I loved the holiday season when I worked in the office. Company parties, New Year bonuses and days off. Such a wonderful time. After all, I got tired of waking up at 6 A.M.; I quit and became an SMM specialist. Since that time, I love holidays.

Sometimes I feel creatively blocked, which is felt stronger when New Year comes up. What to publish? Russian salad vs. Mandarins contest? How do you celebrate the New Year? I think everyone is sick and tired of it.

Content Classification

For the sake of convenience SMM specialists came up with content classification. There are the following sorts of content: infographics, article, video, etc. On target: commercial, informative, humoristic. I feel comfortable using a reader-oriented system.

Useful content is about being practically useful for a reader;

Reputational is about telling the reader why the company is great;

Humoristic is about making a reader laugh;

The news is about informing;

Interactive is about a reader involvement into content, to republish, play a game, leave a comment;

Users are about showing a product`s customers, showing social evidence that someone uses the product;

A commercial is about advertising or selling a product/service.

Useful Content

The task of useful content is to benefit the reader, to give practical information, a real theory, working cases, figures, data, and meat. The reader understands that this content makes it more professional, smarter, and more competent.


— Next year trends. Tell us what will happen next year, how the market will change, what to prepare. Support the material with expert comments, market research, screenshots of statistics, surveys.

The best for the year. Republish the best publications. What you remember, scored likes, repost, arrange your award a la Oscar and present the award to the best publications. If content marketing strategy allows, publish the best niche materials.

Instructions. Post-step-by-step instructions. It is not enough to publish instructions on how to better purchase products for Russian salad, so that is enough for all the holidays, you need to adapt the instructions to your brand. If you are a cool digital company, you have a home office in the center of the city should not publish on social networks, like making lanterns with colored paper, publish instructions on how to use your services to simplify your life in the New Year.


Lifehacks and tips. Post short tips, life hacking how to simplify your life for the New Year. If you sell a product, tell us how it helps during the New Year holidays, water-repellent impregnation keeps the salute dry, it is convenient to store tangerines in wooden boxes, using SMM plannera you are not distracted by a reminder and publish it on Instagram.

Learning niche articles, naturally, connected with New Year. Publish educational material for the New Year. How to do something for the New Year, how the other person acted in the New Year, and what came of it. Marketers publish research on how human behavior changes during the New Year holidays, analysts read the study, write conclusions, draw conclusions according to findings, build an advertising campaign and write cases. Photographers write about what equipment is better to take, to shoot cooperatives, and how New Year’s fireworks, what needs to be done to protect photographic equipment from frost, entrepreneurs advice how to use the New Year holidays to increase turnover and profits.

New Year cases. Good-quality cases are a joy, and situations that will help you work better on New Year’s holidays are a double joy. Unfortunately, the examples that I wanted to share, I could not find but found a New Year’s case.

Recommendations. New Year’s weekend is a lot of free time. Spend a useful, collect a collection and recommend books, movies, music to subscribers. Avoid platitudes, last year’s groups. A selection of New Year films from Home Alone annoyed back in 2014, will cause boredom more than likes, try to collect only a black and white movie about New Year and Christmas, horror films of the New Year or something like that.

New Year recipes. Tell us how to cook a New Year’s dish, or how to cook a lot of food without spending a lot of effort and money. Hipsters can share New Year smoothie recipes. Tell us how to decorate the table, how to serve, what decorations will look on the dining table, explain which wine goes best with the filler, and which with the Russian salad.

Important events calendar. Entertainment communities and the media publish a calendar of official holidays for the next year. Why not create a themed schedule with events, meetings, holidays.


Reputational content is content about yourself. 90% of reputational content is shit. For the reputational content to fall into the remaining 10%, explain why your publication will be useful to readers.

— Nominations and year achievements. Publish all the results, awards, certificates, records received over the past year, explain how the work has changed after that. Explain to the subscriber how this is useful. Tell about users, create multiple awards and distribute awards to a productive author, dedicated reader, commentator involved.

— Gatherings with a team. Organize a video chat or video call with the project team, answer readers’ questions, tell about yourself, congratulate you on the New Year. Record New Year’s greetings, and publish what is leftovers. Write down how the office looks in a festive atmosphere.

— What you have done. What you want to do. Create an annual report, if you are not connected with a trade secret, open the numbers, show the results. Post projects, case studies, brag. Tell us about your plans and what you wanted to do but failed.


Creating good humorous content is more difficult than good reputational material. You can publish old jokes, remake memes for yourself if your audience likes it, everything is fine.

Jokes, anecdotes, funny stories connected with the New Year. The mere presence of a joke is not a reason for publication, but if your audience graciously perceives such jokes, who am I to stop?

Irony. Before the new year, 99% considered how many days left until the main event of the year. Try immediately after the New Year to announce that you are waiting for spring.

Memes. People come up with universal humoristic materialis created endlessly.

Do you live there? If you are interested, ask subscribers about their feeling on January 1 at 11 A.M.


New-Year greetings. It sounds logical to send subscribers greetings with New Year. Jessica Fox told about how to make some decent congratulations.

Other holidays and dates. There are other holidays apart from New Year and Christmas. Look at the calendar, find what fits you and prepare publications.

Eleven of New Years. There are 11 time zones in Russia, which means that they celebrate New Year 11 times. It is a reason to send greetings to subscribers from each time zone.

Thematic news. New Year is New Year, but there is work to do and a working schedule to follow. If there are any events on New Year Eve, tell about them.

Historical facts. If there are any historical facts related to New Year, feel free to share with them just as well.

Final countdown. Create a series of publications with a closing program until New Year.

New Year traditions. Tell us how people celebrate New Year in other countries, and in which New Year countries there is none at all. How the tree appeared, where the legs grow from the tree and the tradition of giving gifts, why December 31, show the evolution of the New Year’s holidays.

Banquet. One of the main attributes of the New Year is food. People ate, eat and will eat a lot of food for the New Year. Tell us how other people are satisfied with the New Year’s feast, in other countries from which the tradition has arisen to put these dishes on the New Year’s table.

Session. If there are students among your subscribers, support them.

Thematic. Snow-covered photos, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, tangerines and other thematic.

Communicative and Interactive

The main task of such content is to engage the subscriber: contests, games, polls, letters of happiness and other techniques.

Surveys. There are two types of people who like studies and who do not like. Ask any question to your subscribers, let them choose or yes or no, google the query “two types of people,” it will tell you what question to ask subscribers.

Inquiries with answer option. Create short answers, or have them respond to you in the comments.

Guess who? Play the game and suggest users guess what is behind the sticker.

Blind game. Invite subscribers to answer the question without looking at comments from other subscribers. Ask questions to get to know the audience better. In Instagram find out from which city, how many years the audience is interested.

Continue to … Play a game, «continue the phrase»…

Quest. Use your product or service to play a guessing game.

The most attentive. Play the most attentive. Insert promotional codes in all publications, leave Easter eggs in the pictures of your writings, hide secret phrases in the published content, and invite users to find them.


Promotions. Announce the action, competition or sale of your service or goods. It is a standard solution, and a great way to increase the number of sales.

Presents. Collect a collection of gifts that you need to give to your loved ones and offer your subscribers to buy.

Product post. Show your product or service as it is. Show comments.

Let us Recap

The ideas of “what to publish” are many, it is much more difficult to use the New Year holidays to develop your social media, and don’t mess up subscribers with similar publications.

Remember, all publications in the group are selling and reputational. Each publication forms your brand. Users buy a product or service, not because they read the selling post, but because the product or service is useful to them.

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