Before 2018 ends, you need to get some time off and learn more about the Top Content Marketing Trends in 2022 first. Content marketing will be an important option now and content creation with distribution will change quite a bit. Content marketing, for some people, is useful, authentic and suited for internet generation.

Some might doubt Lead Generation Tips and effectiveness of content marketing, based on their tactics and channels. So, it is vital to know more about the marketing trends to look for. It might help in changing the concept of content marketing strategy to a great extent.

Table of Content:

1. One-To-One Content marketing
2. Transparency Will Be Customers’ Biggest Priority
3. Remarketing Will Speed Up Generation Of Genuine Leads
4. Brands Will produce Niche specific Content
5. There Will Be A Huge Change In The Way Influencer Marketing Is Used
6. Natural Language Search will become more important
7. Content Will Me More Visually-Rich
8. Content Creation Procedure Will Improve
9. Videos Will Continue To Be Important
10. Lifecycle Marketing Will Become More Critical For Brands
11. Marketing Through Native Ads Will Get A Boost
12. Dealing with Live Video
13. Privacy Terms and Expectations Will Be Changed

#1 One-To-One Content Marketing

Personalization is a major way to deliver delightful customer rich experience. You can visit landing page and enter name and email to download e-book. So for your next visit, you will be greeted by name and shown relate e-books. It will work a bit more personal, intimate and helps you to stand out in crowd.

A recent research has some points to state.

In a survey of 1100 professionals, around 94% believed personalization is the future.

Personalized lead nurturing will lead to 20% increase in sales opportunities.

How To Begin:

Personalization depends on data. More you get to know about customers, more personalized messages will be delivered. Start collecting some data from visitors. In case of B2B, some points might help.



Company size and URL

Department budget, size and designation

You don’t have to collect it from get-go. Start targeting the nearest client data and others are happy to share information with you for compelling content. After procuring basic data, start B2C Content Marketing Strategy to follow now.

#2 Transparency Will Be Customers’ Biggest Priority

Consumers are not into brand advertising. They prefer transparent firms. Old tactics will not work. Only claiming that your tasks are green or going for brand advertising won’t work. Brands have to be more transparent.

How To Begin:

With agencies like FTC and ASB, close evaluation of disclosure, transparent and general compliance is mandatory. You have to:

Ensure that content is transparent fully

It has to be updated with latest regulations always

#3 Remarketing Will Speed Up Generation Of Genuine Leads

There is somewhat interesting about advertising. Display is always the major comeback and outpacing the growth in search result. The total ad display on search and display was similar in 2014, but in 2022, display ad spending is expected to hike up to 28% higher than search. The reason for that has to be remarketing and understanding the Benefits Of Video Marketing.

Remarketing shows people who have visited site ads as they roam around the web and they are booming. More marketers are gaining money through remarketing these days. The CTR might decline with time but people clicking on ad after seeing it is likely to get converted twice.

How To Begin:

You can set up a remarketing campaign with the help of existing customer data. If you have email list of people who clicked through an offer without buying, you can create FB custom audience for discounted deals. You can use help of some platforms.

Google Ad Remarketing

Retarget Links

Facebook remarketing


#4 Brands Will produce Niche specific Content

It does not matter which industry you are in as you have to create niche content to thrive. You can delve deeper to build larger business. This is a natural marketing result of maturity and market saturation as marketers create more content now.

How To Begin:

You can start identifying sub-niches in industry. Try identifying some angles to help you big time. It will be the starting point. After identifying sub-niches, you can modify content calendar for accommodating such niches.

#5 There Will Be A Huge Change In The Way Influencer Marketing Is Used

For over a decade now, influencer marketing was a staple. As per a report on best Social Media Marketing Strategies, it was stated that 92% people trust recommendations from people over brands. Twitter users reports 5.2x increase in purchase when exposed to content from influences. The importance of influencer marketing will be here but the business mode will change.

How To Begin:

Without aiming for volume, identify influencers sharing the same audience and brand values. You have to leverage authority and readership for promoting brand and establishing relationships. The main focus will be collaboration. Without going for simple interview, work with influencers for creating content speaking to audience.

#6 Natural Language Search will become more important

According to essential elements for content marketing, you are into screen-less search. It is because of voice search. Voice searches are making up 20% of Google searches. In some study, around 71% of 18 to 29 years are using voice assistants compared to 39% of 44 to 53 years old. Estimation states that Amazon Echo Alexa can add $11 billion to the revenues by 2020.

How To Begin:

The content must adapt to natural language search. Without focusing on KWs, you have to answer question in a humanized way. For that, you have to write full sentence Q&A in articles. Moreover, you need to use specified and long phrases in headers and titles. To determine target keywords, you have to maintain conversational natural of voice searches.

#7 Content Will Me More Visually-Rich

The survey of 1000 bloggers stated that average length of blog post has been on a rise. Longer contents can get better ranking in SERP. According to one B2B buyer, millennial are now preferring infographics and videos for making decision to around 59%. And others are preferring whitepapers by 78%. You can get these latest Digital Marketing Techniques, on time.

How To Begin:

Without creating long content for all topics, mix that up with long content. You can share some in-post graphics. The main aim will be to reduce bloats.

#8 Content Creation Procedure Will Improve

For the past couple of years, content marketing has been a broad procedure, which is not just around recording videos or writing. Effective marketers are now focusing towards media publishing. They are currently looking for apt formats for various content types. Some of those are infographics, videos, blog posts and images.

Consumers are not waiting to view content on screens. IoT ensures that content is around all the time. Some examples are Alexa, Siri and Ok Google.

How To Begin:

You have to know what audiences are looking for and figure out ways to infuse that into technology for gaining insightful information in modern ways.

You need to understand the audience

Check on diversity

Avoid one person rule

#9 Videos Will Continue To Be Important:

Videos are here to rise and will be part of useful Digital Advertising Guidelines. Between 2011 and 2015, the video consumption has grown from 39 minutes to 115 minutes daily. By 2017, it accounted for 69% of online traffic. Video on demand will be round 3 times yearly. Around 86% marketers now prefer videos. Right now, 29% of mobile video is vertical, due to Snapchat.

How To Begin:

You have to direct larger content marketing budget towards video. It can be anything simple like behind the scene to video of CMO sharing insights. You can use Showbox for making videos easier and cheaper. You need to invest in new video formats for in-built audience like Boomerang on IG or FB Live video.

#10 Lifecycle Marketing Will Become More Critical For Brands

Engagement is inevitable part of sales. It can turn prospect into customer. It will cost 5 times more to gain new customer than existing one. It is important to guard existing customers. The vital component around is CRM with high customer retention rate. It is vital to create entire contact strategy for engaging audience through personalization, social media, email and other channels.

How To Begin:

Lifestyle marketing is not complicated and comes with Social Media Tips For Business. new technologies are up with range of strategies into self-sustaining process.

You have to create detailed buyer persona by combining psychographic and demographic profiles

You have to map customer journey after visualizing

#11 Marketing Through Native Ads Will Get A Boost:

In the upcoming years, native advertising is likely to grow. From $13.9B in 2016 it was jumped right into $21b in 2018. It is a jump of 51% in a span of 2 years.

This growth is because of:

Publishers looking for native ads for funding operations

86% readers are associated with native ads if labeled well

Easy availability of premium inventory with increased reader acceptance means advertisers are more interested in investing in native ads. It helps consumers respond better to native ads than display ones. A study displays that consumers are around 25% likely to check native ads. Yahoo found native ads leading to a 3X more growth in branded services. It is a promising Blog Promotion Guide for everyone to follow.

How To Begin:

For B2B section, native ad is simple way to solve content distribution issues. With CPCs being low as $0.10 per click and prime placement with top notch priority, well performing native ad can boost traffic well just like brand recognition.

A successful ad campaign comes with high valued content and result oriented seo services. You have to use content which is share worthy. You can start investing in shareable content based on your niche. It will help your marketing zeal to be at top of the plug leads into sales funnel.

#12 Dealing with Live Video:

It was in 2016 when video was back and it has grown since then. Around 80% of consumers nowadays would watch live video than reading blogs. 82% of respondents prefer tuning into live video of brand than reading social media posts. FB is the platform for live video in 2017, where users are spending 3 times more watching live videos. Comments have grown 10 times through live stream. 60% of marketers are investing in live videos. It is stated that video traffic will rise up to 80% by 2022.

How To Begin:

You can use this trend without any expensive equipment. You just need a smartphone for live videos with decent camera. There are some ideas associated with live videos.

Q&A sessions

Live interviews

Unboxing and product demonstration

Cover conferences and events

#13 Privacy Terms and Expectations Will Be Changed:

Ads are designed to fund web. In 2018, promises are being made to bring with it a reminder of privacy rules and consumer rights. Connecting world is the great way to enhance rate of data collection. You have Big Data for help. As per reports, 57% consumers don’t believe brands are using personal data well. A study conducted shows that 92% online consumers are concerned about data security. So, EU introduced GDPR in 2018 to seek protection on consumer data and more.

How To Begin:

It might seem a bit extreme, but GDPR actually works great for marketing. You have to pay a particular attention to access, data permission and focus.

Data permission is about ways to manage email opt-ins. They have to be confirmed physically before further work.

GDPR allows users to access data and remove it from system if needed. Marketers need users to easily access and remove data at will.

Data focus means collecting data as needed. It might be tempting to collect data instead of the amount you actually needs. GDPR asks you to justify the data as collected. It will help you to focus on just what you want and not more.


The proven 13 points can clearly state that content marketing is all set to stay over here. What matters the most is how you are actually creating the content and distributing the same. It is going to change in a big way in 2018. At this point of time, over 2 million blogs are posted daily. Right from blog posts to the social media updates, you can see a growing shift towards video based personalized content these days.

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