7 Effective Tips from Inbound Marketing Experts That Can Grow Your Inbound Sales Instantly


I heard about Inbound Marketing three years down the road and enrolled in HubSpot’s inbound marketing certification to delve deeper into it and glean in-depth knowledge about what it entails and how it could help businesses boost their sales. After completing the inbound marketing certification, I realized that all the hullaballoo surrounding inbound marketing is justified, because it actually works wonders.

You might be thinking how I can vouch for it with such certainty. Here are some of the statistics that speak for themselves. Inbound marketing yields 3X more leads per dollar than traditional methods, as suggested by Kapost data. As a result, inbound leads cost 61% less as compared to outbound leads. According to HubSpot, Inbound marketing doubles your website conversion rate from 6% to 12%. Gartner research shows that properly executed inbound marketing tactics are 10X more effective when it comes to converting leads into customers as compared to outbound marketing approaches. Interested in knowing more about inbound marketing? Here’s an infographic which is food for thought.

With all the pertinent information at the fingertips of buyer’s, buyers are much more informed than ever before. This has turned the buying process upside down, as buyers no longer like to get interrupted with cold calls, emails or in-their-face advertising that markets products and services they don’t need. This is where inbound marketing comes in to play.

Imagine if you are working on an important project and your phone starts to ring. Your curiosity level increases and you pick up the phone and attend the call. You were greeted by a salesperson on the other end of the phone who is telling you about some latest product and its features that you are not interested in. What will be your reaction? You would be fuming, and instead of buying from that company, you will never even want to hear from them again. This is what traditional marketing and cold calling is all about.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is more customer-centric and only tells you about the products and services when you are interested in them without interrupting prospects.

Although the inbound methodology is more than a decade old, it rose to prominence in the latter half of last decade. Many businesses have ditched the traditional, run-of-the-mill marketing methods, instead opting for uninterrupted inbound marketing devices and have succeeded in growing their sales exponentially, thanks to a strong inbound marketing strategy.

If you are still not sure whether to take the inbound or outbound plunge to lead generation or sales, you should learn how both works so you can take an informed decision, keeping the unique needs and requirements of your business at the forefront.

Before we go any further and give you expert tips to grow your inbound sales, it is important to know what inbound sales is all about.

What is Inbound Sales?

Inbound sales is a personalized and modern sales methodology that focuses on the pain points of your target audience and help them find solutions to some of their biggest problems while mapping the sales process with the buyer’s journey.

6 Steps To Inbound Sales Success

To achieve success with inbound sales, you should follow a step by step process that comprises of six distinct stages.

1. Develop buyer personas
2. Map out your buyer’s journey
3. Create a sales process that aligns with the buyer’s journey
4. Deliver a personalized prospecting message
5. Ask targeted questions to identify each prospect’s pain points
6. Offer a tailored solution to their dilemmas

After understanding the inbound sales process, let us look into what the inbound marketing experts have to say.


7 Tips from Inbound Marketing Pros

Here are seven effective tips from inbound marketing experts that can escalate your inbound sales quickly.

1.Solve Problems

Although this might seem obvious, it is unfortunate to know that many still don’t focus on solving the problems of prospects. Randi Busse, President of Workforce Development Group, Inc. said, “Customers are calling you because they have a problem (need). You can solve that problem for them, or one of your competitors can. The choice is yours. The customer is yours to lose.”

She further adds, “Before you answer each call, put on your imaginary cape where you become a superhero, there to save their day and solve their problem. Do not ask rapid-fire questions of the caller. Have a conversation with them as if you were talking with a friend or a relative. Be knowledgeable, be curious, be genuine, be interested.”

2.Get Rid of the Script

Romy Newman, the President and Co-founder of Fairy-god-boss suggests that people involved in inbound sales should never follow a pre-defined script. She said, “Someone reaching out to you must have a level of awareness of your product and certainly they have a well-established need for your service. Spend time understanding user perspective and know the context. Ask thoughtful questions and stay away from your script.” Her advice for inbound sales people is to “listen more than you talk”.

3.Tailor Your Script According to Prospects

Even if you are working with a pre-defined script or even a customized script, make sure that it revolves around the needs of your customers. If you are pitching a product or service that does not focus on buyer’s needs, you will never attract buyer’s attention, let alone deliver them a great buyer experience.

Folks at Strategic internet consulting suggest that, “Instead of blindly pitching inbound leads, sales staff should make effective use of available lead data to determine the customer’s initial needs. Build a relationship first by offering help and accommodating questions that can also help you identify what type of sales pitch will work well. Listen actively so you can easily offer a solution to the customer’s problem by offering the appropriate product or service.”

4.Purpose Matters

Dr.Robert Cialdini, author of a couple of bestselling books, suggests that sales people must start off by greeting and asking for the name and company name of each prospect. It is also important to identify the purpose of each lead. Inbound sales people should ask prospects this question, “Why did you call us today?” to know the intent of the prospect. Depending on the answer from prospects, sales people can improvise on what to say next. If they show interest in purchasing your products and service, you can start telling them the benefits of the products, for instant.

5.Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

What is the first thing you do if you want to purchase a product? You hit the search engine and type the product name to check out its features and specifications. You do your diligent research by perusing reviews to gauge the experience of other real users, comparing prices to eke out the best deals, checking out customer ratings to know if the product claims are worth their salt, and the list seems interminable. Therefore, optimizing your website for search engines is critical for generating more leads and sales through inbound marketing.

When penning down product descriptions, titles and Meta tags, leverage pertinent keywords perceptively. This will brighten up the chances of your website ranking higher on the first page of search engines. Additionally, ranking on the first page of Google will send more relevant traffic your way, thus boosting the probability of converting prospects into loyal customers.

6.Offer Live Chat Options to Users

Congratulations! You are getting a lot of website traffic but for one reason or another, they are not converting. It might be due to slow page load times or an incomprehensible or less than intuitive navigation or anything else. What is even worse is that all those visitors are abandoning your website and visiting a competitor website, which results in an increase in your website’s bounce rate and loss of revenue. The best and easiest way to prevent this is to incorporate a live chat feature.

By automatically responding to customer queries and guiding website visitors with a chat feature, you can significantly enhance their website experience and alleviate the chances of customers abandoning your website. Dedicate a sales person for handling customer questions coming through the live chat feature and you will see a substantial improvement in the time they spend on your website.

7.Make Sure the Sales People Know the Product Well

Last but certainly not the least is the knowledge of the sales person about the product. Most businesses following inbound methodology for lead generation and growing sales ignore this aspect and end up paying a hefty price for it. Imagine if the person who is responsible for selling your products and services does not have complete knowledge about its features and advantages. How can you expect your sales person to sell it? You cannot. Therefore, it is crucial for your sales person to know each and everything about the product and service they are selling.

Which is the best advice you have ever received when it comes to increasing your inbound sales? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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