Have you heard about SEO? Wondering why SEO is it’s so powerful? If so, then here you will all the answers to your questions.

Many business owners see search engine optimization as a mystery, an enigma that only those with proper knowledge can solve. The fact is that SEO is a vital part of a marketing strategy, and it does not have to be difficult. SEO will certainly increase your website’s overall visibility and searchability, but what other value does it provide? Here we will discuss everything about it.

In this article, we have covered topics like:

What Does SEO Stand For?
How Does SEO Work?
Why Does Business Need SEO
What Are The 8 Google Search Statistics

With that said, let’s roll into it…

What Does SEO Stand For?

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Basically, SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Let’s read on further to know more closely.

a). Search


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The most common way to find information on the web is to use a search engine. On a website like Bing or Google, users will enter a search question or term. Then, using a complex algorithm, these websites return what they think are the most useful and appropriate results.

This is different than browsing a new website or scrolling through social media searching for information. Users are searching for a particular answer, which you should remember when doing conclusive content writing.

b). Engine

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The search engines that people consider to get information are important because they return prioritized results for users. They first utilize crawlers to explore the internet, then they record everything they get in databases. When you do a search, the engine is actually giving results from its index rather than the live internet.

The essential thing to keep in mind is that all these engines utilize particular criteria for giving results. They look at factors such as meta tags and density to understand what your pages are all about. Plus, they keep track of which pages have linked to your content and they utilize that information to analyze which page has the most authority. Here for linking website, you can use skilled link building in 2020.

c). Optimization

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For users to find you through search, you have to show up on the first few results pages for their search terms. That’s why you have to optimize your content for the search engines. This does not have to be difficult, but it does need some attention.

If you want to rank high in the search engine, you have to ensure:

The search engines can find you
They can tell what your web pages are all about
They believe your page/site has credibility and authority for the content you are promoting

Furthermore, for optimizing content, first, you should know why is content writing important.

Now that you know what is SEO, you might want to know how does SEO works. So let’s begin with it…

How Does SEO Work?

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Ultimately, SEO is all about working with search engines. You both have the same goal: delivering valuable information to visitors when they need it. To do that, you have to understand how SEO works.

1. What SEO Is Not?

SEO is not a single process. It is not a series of tricks or secrets that you can use to fool search engines. It is also not a series of shortcuts that permit you to buy your way to the top of the search results.

All of these tactics have been utilized in the past by search engine professionals trying to game the system. Most of them got the results, but only temporarily.

what seo is not about_image

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As search engines become more sophisticated, they get good at returning real results rather than low-quality articles stuffed with keywords or supported by poor backlinks. The engines now actually penalize these methods and reward content that is genuinely suitable for search engines.

2. What SEO Is?

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SEO is a mixture of activities that assist search to find and trust you, organize the information you are offering, and showcase it in front of users searching for it.

SEO means writing for humans. It involves performing keywords research to first analyze what your audience is searching for and how. Then, your content should incorporate those keywords in a useful and natural way. Finally, you should promote your content so it gets linked and shared to by others, increasing your authority.

3. When SEO Is Working?

When your SEO strategy works, it means good things for you as well as your visitors. It also makes a cycle that reinforces itself.

For one, your site rank improves which means more visitors will get your pages in search results. With wider exposure and traffic to your effective content, more websites will link to your pages. This boosts your credibility and authority, which leads to improvement in your site rant. And so on.

With this, we come to why businesses need SEO.

Why Does My Business Need SEO?

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Many businesses believe that SEO strategies are not appropriate for them. Either they see it as too complicated, or they think their brick and mortar business does not see any advantage from search engines. Both are not true. SEO assists your business in different ways and is an important tool in your outreach and marketing efforts.

1. Everyone Uses Search Engines

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Internet users depend on search to answer questions, to learn more about products and services, and to get companies. If your focus is potential, local customers still use search engines to look for directions and reviews.

Even if a customer is already familiar with your business name, they will probably type that into a search engine rather than trying to keep in mind your domain. At the very least, then you will have to ensure searchers can find your website when they are searching for you.

Furthermore, you should also know progressive quality vs quantity backlinks as this can also help you in reaching your customers on time.

2. Increases Traffic

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If you deliver valuable information and make it convenient for search engines to organize and find it, they will give you higher rankings. This increased exposure means more visitors will visit your pages.

As with most marketing, you surely want to present your content in front of as many eyeballs as you can. Especially when your audience needs what you have, and SEO is a great method for targeting.

3. SEO Brings You Qualified Leads (For Free)

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Since search engines return results to users who are very active in searching a particular phrase or term, reaching to the top of that stack means you are delivering information to the people who want it most, when they want it.

Unlike advertising, you are not trying to push information forcefully in front of people who might not be interested in that particular time. So, you have an active audience, and you do not have to pay to deliver your message to them.

Overall, search engine optimization is the most sustainable and effective way to make your online presence. Rather than seeing it as something to fix after you have developed content, keep SEO in mind from the beginning.

By following best practices at the beginning, you will create useful, interesting content that potential customers want to read. Then, the search engines will be happy to present you in front of a large audience. For doing better on the web, you can also use trendy link building services.

What Are The 8 Google Search Statistics?

In 2006, in verb, Google became an official element of the English language. This was only a small indication of how mainstream Google would become, and today, it is the widely used search engine around the globe.

Many people search for things on Google each day on their computers, smartphones, and other devices. This develops many opportunities for businesses to reach genuine clients and customers with SEO.

Still, confused? Listed below are the 8 statistics that shows how important Google is to modern consumers.

1. Over Two Trillion Searches Were Conducted On Google In 2016

Though Google did not show the exact number of searches they handled, they confirmed that it was in the trillions. This means that there were about two trillion searches in 2016, which is the minimum of 63,000 searches per second.

Searches Were Conducted On Google In 2016_image

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With billions of searches every day, it is clear that consumers turn to Google when they want information, and that involves the information about businesses, services, and products. And to reach those searches, you have to rank well in SERP. For ranking well, you can learn emerging business SEO tips from professionals.

2. About 79% Of Global Searches From a Desktop Were Via Google

Global Searches From a Desktop Were Via Google_image

Among all the searches conducted across the world, about 3/4 are conducted through Google. Other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing, simply can’t keep up. If people are looking for your business they are more probably doing it through Google.

If you want to gain traffic to your website, you should concentrate on ranking well in Google search results for keywords suitable for your business. Here, you should use exact link building strategies for 2020 as it will help you to rank higher. This makes sure that people who are looking for your products and services can find your business, visit your site, and potentially become a customer.

3. When Searching On a Mobile Phone, Around 96% Of Users Utilize Google

The number of people who use their cell phones to search for information is growing massively. As our culture becomes more tech-savvy, and a massive number of people own smartphones, it makes sense that more users mainly search for information on mobile devices.

This means that your website needs to be optimized for smartphones and other devices as well. Mobile users need search results that deliver them the information they require quickly and easily, whether it is content that’s readable on their smaller screen or your company’s number.

Searching On a Mobile Phone, Around 96% Of Users Utilize Google_image

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Someone who searches for a local business or service on their phone is mostly going to choose the first business that suits their needs. With productive SEO services, you can ensure that those users can see your business in the top results and have the chance to become a customer.

4. Searches For “Near Me” Was Increased In 2016 On Mobile Phones

Searches For “Near Me” Was Increased In 2016 On Mobile Phones_image

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The phrase “Near me” is used by most of the users while they are looking for local businesses in search engine. People mostly search for phrases such as thrift stores near me or toy shops near me to find businesses in their geographic location.

The word choice is essential here, and the search results for phrases as close as nearby and near me can be significant. Part of SEO is using keywords that your target audience is looking for and if people near your storefront are looking for the products or services you provide then you want to ensure that your business is in the top results. And for that, you have to know how to build backlinks for your website.

When users conduct these searches, they are basically searching for immediate answers. They won’t scroll through many pages of results to completely research their options- they will choose the first one that suits their requirement.

5. When Looking For Information, 65% Of People Consider Relevancy Rather Than The Company Name

Many searchers don’t spend a lot of time visiting various websites and researching all of the businesses listed in search results. In fact, about half of searchers concentrate on relevancy rather than the brand name.

If your business offers the services a person is searching for, they will often select your business over others if you are ranked near the top. The proven SEO link building method is essential in this regard as it assists you to move your way to the first page of search results and above your competitors.

6. After Searching, 51% Of Users Get a New Product Or Company

Half of the people who conduct searches are not going straight to analyze brand names. Most user’s top priority is to get something that fits in your needs, and they are happy to go with an unfamiliar company if it delivers what they are searching for. Users are drawn to what you can offer rather than the size of your company. If your product fits in their requirement, they will select your company over a bigger company.

7. The Top Organic Search Result Gains 34% Click-Through Rate On Desktop And About 31% Click-Through Rate On Mobile

SEO improves your click-through rate (CTR). You will have more traffic if you acquire more clicks on your site. The click-through rate is how many people click on your link and end up reaching your website.

SEO improves your click-through rate_Image

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One-third of the clicks reach to the top search results. From that point, the CTR starts getting lower. Your site’s position in the organic listing is essential as it can be the difference between a 7% CTR and 30% CTR.

You have to utilize SEO to make sure you get your site in a position with a higher CTR. SEO can assist get your site towards the top of the search results to gain more traffic on your website. But before doing SEO, you had to know what is off-page SEO.

8. Search Engines Have a 14.6% Close Rate

SEO involves some investments of money and time, but considering that SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, it is worth it. This is especially impressive when compared to the 1.7% close rate of outbound leads, from typical methods like billboards and cold-calling.

This is essential because many businesses are not satisfied with their conversion rate. In fact, in 2016, only 22% of the businesses were properly satisfied with their conversion rates. If you are a part of the majority of marketers they are not earning as many sales and customers as they’d like, consistent SEO tips for startups could be the perfect choice for your business.


Implementing quality, strong SEO on a brand’s website, and the digital property is always going to be useful for the brand and its marketing efforts. It is considered as a new age marketing technique, but it is critical to a brand’s web presence in this day and age, especially as rivaling competition and available data to increase and grow.

One last thing to remember. Handing someone a piano does not mean they will start playing great music. If you want great music, you will have to hire someone who is good at it. This concept goes the same with SEO, if you want top-notch SEO services, hire LinkBuildingCorp who will give you proper strategies to build your reputation and visibility in SERP. It takes time, planning, and patience to achieve the results you want from search engine optimization. With our team of SEO professionals, you will get every profitable outcome you can get from your online business.

So, want to hire our effective SEO solutions? If yes then call us at +91-9205356986 now or contact us.

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