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Why Businesses Are Relating More Towards Directory Submission?

In most of the cases, you have to submit link to directory.  Among so many internet directories available, two of the major ones are Yahoo and DMOZ. Unlike search engines like Google, there are some directories known to organize links under various divisions and sub-divisions. There is a hype that search engines are making web masters to fail to understanding significance of submitting links to internet directory. Even though there are few people preferring to shift through directory categories for finding needed links, but search engines are using these directories as potent form of referral systems and reasons behind its usability.

Link Adding To Web Directories

There are some benefits to add link into these submissions. One of the major reasons is that the link will get indexed by search engines rather quickly. There are some search engine based crawlers, which will crawl internet for procuring information on some of the recently created or updated links. They will crawl through directories and visit the links over there.

On the other hand, whenever any new search engine is launched, the crawlers will automatically visit the directories to index the validated links quickly. It helps in saving a lot of time while submitting links to multiple search engines.

Going Towards The Benefits

Before you head for the web directory, there are some benefits involved in this section for you to know. To learn about the options, you have to get down to some points. These tips and beneficial points will help you to understand the beauty it holds.

● Faster Indexing And Higher Link Popularity

With the help of this web directory based submission, chances are high of your website to be detected, crawled and even indexed quite fast. It can further help in re-crawling faster than before in some of the major search engines these days.

On the other hand, directories will provide you with two types of links. One if the contextual based category link and another one is the unique directory based listing link.

● Better Rankings And More Indexed Pages

Your website has the right to rank better in Yahoo, Google, Bing, Aol, Ask and any other major search engine, once you have taken help of the web directories and directory submission. On the other hand, having some authentic directories linking to your website can result in some more indexed pages in some of the major search engines, as mentioned just few lines back.

● Higher Ranking Of Your Page And Effective Keyword Targets

Google is known to use some quality directories in the present algorithm for calculating Google page Rank and SERP. On the other hand, keyword phrases and keywords in the directory based listing link description and title can provide your site with the targeted and much needed SE rankings.

● Quality Forms Of Directory Traffic And Social Media Based Sharing

Some of the directories have good traffic. It helps in sending traffic with the potential customers’ right directly towards your website. Most of the directories will have some social sharing buttons, which will allow the directory users to share the present links with some others.

● Building Your Brand And Attracting More Customers

Adding the domain name or your company’s name in directories can be a best way to create a brand building. On the other hand, you can try adding the company’s names in search engines and even in social media, other than directories. Some of the reasons to help you gain attention from more customers over here are link popularity, better indexing, keyword targeting, PageRank and even brand building with proper traffic.

● Directory Submissions Are Quite Free

For majority of the web directory submissions, you don’t have to bother pay a single price. There are high chances of you to come and head towards highly professional web directories, which might charge you with premium for adding links, but their numbers are less when compared to the free directories available online.

● Directories Help To Allow Anchor Text Of Your Need

Whenever you end up submitting your links to the selected directory, the directories will allow you to enter the title of the site, which might have some keywords of your choice. It helps in generating anchor text for your use and improves the ranking of the search engines.

You are always invited to check out these benefits first before finalizing on the right kind of directory based submissions. Going through the points will help you to learn more about the importance it holds and why more people are heading towards directories.

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