How to Search SEO Keywords by Industry – 5 Easy Tricks to Follow


Searching the niche SEO keywords by industry can often be a daunting task for the SEOs. Since, it relates to finding the keywords for a narrow industry vertical, it is very important for you to keep track with the right tricks and techniques. Also, if you are into PPC, you must make sure that the PPC campaigns for the industry-specific keywords must be optimized well.

So, if you are hitting a new industry or launching a new service/ product, it is better to make sure that your entry in the market opens with a big bang. To accomplish this, you need to focus on the keywords that deliver high ROI.

Table of Content

1- Keyword Research Tool
2- Filtering Your Search
3- Focus on Brand and Product Terms
4- Focus on User’s Psychology
5- Refining the List
6- Constant Monitoring

1. Keyword Research Tool

This is one of the most used techniques by global business owners. The tool will let you search keywords that drive huge traffic and sales. Thus, you end up getting a wide range of keywords that have the potential to increase profits coming towards your business. But, do not depend on the tool totally. It is ideal to do some research on your part and then mix the keywords you get from your research and tat from the keyword research tool. Additionally, keep in mind that not all keywords suggested by the tool will be beneficial for you. You’ll have to filter them.

2. Filtering Your Search

You do not want a bulkier list of keywords, which eventually prove to be of no use to you. Right? So, it is important to filter your search, according to your location, language and other allied preferences. The most beneficial keywords for SEO services by industry are the ones, which attracts specific audience for a specific set of keywords. For example, you are searching for Punjabi speaking natives in Ghaziabad, so you will have to use the filters that way.

3. Focus on Brand and Product Terms

Creating keywords by focusing on the brand and product terms is a great way to come up high traffic generating keywords. But, you will first have to research about the market and the audience. You will have to search the terms used by your customers to search for your products/ services. To make the search easier, you can look for them in the LinkedIn groups, forums and other platforms. This perfect mix of brainstorming and your market research will get you a list of keywords, which in turn, would make you close to your audience.

4. Focus on User’s Psychology

This is also one of the most important factors to consider. If you can read someone’s mind, you can easily influence him/ her to do what you like. Thus, it is pivotal to understand user’s psychology for keyword search and create long tail keywords. If you study the customers, you will find that people do not search using two or one word keyword; they generally use a phrase to make the search. Hence, long tail keywords become most effective in reaching out to the customers. On top of this, the competition of such keywords is comparatively lower. So, you have more chances to get to the customers and convert them into loyal consumers.

5. Refining the List

Refining your keyword list is also an ultimate way to search the most effective keywords. To do this, you need to focus on the keyword category, competition of the keywords (keywords with low competition and high competition), search landscape and grouping the terms and so on. Through semantic grouping of words, you will be able to create words for your future PPC campaigns. Also, you can drop some of the keywords, which have a lower search count.

6. Constant Monitoring

Don’t stop your efforts after finding or researching on the keywords. It is now time to constantly monitor how well the keywords perform and bring business to your site. Also, you need to keep this in mind that finding out the right keywords is not the guarantee for high quality results. You need to apply the right SEO techniques along with focus on social media and other marketing techniques. If all the things are in place and your keywords are straight hitting bull’s eye, you can be rest assured that you will gain improved results within a very short time frame.

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