The Ultimate Guide To Blog Seo – A Step-By-Step Process


It is always mandatory to gain quality ideas on Ultimate Guide to Blog SEO. SEO is termed to be one of the most popular traffic generating strategy as it ensures free and qualified visitors to site. You are well-aware of the organic search with its best conversion rate across multiple online marketing channels. There are various types of websites, which are indeed in need of SEO treatment. You cannot use same strategy on every form of website. Here, the time has come to learn and discount about the blog SEO strategy in details. Going through the divisions might help you gain better results over here.

Table of content:

1- How Blog SEO is Different From Website SEO?
2- How To Perform Seo On a Blog:
A)- Focusing On Niche & Strategy:
B)- Keyword Research:
C)- Content optimization for keyword:
D)- Important WP plugins for WordPress blogs Optimization:
E)- Link building:
F)- Link Earning:

1- How Blog SEO is Different From Website SEO?

When compared to other websites like business websites or the e-commerce sites, blog SEO seems quite different from the other ones. So, the SEO strategies for blogs are going to be designed to gain more visitors and traffic. The biggest difference is to put content at once and working on social marketing and link building strategies. Whenever it is associated with blog, new content gets published on what makes SEO process completely different from the rest.

Normal website which comes with 10 to 15 pages will need one-time on-page SEO, followed by social media marketing and link building. But, when the matter is associated with blog, content pages will start to increase as you get the chance to publish articles on a regular basis. As content keeps on increasing on blog, it will need regular form of on-page SEO and continuous forms of link building to be sure. As blog remains completely different from website, SEO needs will be differentiated too. Get answers on How To Do Keyword Research too.

2- How To Perform Seo On a Blog:

The basic features along with the goals remain more or less similar for any kind of website. However, the approach on working in will be quite different from when you work on SEO blog or SEO Guide.

A)- Focusing On Niche & Strategy:

You have to take the SEP strategies into considerations right from the day you have started thinking about ways to start a blog. In case, you start blog on random niche without even knowing how profitable that section is, you are clearly wasting energy and time as people will keep on blogging on random things. After few months, when they fail to get the traffic they want, they will literally quit.

So, it is high time that you research lot before you can actually select niche for blog and deal with SEO Audit. To choose any profitable niche, you have to research for the prime keywords of any particular niches and they plan to know the number of people searching for that same KWs online. It will help you to understand the competition level. For that, you can try using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and more.

If you are looking for niche keywords with millions searches yet the competition remains high, you are recommended to not choose that niche because of the high level of competition. It will take longer time to gain success and only if you work hard for that after adding some innovative ideas. So, it is highly recommended to choose niche with medium competition and fair search numbers. It will help you to build profitable blog to cash out efforts. After you are done selecting niche, you can set the blog up and build proper strategy. So, sharing some things might help you in this regard.

• Creating some killer posts:

Posts are base of blog and you have to make that base quite well. Before you end up making content and get answers on How to Do SEO, think about the areas you are planning to cover. Solving audience query or solving issues your audience might be facing are some of the options. So the posts need to be enough to meet requirements. Always end up creating detailed blog posts to give information on single pages.

• Target audience:

If you are creating articles and sharing it over social sites, just to gain more people then you are doing it wrong. You should target an audience base, which is interested in your blog.

• Updating blog consistently:

The blogs which are updated consistently with new content are gaining more loyal readers. So, take time to do so and gain more traffic as you need.

B)- Keyword Research:

Keyword research forms a crucial task of blog SEO. There are mainly three phases which you might use to find profitable ones.

• Find keywords:

The first thing to do over here is find out keywords to bring traffic. The easy way to do so is by searching relevant terms in Google and check the bottom of search page. You can collect those keywords for making a list. You can keep the KWs in a list and move to another way to gain some extra keywords. Another way to try out is Google Auto Suggest. Here, you can start typing anything in Google and it will suggest some popular search terms in drop-down menu. You can keep KWs in same list. For extracting KWs out of auto complete, you can use Ubersuggest. You can further gain ideas on how to increase organic traffic.

• Finding the search volume:

You will have huge list of keywords as related to topic. Therefore, it is time to find out search volume of those relevant keywords. You can also visit Google Keyword Planner for checking on the search volumes. You can enter few KWs and it will show search in volumes. The best thing about this tool is that other than seeded keywords, it can display list of related keywords and searches too.

• Analyzing competition:

Once you have the best keywords around your topic by your side, it is time to analyze competition by using some long tail pro keyword tools. It has keyword competitiveness, which will focus more on competitive level of any selected KW.

C)- Content optimization for keyword:

Once you have the list of good keywords with number of searches, along with low or medium competition in organic one, it is time to write and optimize post around those keywords. The Kw number is up to you to select. You are suggested to use around 2 to 3 keywords for each blog. One keyword is going to be primary target and the other two will be secondary ones. You practically need these keywords to find answer on how to find your target customer. There are some major places where you have to put the keywords.

• Title:

It is an imperative part of write-up and should not just be SEO optimized but also compelling enough to grab some more clicks when shared on SERPs or on social sites. Whenever you write title for blog post, you have to keep it within 60 to 65 characters as that’s hat major search engines read. Keep the primary keyword a beginning of title for impacting search engine algorithm.

• URL:

URL comprises of primary keywords too. Here, you have to keep target keyword at beginning just like in the title. In WP, URL is mostly auto generated using title. In case, you are planning to customize it, you can use “edit” button for the same.

• Content:

Avoid stuffing way too many keywords and content for optimizing it as it can steal the article’s essence and make it for the search engines only. Contents are for users first. It is vital to use primary KW in first 150 words of article with secondary keyword. You can use primary KW around 2 to 3 times and secondary KW same within 1000 words article. Depending on the content’s length, you can increase the frequency of content length. It is great in case you are trying to keep primary keyword in H1, H2 and H3 tags. Next, you have to use primary keyword in last para. KW infusion should never break the content flow. Before you find topics for blog posts, follow these norms.

• Alt text and Image title:

You have to use keywords as Alt text for images. If you are currently working on WP, there are some options to be followed for uploading any image. Search engines cannot read images and can only read text. So, using proper image name and Alt text helps these mages to be found easily.

D)- Important WP plugins for WordPress blogs Optimization:

• WP Smush: page speed is well considered as ranking factor, making pages lighter and to be loaded faster. So, it is the images, which will make the page load quite slowly because these are heavier than text. This plugin helps in cutting extra byres from images without quality degradation.

• Yoast SEO: This plugin is perfect for adding Meta Title and description for posts. It can further offer Focus keyword options for providing scores to post on how well it has been optimized for focused keyword.

• Super Cache or WP Total Cache: Cache plugins will help the blog to load fast for returning users. So, you can always use these plugins.

• Social sharing ones: Social sharing plugins are must for making things easier for users in terms of sharing content on social profiles with just 2 clicks. Learn about it all in Ultimate Blog Promotion Guide.

E)- Link building:

Link building is major part of SEO strategy. There are so many ways to build quality links to blog and even individual blog posts.

• Guest Blogging: For some people, Guest blogging is dead for SEO but that is not the reality. It was mainly said for those articles which are just posted for links without any value to readers or blogs. If you create awesome article and get links in author bio, it is not going to hurt site and help in search rankings. So, it is always mandatory for you to create some killer guests posts and publish those write-ups on some of the good and authentic blog sites and not just in article directories and in some low-quality blog channels.

• Blog commenting: It is one of the easiest ways to build link to blog. These blogs offer dofollow links in commands and start going through the blogs and publish some comments. With the help of your comment for the link, the comments will all start to look quite natural and will definitely make some sense.

• Interlinking: Internal Interlinking is easy way to get links as you can get links from other blog posts on same topic. It is perfect if you are trying to find some relevant articles and add links to new posts. It is highly recommended to add around 2 to 3 internal links in every post.

These are popular techniques of building links and now you know Why Link Building is Important. In case you are planning for some more sources of ways to build some awesome links, you should log online and check out some of the post, created by SEO experts and available online.

F)- Link Earning:

This term evolved when Google encouraged people to create amazing content that everyone likes to link. Link earning is also a form of link building. Apart from building links, it is ways to devote some time extra for creating epic content for multiple bloggers, willing to link directly their readers for extra reference. People always believe that link earning is a firm addition to the list if you have been creating some epic blog posts and came handy with multiple natural links, all for free. Those links will be the one to add that extra dose of value on the link profile of the blog, which will help it well to rank well on some of the major search engines out there.

Concluding Note Over Here:

Blogs are often termed to be quite different from any other websites. Therefore, SEO needs will always remain different from what you have asked for. In this current blog post, you have read everything possible on what needs to be done for your current blog SEO.

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