With so many technologies emerging every day, it becomes difficult to decide which one you should go for. The same is the case with digital marketing; there have never been numerous platforms and opportunities available as of now.  

There are many fascinating trends in the market related to digital marketing.

If you are in search of the latest types of digital marketing trends then here is the list which will be beneficial for you in the upcoming year.

Here is a comprehensive guide for you…

In this guide, you will learn:

Machine Learning
Social Commerce Will Become Seamless
Voice Search Optimization
Invest in Creating Answer-Based Content
Ad Optimization Testing
Dark social
Video advertising
Social Media Messaging Apps

Let’s understand the upcoming developments down the line so that you can improve you digital marketing strategy even more……

1. Chatbots

You might have heard a lot about chatbots as they are quite effective in drawing the attention of viewers. According to successful SEO service provider, it has been advantageous in many ways to achieve the desired digital marketing success.

Surveys show that:

One of the greatest benefits that chatbots provide companies is 24-hour service (66%), answers to simple questions (54%), and quick responses to queries(53%).

Chatbots have given a positive experience to more than 75% of online consumers.

It is predicted that communication through chatbots will reach $125 billion in the coming years.

Surveys also predicted that consumer retail will invest more in chatbots in the future.

Customer prefers chatbots more for interaction because there they can get an answer to their all questions 24/7. These virtual assistants help companies provide exceptional customer service by satisfying customers’ expectations and freeing your resources for more essential work.

To know some detailed information about it, you should connect with a reliable link building company.

2. Machine Learning 

By using Machine Learning for automation entities, the entire way of looking at it can be changed. In the era of internet savvy world, Machine learning would be quite influential in digital marketing.

It has been constantly used in the sector of fraud detection, healthcare, etc by using PayPal to mainly fight against the evil of money laundering.

3. Micro-moments 

Micro-moments is the term that many are unaware of but is worthy of attention. As many of us directly reach our smartphones to make any research about any product or service, the right information to the users can be provided by using Micro-moments.

Google has divided micro-moments into 4 parts:

I want to buy moments
I want to know moments
I want to do moments
I want to go moments

To match this new, speedy decision-making process, you need to get the attention of the readers within a few seconds. This is one of the popular digital marketing methods to gain profits.

A recent survey discovered that the attention span lies between 12 seconds to just 8 seconds.

Micro-moments are associated closely with advertising and personalization. You need to be present on the platforms where your customers are most active and opt for short ads to answer all the questions asked within a few seconds.

4. Social Commerce Will Become Seamless

Today, it has become very easy to find a product or service using social media. During the COVID crisis, brands got involved on Instagram and YouTube to reach worldwide customers.

It is assumed that social shopping will reach $1.2 trillion across the world in the coming years. That means social commerce can give your business growth that would be 2 times faster than traditional e-commerce.

Social shopping is all set to evolve as platforms work behind the scenes to encourage smooth customer payments while providing a seamless customer experience. You can also use this strategy in your plan, but ensure to avoid all common digital marketing mistakes.

You can expect GenZ to be the biggest spenders online as they will generate about 60% of social E-commerce revenue.

The best way to increase your engagement is by investing some time into presenting your brand on Instagram. One image or a single video is not enough for companies to promote their offerings on Instagram. Videos and images are very important when you want popularity on the crowd of the internet.

5. Voice Search Optimization

As per research on VSO(Voice Search Optimization), more than 50% of teenagers prefer using voice search to find something on Google. This has increased the popularity of voice search and it is expected that the voice search method will grow massively in the future.

There are multiple reasons behind voice search becoming more popular and demanding. Some of them are:

The increasing purchase of smart speakers. About 25% of households have smart speakers. The adoption of such devices has made voice search more usable to get adapted to this new behavior.

Google says that they get 93% accuracy of what people want to find on search engines via voice search. With the higher analysis of search, the demand for voice search has increased. The accuracy to match the precision of the search and the ease of using your voice to get results make the process more attractive.

It is expected that almost 50% of all online shopping will be done through voice results. This will give all the digital marketers up to $50 billion opportunities to exploit.

For so many reasons, now it can be said that voice search optimization is truly taking its seat in providing effective online marketing benefits. Therefore, begin making your website ready for voice search in the future.

6. Invest in Creating Answer-Based Content

Answer-based content basically helps you to improve your organic search. But there is another major reason to focus on developing such content- people want it.

The rise can not only be seen in the demand for voice searches, but also in conversational marketing. In a recent survey, it was shown that answer-based content triples the chances of getting a direct approach from consumers.

Internet users want answers to their questions within time and if you do this they will get more engaged with your brand.

Google is becoming more of an answer engine. People are searching for answers there, they want the brands to show interest in clarifying their doubts quickly. To get more benefits, you can use powerful social media to promote content.

So, how can you implement this strategy in your content?

Revisit your buyer personas – Go through the issues they are having and find out the solution so that you can help them well. Look can you convert the answers into a blog or video to generate more traffic?

Use tools to find popular questions – You can use various tools in order to get some good insights into the questions that people are asking.

Conduct audience research – You can choose to conduct audience research. This could be as easy as sending emails to attract new subscribers or asking for reviews on your social media channels.

Create an FAQ Schema – You can inform search engines that your content is in a Q&A format through code. This will help your content to rank even higher.

Create quality and relevant content – The type of result driven content marketing strategy you create should have the focus on giving the answer to all the questions the users are asking.

7. Ad Optimization Testing

With more than 2/3 of digital ads running on Facebook and Google, optimization on these platforms has become way more important. Research shows that already 40% of marketers have begun investing in Ad optimization testing. And this has given them huge growth in their sales and ROI.

Creative optimization has become very essential for a proper understanding of the customer’s complicated journey across various ad placements, desktops, and mobiles.

Here is an example:

Facebook alone could make an ad appear in multiple placements, like Instagram stories, Facebook news feed, or reels.

Today there are many companies that are working on ad optimization with the help of Facebook’s new ad placement customization to accomplish their goals. If you don’t have enough knowledge about Google and Facebook ads, you can read Google adwords vs Facebook ads.

8. Personalization

If you want to stand out in this ongoing tough competition, you need to level up your strategy by focusing on personalization. This means personalizing your products, content, email, and much more as per the customers.

Below mentioned % will show how personalization is making its space in the market.:

Companies that adopt personalization, observed that 70% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand whose marketing messages are customized to their interests.

Marketers have got higher benefits through personalization. Some of those benefits are 60% conversion rate and 50% visitor engagement.

This means that personalized emails triggered more than batch and blast emails.

If you want to look at the power of personalization, nothing could be best than Amazon and Netflix. Seeing their incredible success around the world, you can determine how effective personalization can be for your brand.

Here are a few popular companies that are currently using personalization:

Nowadays you will see a popular ad of Cadbury running on the TV or on the internet. That Cadbury created a personalized video that matches the flavor of dairy milk with users according to the data on their Facebook profile, including interest and location.

You won’t believe it, but the ad alone generated a 33% conversion rate and more than 60% click-through rate. Also, they got massive growth in social media.

Starbucks uses an app that holds all the data like purchase history and location to give as personalized an experience as possible. The app launched by Starbucks, allows customers to customize their drinks and encourages purchasers to purchase more by giving rewards.

This has given them a huge increase in revenue.

9. Dark social 

We are living in a world where the consumer is the king and websites put their all efforts to attract users. Merely sharing videos, articles, images, etc. is not enough. Therefore now the other channels are being used which are less monitored such as:

a)- Email
b)- Secure browsing
c)- Messaging applications
d)- Mobile applications, etc.

Dark social was responsible for 84% of the total outbound sharing last year which shows its importance that cannot be avoided.

10. Video advertising 

Nowadays, videos are highly demanded by everyone and so is actual video marketing. In Digital Marketing also, 52% of the professionals believe that videos are in demand and are helpful in getting the ROI.

A recent survey found that:

65% of marketers use videos to promote their products or services.
60% of marketers consider video as an important tool for the success of their marketing strategy.
More than 70% say video gives more ROI than other strategies.
50% of trust is built in potential customers through videos.

Even the well-known social networking site, Facebook has invested in a video of 6 seconds in order to let users aware by using the faster-messaging method.

11. Social Media Messaging Apps

Every month, around 1.5 billion users of Facebook sent approx. 10 billion messages through the messaging app.

If Facebook alone has such a huge number, then think how much Instagram would have.

People enjoy the convenience of shopping and getting service right from the comfort of their homes. They can do face-to-face interaction with companies and deliver them quick service. Messaging apps are meant to provide prompt service. That’s why it’s crucial to use the real benefits of social media.

WeChat, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger are some of the apps that provide businesses with the best way to offer personalized contact and improve their customer experience.

Listed below are some steps that will help to increase loyalty from your customers by making communication way convenient:

First, install a plugin on your website so that your customers can directly connect with you.

Enable chat only when you are sure that someone is there to respond.

If there is no one who can do the job, set an automatic message that lets your customer know when you will get in touch with them.

With the use of any of the tactics mentioned above, significant success can be achieved in the desired area of business.


These were the top trends that will help you in your business growth. If you are planning to implement any of the above-mentioned strategies with the guidance of professionals, we can help. LinkBuildingCorp is working in this industry for many years and thus can assure you of top-notch link building solutions. Our team members are specialized and high-skilled to satisfy all your digital marketing needs.

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