Technical SEO
In the world of rising hacking and data leaking, getting aware of HTTPS Implementation Mistakes plays an important role in protecting the user data from getting leaked. To third party. For this reason only, the majority of bloggers and budding businessmen are taking corrective action by encrypting their site. The end to end encryption not...
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Domain authority is one of the most important factors that concern the SEO experts to the maximum level, as a higher DA assures for higher website ranking and strong traffic. Many a times, you might have encountered a site that displays less information than you, but still gains the highest traffic. How does it happen?...
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These days, the most challenging task that an SEO expert finds is, maintaining the healthiness of the website. The term ‘healthiness’ here, means to maintain the performance of the website in the search engines. Many a times it happens that something goes wrong in a website, due to which you fall out behind your competitors....
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