Link building is a very important search engine ranking factor. When websites of good reputation and authority link to your content, they consider you trustworthy.

Google takes note of this trust and ranks your website based on it. If you have high-quality links, your website will rank higher on the search engine results page.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy technique. It requires planning, hard work, and dedication. It is important to get links from the right sources and here are ten proven ways to get them:

1. Create Your Personal Brand

Before you start building a link profile, it is important to work on your brand. Is your company memorable? Does your content and brand voice have a distinct personality? Is your brand unique?

Creating a unique identity is the first step to earning someone’s trust. Backlinking is all about earning trust from good quality websites and from Google. Make sure your brand is unique, easy to recognize, and true to your company’s message.

2. Curate Content from Different Websites

Everyone appreciates backlinks, even high-authority websites. You achieve two benefits by curating content from other websites:

You provide your audience with a list of articles that will help them learn more about the industry.

You gain recognition from the site you’re linking to and open the door of communication.

You can create articles like “10 best link building articles for 2018” and share resources. This shows you genuinely care about educating your audience and are willing to share the traffic. Just make sure all content is of good quality and coming from authoritative sources. Your reputation will be tied with them and links to bad content will damage it.

3. Do Opinion Pieces

Opinion pieces aren’t the most substantial or data-heavy articles, but they attract attention. A controversial or unusual opinion can make people curious. It can start discussions and increase engagement from users. Opinion pieces require a delicate balance between being controversial enough but not too offensive.

A well-crafted opinion piece will draw links. Other content creators might want to provide a contrasting view or offer their own opinions on your observations. Make sure your opinion pieces are backed by well-reasoned arguments.

It is also important to make sure you don’t go overboard. Opinion pieces should be few and far between. Try to write an opinion post for every 10 to 15 other articles. This will make the opinion pieces stand out without overwhelming your audience.

4. Look for Common Questions and Provide Answers

The best kind of content is the content that answers audience questions. Such articles are more targeted and bring in better traffic. Instead of just writing content on random topics, you provide solutions for already existing concerns.

This form of content is a link-worthy asset and can help build trust. You can find common questions on platforms like Quora or Yahoo! Answers. You can also browse through your social media or blog comments to find questions by your existing audience.

Craft the answers carefully and include as many details as possible into the content. This is a great opportunity to show people your knowledge and authority in the industry.

5. Create Infographics

Most people like visual content more than text content. Pieces like infographics are easier to understand and digest. That’s one of the reasons why detailed infographics are valuable. People share them on social media and other website owners want to incorporate them into their content.

Infographics also have long-term value, which means they will keep bringing in backlinks for years. Make sure the graphic is well-designed, detailed, and has current information.

6. Create Content on the Latest Trends

It’s a waste of time and effort to create content people might not be interested in. You can avoid this by finding trending keywords and topics to create content on them. Tools like Google Trends can help you find trending topics. All you need to do is to type in the needed keyword or browse through trending topics.

Once you have a list of trending keywords or topics, start planning the content carefully. Don’t make copies of the trending topic. Focus on making unique content on these popular subjects.

7. Create Data-Heavy Articles

Content pieces with data and graphs are more popular than other forms of content. Websites will link quote information from and include links to such forms of content. This requires more effort than regular 400 to 500-word articles, but they’re long-term link-worthy assets.

Include percentages, numbers, and facts in as many articles as you can. It is also a good idea to ensure the article has sufficient length. The ideal length of blog posts is around 1,600. Most of the high-ranked websites have the content meeting or surpassing that number.

8. Educate

A well-planned website contains two forms of content. One form is designed to attract converting traffic and has a salesperson-like tone. This content is promotional and rarely draws links from third-party websites.

The other form is designed to attract research traffic. This article educates instead of selling, which makes it link-worthy. Other authoritative websites are more likely to link to an article that provides facts.

9. Statistics and Surveys Always Attract Attention

People in this industry are always on the look-out for new information from reliable sources. Concrete data includes surveys, statistics, odds, and other such information. Such articles are very link-worthy

Ideally, you should collect surveys and determine the statistics through your own content. But it is possible to include statistics from third-party sources and still draw backlinks. Statistics and similar facts give your content some weight and authority.

10. Provide Tools for Free

If you have created a website or application that can help your target audience, you can offer those tools for free. That can help gain more links and social shares. Make sure the tool is useful and effective for the best results.

Link building is more about quality than quantity. A couple of great links from well-known websites is much better than ten links from low-quality sources. It is important to avoid blackhat techniques like link farms, buying links, and gaining links from fake websites. These strategies can seriously damage your reputation.

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