How To Do An SEO Audit Of Your Website On Your Own?


If you are soloprenuer and prefer to optimise your site by yourself but don’t know how to do an SEO audit of your website then you are at luck today. In a couple of minutes of reading, you’ll be able to understand the best way to optimise your site so that it could rank better.

Today Search Engine Optimisation has become a 65 million dollar industry and companies are investing huge amount of money to gain the first ranking at Google search result. This indeed is necessary because is directly impact the traffic and the sales conversion lead that makes your business profitable. But the only problem is that there are several parameters of search engine algorithm that need to befulfilled first. It could be related to your content, or to your website that creates a hindrance in making your pages rank.

Sorting them out is quite a difficult task because sometimes we are not aware of what went wrong and how to solve? It becomes complicated since Google has almost 200 parameters related to your website and on the basis of that it provides you visibility. No doubt SEO plays an important role in making your business reach millions of customers around the world but you need to optimize every corner of your site accurately. Only then you will be able to convert yourself into a solid brand.

Before We Solve The Riddle, Let’s Understand The Concept Of SEO Audit

To put in a simple and uncomplicated was, it is assessing those areas of your website that makes you underperformer and keeps you away from search engine result page (SERP).

Though there are several components but three main categories are:

● Technical SEO: It includes a technical element of your site such as- crawling by search bot, assessing and indexing page, page load time, mobile responsive, navigation structure, etc

● On page SEO: It determines the page content topic and its relevance on the Internet.Your focus should be on URL structure, keywords, header html text, title tags, Meta Description, alt tag and image Optimisation as well.

● Off page SEO: This goes outside your website in order to generate exposure and quality backlinks to increase the relevancy and vote. You need to be careful in generating quality back links.

So How To Do SEO Audit On Your Own

It’s not so difficult if you are having a resourceful website but if you have a business website and we strongly recommend that you seek assistant of professional people.

● The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the accurate keyword as per your website theme. This is something that majority of peoplefails to achieve because either the focus on short tale order focuses on long tail. The bizarre situation could be either you are stuck in over-Optimisation and under Optimisation or all the circumstances will not benefit a bit to you. Here is an article on search engine optimization for small business to become successful.

● The second step would be your website structure that that is extremely important to deliver the end result to customer as well as search engine.

● The third thing you need to focus on is the quality one way link to your site but only from the relevant website as per your business theme. Just focus on the word “relevant” because that what matters in making your website gaining maximum number of vote.

Sometimes a small mistake results into a huge blunder. By performing an audit, you’ll be able to find out the mistakes or disadvantages that keep you away from the potential customer and ranking. This is helpful because it helps in fixing things quickly and saves businesses from occurring financial loss. This is where we strongly recommend that you seek assistant of SEO professional because it will help you ascertaining crucial art that you were not able solve by yourself.

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