7 Tricks to Make the Landing Page a Revenue Generating Machine


In the digital marketing world, you cannot afford to stick to the traditional strategies that you used to follow in the past. As an entrepreneur, you need to keep working on the strategies, especially those which are centered at converting potential customers into loyal consumers. This implies that you should give maximum attention to the landing pages of your websites that are responsible for attracting and persuading the customers to make a purchase.

To accomplish this, you must conduct some effective landing page tests, to judge which technique may be fruitful to you. Some of them are mentioned below:

a) Enhance your CTA

It is regarded as the most effective test that most of the organizations generally adopt –

Appropriate placement of CTA should be your first concern. So, make sure that the users are able to see the call-to-action.

We have seen many organizations using text or link as the CTA. However, if you use button as your CTA, it would be more impactful and attract the audience. Also, keep an eye on the color of the button, as some colors are very attractive for the customers.

The text of the CTA also plays a major role in attracting the audience. Some of the most common CTA texts include talk with us, request a quote, learn more and others.

b) Use Images

You may agree to the fact that images are more powerful in attracting the audience, in comparison to the text. This is because the images help the person to understand things better and quicker. So, you should make sure that the images should be impactful –

Make sure that size of the image is perfect.
Try to use photos with people, as they look natural.
The header image must be tested along with the banner.
You can also test screen shots or product pictures, if you are in retail, hospitality or e-commerce business.

c) Examine the Navigation Factor

Depending on how you want the users to interact with the webpages, it is important to understand whether you want navigational or non-navigational pages. Often, we have seen that pages that have limited navigational options, deliver better results.

First of all, test whether your pages work best with full navigation or no navigation.
In case, the result favors full navigation, you must look for other options, so that the customers have more chances to find additional information.

d) Revamping the Layout

Sometimes, your landing pages are not delivering great results, just because need new and improved layout. Through A/B and other multiple tests, this could be easily achieved –

Observe and research the reading pattern of your audience and then place the most important elements in that pattern only.
See what works for you better – a page without a banner of header image or the one that has all of this?

e) Test the Forms

The forms are considered to be one of the major elements of landing page. Thus, if you make some changes in these forms, they can serve as the best medium to attract the audience and convert into sales.

Make sure that the color of the form is such which attracts the audience.
Test which layout or structure of the form works better – drop-down fields versus radio buttons or horizontal versus vertical.
You can also include a pop up, which appears, when the user exits the website.
Give maximum attention to the form placement.
Discreet pop-ups are also one of the ways you can attract the audience. But, make sure it doesn’t hamper the user experience.

f) Promote the Related Products/ Services

Creating opportunities for upsell or cross-sell is a great idea to boost conversion rates. This involves promoting related products or services that the customer may be interested in.

You can suggest varied add-ons and additional features, which may appeal to the customers.
Observe the customer’s needs and try suggesting some product, services or other items accordingly.
You can even provide some information about the supplementary products or services.

g) Improve Engagement After the Purchase

Gaining loyal customers is very important for an entrepreneur, to improve the customer base, revenue graph and promote the word-of-mouth. This implies that you should work on engaging the customers, even after making a purchase.

Provide additional content that provides more value to the customer.
Persuade the customers to provide feedback or follow your social networks.
Motivate the customers to share their experiences.

Start Testing Your Pages

It is time to start using these techniques one by one or test the pages, in order to see which of these techniques deliver the best results for your business. A technique which works for one business, may not work for the other. So, keep trying and testing the pages, unless you achieve the positive outcomes. In case, none of these tests are fruitful to you, check for the traffic quality. It may be the case that the quality of the traffic is not relevant to your website.

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