts for new customers!”

Video Marketing

With more people than ever watching videos online, there’s no escaping the fact that video marketing is an important tool for generating traffic.

You need to think about three things when creating videos for products on your eCommerce store. First, you should provide an excellent visual representation of the products, so ensure the video is of high quality and that you cover all areas of the product.

Second, you want to make sure you highlight the most important features that help sell your product. This could be the weight, length or whatever else is required to demonstrate what your product does.

One example is of a blender who wanted to show the power of their blender. They shot a video of ipods tossed in the videos went viral because it was such an interesting product demonstration and also showed how good their product was.

So think of the most interesting way to show your product in action and once you’ve got these videos if you post them on YouTube and put a link back to your store so that people will view the video on YouTube and then use a link to drive traffic back to your product.

You can also take those videos and put them on your product description pages wherever that is on your website. This way your customers will have both pictures and also videos which will come together and help in driving more traffic and increasing conversions.


If you can write coherently, you can blog. Blogging well takes time and consistent practice, but is not outside the abilities of most people. Blogging is a proven way to get attention on the internet and increase traffic to your website.

Not only can you create and maintain your own blog on a very small budget, but you can guest blog or simply submit articles to other, well established blogs. Blog articles should be relevant and offer value. Articles are not intended to sell or self promote. Most well established blogs owners will not allow you to post articles of this nature.

Instead, write articles that give the reader valuable information, and offer them a way to get more information by visiting your website. Articles you submit also create backlinks to your site which will help your website rank higher in the search engines.

Blog Commenting

In addition to writing articles, become active in the online community by commenting on others’ blog articles. Make quality comments that add value and are interesting. As others read and respond, the relationship you build will, in time, drive traffic to your site. Your target audience will see you as like-minded, informative, interesting and helpful. This will encourage them to direct the attention of their family members and friends to your site to see what you’re all about.

Online Press Releases

Another underutilised traffic generation strategy is the use of press releases. There are several free online press release sites and you can target the ones which are in your niche.
Start by writing a press release about your eCommerce store and why your products are of value to the community. Ensure there’s a link in the content which will direct visitors to a relevant section on your website.

Every time you introduce a new product, write a press release and send it out to be published by online PR sites. Over time your eCommerce store will generate several backlinks from the PR sites, which are invaluable.

Aside from this, visibility on a PR site will add to the reputation of your eCommerce store and help with business growth.

While in the past, it was relatively easy to rank for a particular keyword on Google by just stuffing the keyword on a webpage, this is obviously no longer the case today. Having an SEO expert on board will help businesses avoid wasting time and resources on strategies that no longer work and focus on proven methods that generate results.

So there you have it — some insights on organic traffic and the ways businesses can start generating it for their site. It is no easy task but one that undoubtedly pays businesses dividends over the long-term with hardly any recurring costs.


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