8 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Should Avoid


The main purpose of digital marketing is to increase the ranking of websites on the web, boost its awareness among a large number of people, and help companies to sell their products and services in bulk every day.

Despite launching several digital marketing campaigns, 75% of new products, services, and businesses fail. As a matter of fact, failures occur frequently in digital marketing despite the huge preliminary work on market research, keyword research, analysis of competitor’s actions, significant efforts to improve the product, market tests and advertising campaigns.

Internet technologies are changing rapidly. So, digital marketing strategies should also change along with it to make your business proposal relevant and in demand. Have a look at the list of 8 common digital marketing mistakes that should be avoided without any fail.

1. Buying Social Media Followers from Other Companies

All companies and digital marketing professionals love to have a plenty of fans/subscribers on their social media pages just because a lot of people = a lot of potential customers, sales, etc. Theoretically, a large number of subscribers on your social media pages can result in a lot of money.

Therefore, most SEO professionals often make a mistake of buying social media followers from other companies. In reality, they are fake social media accounts that have no interest in your brand at all. They are not going to read your content and buy anything from you. So, don’t make this mistake and increase your social media followers naturally.

2. Not Performing A/B Tests

When you launch your website, perform SEO regularly to increase its ranking on the web and get more business opportunities, you expect tangible results. Sometimes, you don’t get what you anticipate. It happens because of several reasons.

This is where A/B testing is desperately required. But most SEO professionals ignore it and keep optimizing websites for no results. Never ignore the importance of A/B testing especially when the performance of your website is down. It helps you to know which version of your website is helpful to attract more users and generate leads and sales in bulk.

3. Mismanaged Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing is one of the important tools to get in touch with customers, build brand loyalty and attract new clients easily & effortlessly. With the help of well-designed newsletters, you can achieve positive results, such as increasing site traffic, sales, and creating trust in the company’s brand.

Unfortunately, an average Internet user receives around 70 emails per day, out of which, 80% are SPAM. Actually, not following the correct Email marketing practices and repeating silly mistakes several times result in poor ROI, wastage of time, disappointment, etc. All these lead to general mistrust and refusal from the email marketing channels.

Boring email topics, incorrect use of the snippet, poor quality content, lack of contact information and trigger letters, failure to segment target audience, not having a proper autoresponder system, etc, are some of the main reasons why your email marketing efforts fail. Do away with all these problems to attract a large ROI for your business organization and have an amicable relationship with customers.

4. Neglecting the Mobile Audience

Gone are the days when SEO optimization was related only to content marketing, keyword selection and creation of links. Today’s SEO activities include ensuring the quality of the site, especially its loading speed and ease of viewing on mobile devices.

Search engines can easily understand how your website will appear on mobile devices and consider this factor while displaying results for users on different mobile devices. This development is caused by the growing use of different mobile devices for Internet surfing. So, if your website is optimized a site for mobile users, its ranking on the web may suffer. So, make your website responsive to mobile devices and excel in digital marketing campaigns easily and effortlessly.

5. Lack of a Proper SEO Strategy

Even if you perfectly understand how and what to do while optimizing websites, a good plan is still needed to ensure the continuity of the process and the correct sequence of steps every day/week/month. A good digital marketing strategy should include an approximate budget and directions for its development, planned time for work, the amount of content for publication, the frequency of the release of new materials on WWW and the channels of their distribution, the dynamics of increasing the website visibility on the web.

When you don’t have a definite SEO plan, there is a high risk of losing time, money, business opportunities, and lagging behind competitors. Creating a good SEO strategy can literally help you to save a lot of time in the future and gain satisfactory results.

It is not necessary to make a digital marketing strategy in detail, just indicate general tasks that need to be done by the digital marketing team every day to achieve the set targets. It will help you to make your work consistent and increase ROI greatly.

6. Misunderstanding of the Targeted Audience

To perform well in digital marketing, you need to understand for whom you are optimizing your website. A site that does not meet the needs of the target audience, will not bring enough profit to its owner and the budget for its promotion will go in vain. So, find who are your potential customers and optimize websites as per their needs and wishes.

7. Ignoring Customer Retention Marketing

Most SEO professionals often emphasize on getting new customers and clients, but the mistakenly ignore the huge importance of customer retention-marketing. This marketing program aimed at increasing customer loyalty to a particular brand increase him/her to keep using the offered products and services for a long period of time. Most companies fail here.

In order to become successful, you need to collect the most accurate statistics on ongoing promotions and informational messages, make an impartial analysis of customers, solve their problems and keep them associated with your brand.

It is always easier to sell new products and services to someone with whom you have already built a strong relationship. Several statistics show that the probability of selling products and services to an existing customer is 60-70% and the chances that a new customer will make a purchase is only 5 to 20%.

8. Using Low-Quality Content for Digital Marketing

Did you ever consider What do consumers do when they have to buy products and services through the Internet? Most of them study the product information, recommendations and feedback from other buyers to make a decision. Here SEO professionals use content marketing to influence consumer decision-making process with the help of competent content.

Unfortunately, due to the skyrocketing demand for high-quality materials and low production rate, most Digital Marketing Experts use low-quality content in SEO campaigns. If search engines notice this, they penalize your website for this unlawful action and your web-based business starts to decay rapidly. Avoid the use of copied content in SEO campaigns. Use only original, error-free, and meaningful content to get the desired success in SEO campaigns.

Final Words

To maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts to avoid repeating silly mistakes again and again, take the help of digital marketing services from the very beginning if you are a novice SEO.

Always keep in mind that the cause of many digital marketing problems lies in the unavailability of high-quality content, lack of analytical data and unsatisfactory search engine rankings. Always optimize your website with the latest SEO tricks and do not repeat the mistakes of others. how customers why your service/product is special to get the desired success.

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