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There’s has been a tremendous development on search engine over the past few years. The search engine algorithms have goon several updation that were necessary to keep the interest of the user. Despite of having numerous other online platforms such as social networking, the importance of search engine has not declined and still in its kicking form. Users do spend loads of time on search engine to get the relevant search and to make your business website pop ups, you need to implement these trendiest elements to get the better ranking.

In this latest SEO Trend, we will help you to reach out beyond link building and Meta Tags. Here are some of the latest update and general changes that you can undertake for better position. These are the most Ethical Way To Rank at Google in 2017.

Emphasize On Mobile First

At present, Smartphone plays an important role to search over internet and it has been predicted that by the year 2020 almost 80 percent of the traffic will be coming from mobile only. Since information is available on the fingertip, Google is also laying more emphasis to responsive website that could quickly adapt the entire web content as per the screen size and exclusive of any loss of words.

In 2016, the world saw the mobile domination for the first time where mobile and table internet users were greater than desktop. The latest Algorithms and guidelines clearly states that:

Google Prefer Mobile friendly Site
Bring out the responsive to adapt information in any device
Making your mobile page speed more faster
Accelerated Mobile Pages is the latest trend element that focuses on low data consumption and quick loading.

Local SEO at Global Level

To bring out the appropriate and assorted results as per the user location, Google is becoming more local to bring the finest choice. This is highly important when someone searches in nearby location. So if someone searches for Italian restaurant in neighborhood, he’ll get the perfect location specific respond.

» This provide opportunity for small businesses to rank and get the nearby customers
» Bring outs the better visibility for your business product and services
» Helping small business to perform better as compare to big chains
» Avoid any neutral result and bring more relevant listing

Content Is The King With Images And Videos

Though its true that content plays an important role to rank better. But as per the latest trend, one cannot neglect the images and video for better ranking. Google has been strictly adding up the more factors to get the best user reading experience. The important fact that works here is- An image is capable in speaking thousands words. Today we can see many website that have risen up because they have respected the Google understanding. Besides its algorithms is getting stronger day by day and new ranking standard is coming up on daily basis.

Optimize Your Content, Image and Keywords through effective keywords research as per your niche that are capable in generating high traffic
The content that was highly optimized were positioned higher
At present, YouTube is the second largest search engine and people are actively searching for new videos for better understanding.

Make Your Snippet Highly Rich

It is highly essential to have a rich snippet for your website blog. The data is necessary for both: Google Search engine and User.

■ To Google Search Engine: It helps in better ranking
■ To user: It Provide a gist to post that generate high CTR ( Click Through Rate)

Whenever users make as query they get the thousands of results every time and going through each one of them is a bit hefty and time consuming task. Through Snippet one could easily entice reader and persuade them to click.

These trends are just the beginning stay tuned for more as Google is keep on coming up with latest update for further improvement. There’s a fierce competition going on at online platform and the fight to gain maximum visibility is about to happen. One must get familiar with the entire latest trend and to avoid any ineffective.

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