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Social Media Marketing

Build a two-way communication with your audience via Social Media Marketing Services, as it is a Social Media Marketing Company India that can actually help you learn and implement the techniques to drive visitors to your site. In today’s modern world, it is really important to find an edge on the social web. Hence, our team follows a well-designed social media plan that focuses on greater promotions and expanded reach. We also understand that your business objectives and challenges would be different from others. Therefore, we do not employ a ‘one size fits all’ strategy; rather, we focus on exactly what matters brand and its growth. So, if you wish to connect with your customers on different social media platforms, this is the right platform..!!

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What Do We Offer?

People are talking about you. But, what’s the point, if you cannot find them or get involved in the conversation? So, we are here to help you identify the right prospects, the areas where you can involve into a smooth communication with them and improve the brand awareness. Here are some of our areas where guides you for better results –

a) The Basic Strategy

You need a perfect social media marketing strategy, if you wish to succeed. Therefore, if you are confused as to where to start, we will guide you on how to fulfill your needs, suggest some fruitful actions for your long term success and highlight potential opportunities. Further, we work to ensure that the best practices are implemented for future communication and development.

b) Social Media Audit

We perform an audit across different social networks to analyze your website’s presence and suggest an effective strategy to improve the same. We understand that every site cannot have a place on Instagram or Digg, therefore, we make sure that our suggestions caters to the mainstream tactics, niche opportunities and other realistic options (as per specific business requirements).

c) Development of Widget Strategy

Before applying any kind of strategy, we go through your website and determine whether your business would benefit, if an interactive widget campaign is taken into action. This involves finding out the type of widget that may be productive for your website, finding out what your competitors are doing, judging the success probability of the widget and ways to beat the competition.

d) Competitive Analysis

This involves identifying what your competitors are doing, what are the tactics that they follow, what are the action alerts and other allied factors. This in turn helps in devising effective strategies and techniques that will give you a competitive edge and shake their presence in the industry.

e) Creating Social Profiles

We want you to take benefits of a two-way communication with your target audience. Henceforth, identify different social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and others, where people are mentioning or talking about you. After the identification part, we help you participate in the same, create as well as manage social media profiles and finally lure visitors to get involved with them.

f) Blog Strategy Creation

Your business can benefit a lot, if it gets a space in the greater blog community. Keeping this in mind, we create a blog strategy that includes developing creative ideas for and writing the blog posts, commenting on other blogs and a lot more. This will improve brand awareness.

g) Interactive Badges

Creating interactive badges can be a perfect strategy to attract and engage with your audience. Thus, our team develops a unique strategy that involves creating the badges, in order to place you as a well-known authority in the industry. This will have a number of link-building benefits.

h) Social PPC

It is very important on your part to make your customers generate interest in your new services/ product. Therefore, we help you with social ads that have the potential to improve your presence online. This is generally accomplished through Facebook Ads, promoted Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Ads or sponsored content on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

i) Suggestions over Open Source Software

You may find a number of social media tools to track management, performance and opportunities etc. But, finding the right one out of them is simply very daunting. Therefore, depending on resources, budget and environments, we help you find the right choice for your business.

j) Blog Set Up

Your blog will not get the desired search engine benefits or won’t attract any readers, if it is not set up properly. So, as per your specific needs, we find the appropriate blogging platform, optimize the blog and help you make it accessible to search engines and users.

k) Community Tracking and Monitoring

An in-house team is really important to track the communities. But, if you do not have someone to allocate such tasks, we can help you track your keywords or brand, monitor the online communities and respond to all negative plus positive mentions.

l) Social PR

We work with some of the most authoritative, experienced and talented journalists, publishers, influencers and bloggers. They help in creating an engaging and unique content, so that it gets the desired coverage that it actually deserves.

m) Detailed Reporting

We provide detailed and insightful social media reporting that will help you identify all the activities done till date and also some of the major future activities across all your marketing channels.

Comprehensive Social Media Plan

We value our clients and therefore, we always desire that their business gets the biggest market exposure that could bring some fruitful results in a very short time period. We follow a focused social media plan and tactics that result into better sales graph, brand popularity and escalated traffic.

Creation and optimization of YouTube video
◆ Optimization and Management of Twitter account and Facebook page
◆ Reputation Management
◆ Creating blogs and managing them
◆ Flexible and affordable ecommerce solutions

Benefits of Productive Tactics

We put into effect, some amazing tactics for social media that help you in the following ways –

Help you gain international recognition
◆ Help your voice reach your customers via social media
◆ Manage your reputation easily and efficaciously
◆ Help you gain positive and quick results
Help you speak louder to promote brand awareness and get you more customer

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