SEO Best Practices: 12 SEO Practices For Better Ranking


With every algorithm update, the SEO landscape changes. SEO best practices remain the same regardless of what happens. Winning Google searches will always require strategies like keyword selection, backlink acquisition, and content creation.

Here below, you’ll find the best practices required for your business:

1. Check Out Your Competitor’s Best Pages
2. Optimal Urls
3. Earn Authority Links With Digital Pr
4. Speed Up Your Pages
5. Image Optimization
6. Boost Your Content
7. Sitemap
8. Reliability And Security
9. Get Your Site Listed On Google
10. Ui/Ux Navigation Planning
11. Boost Your Page 2 Ranking
12. Check Search Console

Think like Google for a moment: it wants to provide the best results to its users – or else people will use Bing or Yahoo instead.

Therefore, displaying results from authoritative sources is in their best interest.

The goal of all best practices is to create great, user-friendly content or establish authority signals.

We’ve compiled a list of the only SEO best practices you need to know.

1. Check out Your Competitors’ Best Pages

Identifying your competitors’ top-performing pages will help you understand where and what drives their organic traffic.

You can find out more about these things by analyzing your competitors’ top pages with the help of trustworthy SEO solutions.

● Deficiencies in content/keywords

● Gaps in links

● Content improvement opportunity

● Cannibalization’ as a keyword

By analyzing competitor activity, rather than starting with keyword research, you can identify where your biggest wins could be.

By doing this, you can determine where to focus your efforts rather than at the keyword level.

2. Optimal URLs

Hire professional website SEO solutions to make google and search engines use URLs to determine content.

Some best practices should be followed when it comes to URLs:

● Make your URLs meaningful by using meaningful keywords.

● Short URLs are better than long ones (source). Your URLs should include just enough information to convey much meaning. Avoid words like “and,” “but,” etc.

● Separate words in URLs with hyphens (-), not underscores (_).

● Organize your folders logically. Folder structures are not necessary, but they can be helpful if you have a complex site.

Getting authority backlinks at scale is one of the biggest challenges for SEOs. But the right off page SEO solutions can make it easier to handle.

It has long been said that backlinks are one of Google’s top ranking factors, but the fact remains that many link building strategies are difficult to scale.

Creating unique, relevant content that can gain popularity in the Internet community is the best way to get other sites to link to yours.

It pays off to create good content: Links are usually editorial endorsements, and the more useful the content is, the more likely it is that someone else will link to it.

4. Speed Up Your Pages 

Get to know how to hire seo experts to get your website on track.

Having to wait for a page to load is not something anyone wants to do.

This explains why page speed is a ranking factor for desktops and mobiles.

Page speed is influenced by a number of factors, including the site’s code, where the server is located, and the images on it.

Using Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool, you can see how your pages perform.

By entering a URL, you’ll get a score between 0-100, along with advice on how to improve.

5. Image Optimization

Understand is seo still relevant to your website or not.

An image can help a reader better understand your product.

Image optimization best practices are similar to keyword optimization.

WordPress and Shopify both allow you to add alt text to images.

For visually impaired browsers and those that don’t render images, alt text describes what the image is.

Despite its small importance, alt text should not be overlooked.

Ecommerce SEO requires optimized images.

Almost 27% of searches are image searches, most of which are for clothing, furniture, appliances, and other ecommerce products. Optimization is key!

6. Boost Your Content

Be familiar to know does seo really work? SEO relies heavily on content. Especially for bloggers, content is king.

We know how to rank based on our experience writing 500+ blog posts:

a)- Get a Strong Start:

Make your blog posts memorable from the start by using keywords.

Your bounce rates are high, so you need to grab visitors’ attention straight away.

b)- Update:

Mobile readers find dense paragraphs hard to read.

Make your blog posts more engaging by using paragraphs, varying sentence lengths, bullets, numbered lists, images and more.

c)- Organize Well:

Perceive how to do seo to make better use of SEO.

Divide your content into sections with headers and spacing.

People stay on pages when they can skim.

d)- Be Specific:

General information is useless.

Your reader needs to know what to do and how to do it.

Provide data, screenshots, and anything else that will help you answer the question.

e)- Length:

Rankable blog posts are long and comprehensive.

The longer the post, the better the performance.

The longer the post, the longer the time people spend on your site.

7. Sitemap

Your website’s structure is described by an XML sitemap.

In order to understand your website, Google uses your sitemap.

Sitemap can be handled well by your reliable local SEO solutions.

All URLs on your website are listed in your sitemap.

Having one is not essential, but it will improve Google’s understanding of how to categorize and read your site.

Your site probably already has a sitemap if it was built with Shopify, Wix, or WordPress.

The Yoast and Rank Math WordPress SEO plugins can create a more comprehensive sitemap.

8. Reliability and Security

Did you ever get a warning that your connection was not private? De-indexing a page or getting a penalty can damage your SEO.

Understand what is seo and the importance of SSL certificates.

SSL certificates are the most important security signal.

HTTPS is more secure thanks to SSL certificates.

SSL certificates contain the public key and identity of a website.

Google uses it as a trust signal. If you have SSL, you won’t have to worry about their users’ information being compromised.

SSLs are extremely easy to get. SSL licenses can be added to most reputable web hosts.

Google and search engines will love your site if it is secure.

9. Get Your Site Listed On Google

Get connected with content writing solutions for enhancing your website traffic through engaging contents.

Meta description is not a ranking factor. You can use them to drive traffic.

It doesn’t matter where your Google listing appears. As long as it is strong, people will find you.

Meta descriptions should be clickable, so SEOs tweak them accordingly.

10. UI/UX Navigation Planning

It is often seen that websites that have great usability will rank at the top of the Google SERPs because they bring in more traffic, keep their users on the site for a much longer period of time, and are more trustworthy.

Make your UI/UX navigation plans great and know do you really need seo to make it more effective.

11. Boost your Page 2 Ranking with Internal Links

Linking within the same site passes both signals of PageRank (link authority) as well as relevancy.

A massive amount of underutilized SEO technique is internal linking, and it can often be enough to bring these page 2 rankings to the top of the search engine results page.

12. Check Search Console

Identify is seo affordable for you. Take benefits of a free tool called Google Search Console to get insights into how your site appears in Google search results.

The Google Search Console allows you to see where Googlebot is having trouble indexing your site, blocking pages by robots.txt, and locating URLs that are not accessible.


Providing its users with great content is Google’s mission.

Appeasing Google today and in the future requires all of the best practices listed.

Investing in an SEO tool is a great way to boost your efforts and implement some of these best practices.

Search engine optimization, content creation, and link building are all things you should consider.

Look no further if you require any further assistance in your SEO set-up.

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