Do you know digital marketing will account for 75% of the total marketing budget in the upcoming years? Taking into consideration the increasing need and scope of digital marketing, it is believed that business owners will soon be allotting a major proportion of their budget to digital or online marketing.

Do you know what digital marketing is?

Do you Know how it works?

Are you aware of the types of online marketing that are fruitful for your business?

When you browse through the internet, you might have noticed the marketing campaigns that appear on a mobile phone, desktop, tablet, or another device. That refers to effective internet marketing or digital marketing.

Marketing campaigns can be available in any form such as search engine marketing, display ads, paid social ads, online video, and social media posts.

If you are stepping into the digital marketing world, this blog will help you explore everything you want to know. So, let’s get started.

Here is a comprehensive guide for you…

In this guide, you will learn:

The History of Digital Marketing
What Is Digital Marketing
Major Types Of Digital Marketing

a)- Search Engine Optimization
b)- Social Media Marketing
c)- Content Marketing
d)- Pay-Per-Click Marketing
e)- Affiliate Marketing
f)- Search Engine Marketing
g)- Email Marketing
h)- Marketing Automation
i)- Native Advertising

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

a)- Expand the Reach
b)- Less Cost Involved
c)- Drive Engagement
d)- Easy Results Monitoring
e)- Build New Connections
f)- More Conversions

In Conclusion

The History of Digital Marketing

The term “Digital Marketing” as a term was coined in the early 2000s, but it has been around for many years.

The first offline digital marketer was Guglielmo Marconi. In 1896, he demonstrated a “public transmission of wireless signals.” He invented the radio. After his minor demonstration in England, morse signals were sent across open water.

While it would take around10 years for the radio to get introduced to the general public, it sure didn’t make the creators take much time to realize they could use radio to even sell stuff.

The first live broadcast was from an opera performance at the Met and guess what people did after it?

Through the radio, the creators made the first live broadcast to happen that was from an opera performance at the Met. After this, people bought show tickets.

This is where powerful digital marketing strategies were born.

What is Digital Marketing: Basic Definition

With 4,18,00,00,000 results on the keyword “digital marketing”, it is quite evident that millions of people around the world are trying to understand the term or explore different details related to it.

So, for you being a business owner, it definitely makes sense to understand the definition of digital marketing.

In very simple layman’s terms, digital marketing refers to marketing services or products using electronic devices. Under this marketing strategy, businesses make use of channels, such as email, search engines, and social media, to connect with both present and prospective customers.

According to a professional link building company, people spend approximately 11 hours each day on their mobile phones and other electronic devices. The day is not far when every minute of your customers will be spent on these devices.

Hence, if you are not a part of digital marketing, you are certainly missing out on a major proportion of your target customers.

Major Types Of Digital Marketing

The best approach to digital marketing is a mix of both online and offline marketing.

Hence, we have listed some of the most popular types of digital marketing strategies that most successful organizations follow.

1- Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is a process that helps your website appear in the search engine results for a given set of keywords. You can understand this process as an art and science used to create web pages appealing and valuable to search engines. Businesses follow advanced seo techniques to make their rank well on search engines.

If you want to optimize your website to drag it to the first page of the search engine, there are a few elements that are crucial to consider-

Website should be mobile-friendly
Website should have a quality content
High level of user engagement
Number of quality inbound links

For example, you own a dating website. Now, with the use of top SEO techniques, your website will get improved ranking and visibility online, thereby reaching potential customers across the world.

The top 10 results hold major significance. Hence, you should always make sure that your use relevant seo keywords that rank well and help your website appears on the first page at least with the help of

2- Social Media Marketing

How many of you are active on social media be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform?

We must say almost every person. And not just a person, but almost every brand or business.

As you know, earlier social media has been used to help people connect with their people or build new relationships, but now its significance is accelerating with the passing years.

Most B2B marketers, without any in-person events, are connecting with their partners and prospects most effectively via social platforms. And this is happening because of social media marketing.

“Social Media Marketing” refers to using social media platforms for attracting traffic to your website, building brand equity, collecting customer feedback and improving customer service. The high value social media marketing solutions provide you with a way to create content that engages customers and provides value to them.

Stats Showing the Importance of Social Media Marketing

Retargeting ads are widely used by marketers, with 78% of B2C and B2B marketers alike stating they utilize re-targeting as part of their Instagram and Facebook advertising strategies.

Buyers are six times more likely to buy from a product page that has images from social media.

93% of Twitter community members are ready to involve in conversation with brands that are providing help and support.

81% of businesses chose to do video marketing on Facebook.

58% of marketers are investing their time and resources in making interactive Instagram Reels.

83% of Instagram users search for new products and services and 87% stated that they took some action, like buying a product, after going through the information.

This is not the end. The world of social media is getting wider and wider. All you have to do is to put right efforts, implement the proper social media marketing strategies and wait to see your brand becoming popular among the target audiences.

3- Content Marketing

The easiest way to build a relationship with potential customers and generate brand awareness is content marketing. The whole concept aims at creating valuable content that drives profitable customer action.

Content should be published more often with the target audience in mind. When you do so, your brand becomes the most trusted voice within the industry by sharing quality, reliable content.

In support of the above-mentioned statement, here are some stats that would clear your doubts:

60% of marketers say that content marketing brings leads. Also, 70% of marketers say that proven content marketing strategy assists to inform the audience, while 60% say that it’s good for building loyalty with existing customers/clients.

51% of the businesses that are investing in content marketing publish content every day.

81% of marketers see content as the most important business strategy to survive in the digital world.

The best three most widely used content formats by B2C marketers are short articles, blog posts, videos and email newsletters.

Basically, content marketing is a part of every activity that is used in digital marketing, be it social media, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing or quick directory submission solutions.

The content can be available in any form like social media posts, blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. Content that is SEO-friendly and catchy organically attracts new clients.

4- Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click, often known as PPC, refers to posting an ad on a platform and getting paid every time someone clicks on it.

How and when online users view your ad is very complicated. When a spot is there on a Google SERPs, the engine puts an ad to fill the spot which is specifically an instant auction. Google gets many ads from different brands, but based on the algorithm and certain factors, it gives priority to the ad.

Those factors are:

Landing page quality
Keyword relevance
Ad quality
Bid amount

Every PPC campaign involves one or additional target actions that viewers are required to complete by clicking an ad. This action is known as conversion which can be either transactional or non-transactional. This makes it one of the most impressive digital marketing tactics.

Did you know that the average online user views around 4,000-10,000 ads daily, as per different studies?

It’s right to say that we see more ads online.

With each passing year, the world’s digital population is increasing day by day. With that, you can also witness the boost in the number as well as the scope of the other mediums including Twitter ad campaigns, paid ads on Facebook, Instagram ad campaigns and sponsored messages on LinkedIn.

5- Affiliate Marketing

Would you enjoy a passive income stream from your any only activity at any time, from anywhere? Well, who not?

You can make money online without developing your own product. How? By collaborating with businesses to expand their reach, build their customer base and begin a source of income in the process.

In this type of marketing, interactive content creation helps a lot to engage readers. This collaboration is regardless of whether or not you are running your own business.

This entire process is referred to as affiliate marketing.

This process involves an affiliate that earns a commission for promoting another brand. The affiliate searches for a product they want to promote on a specific platform and gains a lot of profit from every sale they make. The sales are tracked through affiliate links from one website to another.

Do you know?

Today around 81% of brands are promoting their products through affiliate programs to engage existing and new customers. Almost a quarter of all affiliate programs are in the fashion industry.

Some affiliate marketers prefer to review products first of only a single company, possibly on a third-party site or on their blog. While others have relationships with various merchants.

6- Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is known as the paid version of cost-effective SEO. With the assistance of SEM, a company can get an advertising space by paying that you can see on the SERPs. This type of marketing is an integral part of SEO and PPC.

It is quite easy to identify paid search results on Google. A small “Ad” sign seems at the top of the URL, and the search engine also places these pages first in the search results.

By balancing a combination of SEM and SEO, you can drive more traffic to your website and improve your Click Through Rate (CTR).

If you want to understand how to increase website traffic, SEM can be beneficial for your business if your page has a segue to ensure more conversions happen. That being said, any small company investing in a paid advertisement may appear risky.

But, if it is planned and implemented wisely and carefully that too within the budget, it can result in a competitive advantage.

7- Email Marketing

This is one of the types of digital marketing that can directly pass your information to your target audience.

As per the study, email marketing is 40 times more powerful than social media marketing. It’s an effective lead generator.

But, we know you may find it difficult to execute. To understand how to get email subscribers, firstly you have to ensure that your emails are most wanted. This means consisting of an opt-in list that makes your emails important for the readers to gain information:

Have individual and catchy content in the subject line and in the body
Clearly specified what type of emails the subscriber will receive
Provides a clear unsubscribe option
Integrates both promotional and transactional emails

You need your prospects to view your campaign as a valuable service, not merely a promotional tool.

8- Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a specialized tool that helps streamline the entire marketing process within varied digital marketing campaigns. Also, it decreases human error and allows you to achieve better results. This is now one of the crucial b2b strategies for digital marketer.

Do you know?

40% of marketers found marketing automation’s positive effect on productivity.
80% of companies witnessed an increase in the count of leads through marketing automation.
51% of companies are now utilizing this powerful software.
Currently, 480,000 websites use this beneficial marketing automation technology.

Marketing automation has the ability to manage the tasks:

Audience segmentation and targeting
Customer lifecycle marketing
Lead generation
Upsell and cross-sell activities
Do Analytics and reporting
Performs A/B testing

Marketing automation lets marketers do more with less. It saves your time from investing in ineffective campaigns, drives more revenue and a lot more.

9- Native Advertising

Have you noticed those “in-feed ads” that appear in your news feed on Twitter or Facebook?

Have you seen the Ad listings that can be viewed at the top of your Google search results, or in the sidebar?

And what about those recommended articles that you see below the article you just read.

That’s what native marketing looks like. Sponsored social media posts and promoted search results are a few examples of native ads.

Another one of the value added and proven digital marketing techniques, native advertising is the process of creating ads that are quite cohesive with the content of the page, conform with the design, and stay consistent with the behaviour of the specific platform that makes the viewers feel the ad belongs there. The goal of this type of marketing is to provide the information before it seems promotional, downplaying the “ad” part.

Native ads support performance marketing that works in terms of demand and supply. The supply-side belongs to publishers, with an audience as well as reach, who want to monetize their sites. Whereas the demand side belongs to the advertisers who want to reach a target audience, spread brand awareness, attract more sales, or maximize lead generation.

This is not just the end. There are many more types of digital marketing that are progressing in the field of digital marketing.

Viral Marketing
Instant Messaging Marketing
Radio Advertising
Television Advertising
Influencer Marketing
Mobile Phone Advertising

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has increased its prominence to a great extent because it helps businesses to reach a wider audience with various digital marketing methods that are not possible with the traditional market. It has several benefits to offer that are still many companies unaware of. They are:

1- Expand the Reach

When you post anything online, be it a simple post or an ad, people can view it no matter where they belong to. Digital marketing increases the possibility of growth in your business’s market reach. Overall, this type of marketing lets you reach out to global audiences with no geographical boundaries.

2- Less Cost Involved

Besides reaching a broader audience, this type of marketing also lets you save more money than traditional marketing.

The cost for television spots newspaper ads, etc, can be high. Also, traditional marketing does not give you assurance whether your target audiences will find those messages in the first place or not.

With digital marketing, you can create a single content piece and drive as many visitors as you want to your blog till the time it’s active. This way, you improve websites visibility by making more and more readers visit your page to read the blog.

You need to put more resources to get the attention of the people.

3- Drive Engagement

Digital marketing platforms enable companies to offer personalized experiences through engaging content like video ads. It also allows you to re-engage the online buyer who has visited your website, added products to their shopping cart and then left the page without making a purchase.

Unlike traditional marketing, this type of marketing has the power to appeal to existing and new audiences again and again if the content is engaging and communicates your message clearly no matter whether you are doing effective SEO Marketing, SMO or SEM.

4- Easy Results Monitoring

To know whether your new marketing strategy works, you have to determine how many consumers it draws and how much revenue it ultimately makes.

But, knowing this is impossible with a non-digital marketing strategy.

Several companies avoid having one-on-one conversations with their buyers and conduct surveys that also sometimes fail to give complete results.

With digital marketing, monitoring the results is easy. Digital marketing platforms automatically keep a track of the conversions that you achieve either through a number of visits to your home page, email open rates, or direct purchases.

5- Build New Connections

Digital marketing enables you to connect with your consumers in real time. It allows them to interact with your brand.

Consider your essential smo strategy. It’s amazing when your target audience views your new post and they comment on it or shares it with others. It is helpful in spreading more buzz about your product or service and increasing visibility every time someone engages with your post and starts the conversation.

6- More Conversions

Digital marketing makes your consumers take action instantly after viewing your content or ad. With traditional ads, the immediate result you can expect is a quick phone call from someone who views your ad. But, does anyone has sufficient time to reach out to a company?

Digital marketing allows the consumer to click a link and right away move along the sales funnel. There is a possibility, that they might not make a purchase immediately, but they’ll surely connect with you some other time and give you a chance to connect with them further.

In Conclusion

So, do you want to grow your business? Do you want to see better results in just 3-6 months?

If yes, these digital marketing strategies can really help you out. If you follow the right approach and ethical practices, you can achieve visible growth in your online business sales, traffic, leads and revenue.

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With talented digital marketing experts on board, we offer a full range of online marketing solutions that help your business grow in the online business sphere.

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