Heard about the “Skyscraper Technique” and need to understand how to implement it successfully? You are in the correct place. If you have been ignoring this technique all this time but need to give it a try, you will get today’s article really helpful. You are about to uncover if the skyscraper method is worth your time, how to get the tallest skyscraper, and how to optimize the workflow utilizing SEO tools. Let’s start…

In this article, we will talk about:

Know The Skyscraper Technique Clearly
Why the Skyscraper Technique Is a Powerful Link Building Tactic
How To Increase Your Chances Of Success With The Skyscraper Technique
How to Use the Skyscraper Technique to Build Quality links
Does The Technique Work?

In the year 2015, Brian Dean stated that a link-building plan he utilized that has an 11% success rate. This technique even doubled his organic traffic in about 14 days. He named it the “Skyscraper Technique”. Let’s know more about it.

Know the Skyscraper Technique Clearly

Developed by Backlinko’s Brian Dean, the skyscraper method is a process for converting content into quality backlinks.

Here is how it works: You begin by researching famous trends, topics, and already well-received parts of existing content around the topic areas your business basically covers. Then, you look for unique and new ways to develop content that conveys a simple message, with a twist. This might mean that you enhance a new, more engaging medium, update the statistics, or use a great design.

Once you have developed a new and improved piece of content, approach the folks that have already linked out to the same content to put your piece on their radar and successfully get a link with the help of prominent link building providers.

This strategy works genuinely well for some reason:

• There’s already demand- By uncovering existing successful content, people have already established that there is proven demand in the industry for content across the topic people are considering addressing. From here it is essential to analyze why that individual piece of content was so demanding. Did it solve an issue for the audiences? Was it specifically entertaining?

• You’re hosting a primed audience- If you can develop something better in comparison to the original resource you come around, you will have the potential to genuinely excite the existing audience for that piece. If the topic you choose is timely, people suggest simultaneously establishing a target list of publications, brands, and influencers who either shared the previous piece or associated with it so you can reach out right away.

• There’s serious ranking potential- Google has probably indexed the existing resource correctly. In making something that is even good, you have the capability to topple that older content, outrank them, and generate more traffic- mainly if you win those quality backlinks by reaching out.

This might have made you understand how does link building matter for online business.

The challenge here with link-building strategies is the capability to scale, and some uncertainty across the level of success that you will observe. As an instance, broken link building is restricted by the chances that are out there. To scale this plan, you depend on other sites with broken external links that topically align with your website. It is an effective technique, but you are reliant upon others for it to scale, which initially means this is rarely possible.

Another famous and proven link-building technique is digital PR. And in numerous ways, there are similarities to the Skyscraper Technique, but PR is genuinely all about doing something new to get attention, as well as links. And those outcomes can be incomparable to any other technique, with different digital PR campaigns having previously proven the capability to get links from hundreds, if not thousands, or new and unique domains.

But PR is not something you can understand in one day. It takes the most experienced PR expert to generate a story that scales like this, and that is what the Skyscraper Technique brings to the table. It is a proven method that you can utilize to scale link acquisition and get quality, editorial links by establishing better what is already proven to work. The professional SEO reseller will also suggest you that.

When we strip it back, it is convenient to see why it works great, and that is the reason why you are acknowledging Google’s three different ranking factors:

☛ Links
☛ Content
☛ RankBrain

Without good content that RankBrain can know as aligning with a searcher’s intent, and fabulous links that indicate the page, you will struggle to rank and generate organic traffic. And the Skyscraper Technique assists you to tick all of these boxes, developing the best piece of content position at the top of the search engine and, in turn, generates traffic.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Success With The Skyscraper Technique

For the majority of people, the Skyscraper strategy is just a means to an end.

The end goal is to position higher in SERPs and gather more traffic.

But, people can observe with Dale, that is not a given unless you have a specific level of success with your outreach. So before you do anything, you require a goal for the number of links you need.

Here is how you can do it:

Take the content you want to “skyscraper”
Copy and paste it into Site Explorer.
Go to the organic keyword analysis
View the keyword that delivers the most traffic to the page.

That is it- you now have a tangible aim for your outreach efforts.

Side Note- If you need to crack the top 3, you will require even more links. But how do you boost your possibilities of meeting this link threshold with the Skyscraper technique, or any outreach-based plan for that matter?

Well, there are two different ways for how do i create backlinks:

☛ Boost your conversion rate
☛ Approach to more people
☛ (If you can do both, then you are really onto a winner.)

So how do you achieve more prospects to link to you? And how do you reach more audiences without spamming?

1. Give Personalized Outreach Emails

In the original post of Brian, he recommended using an email template that goes something like this:

•  Hi, I found your post: http://post1
•  [generic view]
•  It links to this post: http://post2
•  I made something even better: http://post3
•  Please change the link for mine.

Unluckily, many SEOs decided to copy this same mail and utilize it for their outreach.

Now, if a site owner analyzes this template, the possibilities are they will delete it without even reading it.

If you need to get links successfully through Skyscraper outreach these days, do not use this template. Write your own, personalize it as much as possible, as well as follow the outreach principles stated here. Furthermore, here, you can take the help of the content creation team.

2. Segment Your Prospects

People link for various reasons, so it makes a bit of sense to deliver everyone the same pitch.

Now you might know what you are thinking, but people do not have time to send every individual a 100% unique email.

It’s OK because you do not have to.

Instead, what you can do is separate your list of prospects into segments as per the context in which they are linked.

The perfect way to get common link contexts is to analyze the Anchors report in Site Explorer.

On some platforms, you can view that 22 people link utilizing the anchor text “ how to write a resume that stands out,” and 12 do so with the words “adjust your resume according to every opportunity”.

So let’s send those first 22 people to the effect o some listed things:

•  Hey, I found your post: http://post1
•  It links to this: http://post2
•  That has few great tips on developing resumes that stand out.
•  I just wrote this: http://post3
•  It has more tips for developing a standout resume.
•  CTA: Might be worth including the link to the page?

Then you need to send the other 12 people the same pitch, but change the points #3 and #5:

•  Hey, I found your post: http://post1
•  It links to this: http://post2
•  That has some great tips on how to tweak resumes for better outcomes.
•  I just wrote this: http://post3
•  It has more tips to adjust your resume for every opportunity.
•  CTA: Might be great to add the link to the page?

Now, this is a major instance of this concept. Adding to that, you can also use top-notch article writing for building links.

3. Find More Prospects From Top-Ranking Pages

It is shortsighted to restrict yourself to replicating the backlinks of a single piece of content.

Do a fast Google search for “how to make a resume,” and you will observe 400 million results, many of which:

Gathered backlinks
Are almost certainly inferior to your skyscraper post

You can recreate links from some of these pages or posts too. Here is how:

Enter your target keyword into Keywords Explorer, then go through the SERP Overview. It seems like the majority of the top-ranking webpages have many links in this situation.

In fact, if you total up the referring domains around these top-ranking pages, you will get around 775 potential prospects. So all that is left to do is analyze whether your content is better in comparison to any of those pages. If it is, you have just found yourself another lot of prospects. To make your online site grow, you need to upgrade link building in 2020.

4. Reach To Those Who Link To Poor-Quality Content

Nobody likes indicating their audiences to outdated resources.

And therein lies a chance: Get these outdated resources, then persuade website owners to replace that link with your advanced skyscraper content.

Listed below are the basics:

First, enter your aimed keyword into Content Explorer. Set few filters, so you are considering only low quality and old content with many links. In this case, people set:

☛ A date filter to achieve content generated a while ago
☛ A referring domains filter to achieve content with links
☛ A content-length filter to get less-thorough articles

Go through every result for outdated or potentially misleading information. Found something? You now own a good pitch that is probably to convert well, and it goes something like this:

• Hey, I found your post: http://post1
• It links to this: http://post2
• A great post, but some of the information is low-quality.
• I just wrote this: http://post3
• It’s a more up-to-date guide about ______
• CTA: Might be worth swapping out the link?

NOTE: Ensure you remove duplicate sites from the prospects lists before executing outreach. You do not need to reach out to the same person twice accidentally.

Now that you know the perks of skyscraper strategy executed through popular link building services in Delhi, it is time to put it into action. The listed below are the steps that will assist to build high-quality backlinks that have a direct impact on your site as well as business.

1. Check What’s Popular

It goes without saying that any content you develop requires to have some type of demand to be worth the effort. If there is no audience for your content, it does not matter how great it is- no one’s going to go through it. So, keep your finger to the pulse of what is demanding in your industry. Some tools like BuzzSumo make it convenient to get content that is buzzing. It analyzes content with the highest social shares, which is the type of content you need to establish your skyscraper piece from.

Another efficient technique for getting famous content is taking a gander at what influencers are sharing on Twitter. Every niche has many good personalities, and a simple dig through their feeds could spark the inspiration for your skyscraper content.

Much like influencers, online communities are a perfect way to uncover popular topics. Forums such as Reddit or Quora- which make use of community voting to boost the visibility of content the community enjoys- have a wealth of topic ideas spilling from them. Note the topics with a high number of upvotes to gauge what content is demanding within a specified community, and utilize this as your basis.

2. Revamp Skyscraper Content

You know it does sound correct, but of course, you have to develop good content to achieve effective links required for the skyscraper strategy. The good thing is that you do not have to begin from scratch- you already have a list of great ideas, you just have to rework them into something new, something people would want to link to.

Listed below are some tips on how to develop the content thousands of times better. Determine information accuracy in skyscraper prospects.

Go through the information in the famous articles you have listed:

• Are they any inconsistencies in the text?
• Is it possible to get updated research studies to link to?
• Do you have the experience to correct any wrong information you have found?
• Is the article comprehensive, or you could add great value?
• Questionable referring domain?

Now, you do not have to entirely become creative to get a link in this manner. Just be more limited than the previous authors, gather the trending statistics, and correct the mistakes. You can also use link building tools to generate links.

✓ Develop a Longer & More Detailed Post

Okay, you have got no discrepancies in the posts. But is not there anything to include the ideas expressed previously? You can provide more authority to this post by throwing in new examples, videos, case studies, images, links, infographics, outreach to famous celebrities, quotes, whatever!

You definitely know that web texts should count around 300 words to rank in SERPs. You may also think that a long-read will frighten your audiences away. Far from that, the length of a blog post differs for various blogs and topics, but usually, the majority of the SEO writers agree that longer texts rank better on SERPs.

As per fresh data, the idea of blogs corresponds to their purpose and kind. For instance, ‘ how to write blog posts with the good reading comprise from 1,700 to 2,100 words; articles should be about 2,300-2,600 words, and pillar pages may hold even 4000 words. The aim of the skyscraper technique is not to write your content so long to read: the aim is to cover the subject.

Observe how this page delivers all possible types of content:

• Definitions
• Samples and use cases
• Setting the goal, explanations
• Beneficial sites and tools
• Lists and steps
• How-to’s, tips
• Templates

Whatever industry you are working with, there is always some extra stuff that does not get entirely covered by your rivals. And when you animate your content with media, the audiences will get stuck reading your web pages for hours.

✓ Work On Outstanding Page Design

Sometimes all it takes to get more links is to stand out from the crowd- by making your posts visually attractive and varied. Your options could range from including great illustrations to reworking a piece into an infographic or video- whichever one you select, ensure that the outcome is memorable, witty, and original. You can quickly increase website traffic in 2021 with the skyscraper technique effectively.

3. Reach Out To The Right People

The major element to a successful implementation of the Skyscraper technique is email outreach. But instead of spamming each blogger you know, you reach out to those who have linked to the particular content you improved upon.

The idea is this: since they have already linked to similar content, they are more probably to link to one that is good. Start by pasting the URL of the actual content into Site Explorer, then visit Backlinks report. Begin by pasting the URL of the actual piece into Site Explorer, then go to the backlinks report. This report represents all the backlinks to the page.

But not all links will be good prospects. Some will be directories spam, forum links, and so on.

Let’s do a few filtering to clean it up. In this instance, we have added the filters for:

☛ Language: English
☛ Type of link: Dofollow
☛ Type: Blogs
☛ One link each domain

Professionals also did the same for the other top-ranking pages for the target keyword. The outcome: a list of 232 prospects to approach.

Side Note- Dale also selects to only pursue links from pages with a URL rating of 5 or more than that. Once you have your list of targets, it is the right time to give them an email.

Here are some basic things to add to your outreach email:

☛ Why you are reaching out;
☛ A link added to your content
☛ Why it is better in comparison to the content they currently link to
☛ CTA requesting them to swap out the link.

You should also follow the outreach principles in this post to increase your possibilities of success.

Here is the instance for writing the right mail:

Hi[ your name]!

I came around your content after searching for information on the topic. I love what you are sharing! However, I observed that you link to this article( link of the content). I actually wrote a similar piece to this, but it holds additional data and is more updated. Feel free to use this on your web page if it is something your reader would be interested in.


[your name]

Does The Technique Work?

The Skyscraper strategy divides digital marketers. Some say it is a foolproof plan for SEO success, as well as others, label it yet another SEO fad. A professional said that most SEO plans face the Facebook effect, that you observe all of the successes and none of the failures.

Then he decided to put the plan to the test and followed Brian’s instructions to the letter. However, he was unable to replicate Brian’s outcomes. Yes, he did gather some links but they had nowhere near the effect Brian writes about in his case study. Beginning from professional’s results, however, you can see legitimate value in the Skyscraper technique. People followed the three basic steps and gathered links and it did have a long-term positive effect. And while experts did not establish the biggest content Skyscraper, some articles certainly drew in a sizable crowd.

Professional’s suggestion to curious digital marketers would be to provide the technique a test and see if it works for you, your business as well as your industry. If it works, you have gathered links and established high-quality traffic streams. If it does not, you have still got your content and you have made contact with many potential influencers. This shows your business need backlinks immensely.


Skyscraper content is a perfect way for local businesses to develop linkable assets without having to re-create the wheel. Now it is your turn to try this strategy! Have you tried the Skyscraper strategy? Are you inspired to execute it on your website? LinkBuildingCorp will be happy to help you in this past. We will execute the Skyscraper technique professionally for you.

Browse our services now, or contact us to know more.

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