Interesting how Google and Facebook complement each other!

When it comes to carrying out online business and making it big with the coveted digital exposure, you simply cannot deny what Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can contribute to your trade. These are undoubtedly the two most talked about and widely used tools responsible for taking the entire E-Commerce industry to a whole new level of recognition and success.

“Search without Google is like social networking without Facebook: unimaginable.”

Evgeny Morozov, Writer

Digital advertising comes in various forms; from social media advertising to PPC campaigns, and affiliate marketing to video ads, there are a lot of strategies and tools that can be roped in from time to time in order to make online businesses flourish. Now that we are talking about leveraging the credibility and benefits of Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, it is to be noted that each of these tools offers distinctive elements with unique aspects.

If you are an entrepreneur who’s here to figure out whether your business model needs to rope in the credentials of a Facebook Ad campaign or Google Adwords for a better SEO exposure and ranking, take some time out of your schedule to analyze all primary differences between these two tools, and compare the same with your business requirements before making a choice.

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Understanding the Fundamentals of Paid Social and Paid Search
How Google Adwords Work?
How Facebook Ads Work?
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Understanding the Fundamentals of Paid Social and Paid Search

While implementing strategies based on Google Adwords will help your business with paid search results, roping in the functionality of Facebook Adwords will help your business with better social media exposure, along with the perks of drawing in new customers from time to time.

To explain it further, you might search “best essay typer for homework help online”, on Google when you are looking for e-learning and academic help archives to assist you with your assignments. Hence, you are placing a query on Google, and the search engine is supposed to provide you with the results you’re looking for.

On the contrary, when you see that a friend of yours has posted something nice about an e-learning portal on a social media platform, on being benefitted by their support, you might search for the same company by typing its name on Google. This is how the correlation between paid social and paid search works. Both tools are of equal importance, with all sorts of distinguished features and functionalities, requisite for an online business to prosper in today’s digitized market, being at par with the industry trends.

How Google Adwords Work?

Before you decide whether it’s a Facebook Ad campaign or a Google Adwords strategy that you need for your business, it is important for you to know how things work and whether the technicalities would suit your business model and agenda. Let’s begin with the functionality of Google Adwords first. Here’s a list highlighting each of the distinctive features it has in store. Take a look at the features and a few stats shared below for a fairer and more concise idea on the same.

● The body of your ad is limited to 70 characters in case of Google Adwords.

● The primary target of Google Adwords is keyword, followed by other metrics such as the target location and language.

● Advertisers bid on and invest in keywords in order to have them displayed in the search engine results, when prospective users would put a search query regarding a particular product or service.

● Google owns 72% of the entire search market share and its display campaigns reach about 80% of internet users across the globe.

Thus, for an organization that aims at promoting its products and services based on search engine rankings and exposure, the benefits of using Google Keywords might just come into play for them.

How Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook is more of a social platform where people enjoy the perks of connecting with the world with just a single click of their mouse button. No wonder, the number of Facebook users worldwide has already reached the mark of 2.23 billion per month. Talking of Facebook Ads, the platform is considered to be the best by entrepreneurs who are in need of a substantial amount of lead generation along with the desired brand awareness, with a socially well-built design and recall values. In addition to it, there are a few distinctive features that separate the fundamentals and functionalities of Facebook ads from Google Adwords. Here’s what you need to know:

● Facebook Adwords allow advertisers to use 135 characters in the ad body, along with a 25 character headline in addition.

● Facebook Adwords is a bit more diversified in nature, as it includes targeting choices based on different age groups, location, language, occupation, relationship status, birthdays, pages they like, communities they join, education and more.

● Ads appear on the Facebook news feeds of your target audience, so that they could see what’s going on, and what new products or services are being offered by your company.

● In addition to it, the marketers get to use images, relevant videos and graphic representations in order to make the contents catchy, engaging and intriguing for your audience.

To Conclude

Identifying the right tool that would work best for your business would matter the most. If you are targeting an instant sale to be made by bidding on popular and most searched keywords, then implementing Google Adwords strategy might just fit best for your business and the coveted Return on Investment that you wish to see. Once you are sure of the fact that the target group of audience will search for the product or services based on a specific set of keywords, and would make immediate purchases, go for Google Adwords.

On the other hand, Facebook ads would allow you to take your services, products and newly launched features right in front of the target audience via social media posts and shares. This, as a result, would allow your company to promote and display your services and products to a larger group of audience. Facebook ads allow marketers and advertisers to connect to their target groups in a lot of creative ways via interactive posts, hashtag campaigns, live announcements, contests and the likes.

Moreover, advertising on Facebook is a cheaper way to get things done, and in addition to it, the platform offers a wider reach in terms of retaining old customers and roping in the new ones. Now that you are well aware of all the unique features and components are associated with these digital advertising tools, closely evaluate your business needs and take the call to rope in the ideal device that can level up your trade with the best exposure.

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