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9 Actionable SEO Trends To Look For In 2018 – You Can’t Ignore


Thanks to Google Algorithm, SEO points keep on changing with every passing day. You need to be fast to check out for Seo trends to look for in 2018. In layman’s term, SEO is more like an evolving mutating virus. So, the old tactics, which you have been following for the past couple of months won’t work any longer. As you are planning to get your business right at the top this year, there are certain SEO based trends, which you have to follow. Being a trending name at this point is tough and crucial. But, once you have the latest SEO tactics by your side, you can easily turn your dream of establishing your website at number one position into reality. So, what are you waiting for? You need to head towards the top 9 SEO trends to look for right away.

Table of Contents:

1. Rich snippet deserves careful structuring
2. Speed of the page
3. Increased page relevancy
4. Voice search and its importance
5. Growth in linkless backlinks
6. Natural language queries
7. Personalizing the search engines
8. Link building – your top notch SEO hack
9. Gain mobile ranking first before focusing on desktop

1. Rich snippet deserves careful structuring:

With the evolvement in the SEO practices, there are some ranking hacks hovering around the market. It is known as “snippets.” Well, these are not just like any other snippet, but rich ones, to be precise! Before you start using this hack by your side, understanding it a bit more is mandatory.

Snippet is primarily a result oriented search engine show, as seen on result pages whenever anyone made a query. But when it comes to rich snippet, you are talking about showing some more information in that part, designed to help users’ select relevant result. One of the major On-Page SEO Mistakes is to mistakenly use basic snippet as the rich one.

Well, it isn’t hard to state that rich snippets won’t affect the ranking directly per second. Moreover, because of extra information in the point, these snippets will increase click rate. So, an increase in click rates men increase in traffic, indirectly resulting in ranking.

So, the time has come when you actually have to start working on employing rich snippets in SEO. However, you need to be very careful of snippets to gain that extra boost in ranking.

2. Speed of the page:

As per Google’s latest norm, page loading speed is a major ranking sector. Any slow loading page, more than 3 seconds, will have some detrimental results like increase in bounce rates, less search engine crawls and lower in that page’s time limit. Therefore, you need to work on ways like How To Optimize Voice Search and improve page loading time. Following some points might help you big time.

• Optimize website code and reduce in-directs

• Resize images before uploading and cache your pages and websites

You have to limit number of plugins too if you want to improve page’s loading speed.

3. Increased page relevancy:

When it is about ranking, page relevance still remains a major ranking factor. Search engines are often looking for ways to improve user experience on web.

• It helps in showing some relevant results. Search engines often place great value on relevance when it is about query results.

• To optimize page relevant, you need to cover topic in details and publish some long content forms.

• Avoid sticking to one keyword and start using synonyms and some relevant phrases.

4. Voice search and its importance:

People are looking for answers on How to Get Backlinks, but that’s not the end of story to improve page ranking in SEO. You can easily focus towards voice search, which is now characterized by focusing on local searches and prevalence on mobile based devices.

As talking is more natural than typing, therefore, people are more into voice search these days. Simple voice command will help get answers at fingertips. To optimize voice search, you can:

• Maximize localized SEO
• Integrate questions in SEO based strategy

The futuristic approach of search in the voice is now here. You can easily take advantage of this technical advancement and get into the top Google’s listing.

5. Growth in linkless backlinks:

In terms of natural link building tactics, you will come across “linkless backlinks.”

• These are currently becoming stronger ranking factors.
• This kind of backlink is designed to mention name or brand of other website users.
• Search engines will easily pick such mentions and use those as trust signals.
• They will work just like the linked ones, but in “linkless” manner.

6. Natural language queries

With the evolvement in the search engines, many new strides are in the making to create natural search results.

• During this time, you have to catch up with natural language queries.

• This kind of search is currently carried out in daily natural language.

• The service is on the rise now, which will be typed or spoken.

• Other than working on Broken Link Building Strategies, you have to focus towards natural language queries too.

• This form of service is quite easier when compared to keyword based searches.

• The latter one may require various keyword combinations before procuring correct response. But, this isn’t the case with natural language query.

Nowadays, it isn’t difficult to come across personalized search results. You will get hands on search engines, which are way more “personal” than before and tailor-made to match people’s needs. Other than generic form of search results, these engines include results, depending on information about user.

The three major pillars of personalization will be location, browsing history and device.

• Search engines can personalize results depending on user’s prime location.

• It can further learn your preferences from history and influence the Google search accordingly

• Sometimes, other than link building for local businesses, search engines might be device specified. As pages vary from desktop to mobile devices, so will be the search results.

The mobile friendly pages get to rank more on mobile devices, and the same rule goes for desktop pages and relevant devices.

8. Link building – your top notch SEO hack:

No, link building is not dead and still considered to be a high ranking SEO hack. It gains its supremacy because of its trust factor, which is mandatory towards ranking.

• However, not all links are trustworthy. Not just the number but the quality of links really matter a lot. There are some simple ways to gain quality link.

• You can start publishing content warranting backlinks.

• You can further work on web directories, guest posting and commenting on secondary sites to gain quality back linking services.

9. Gain mobile ranking first before focusing on desktop:

It is true that people spend maximum time on mobile rather than on desktop. Combined traffic from tablet and mobile devices tipped balance at around 52% vs. the 48.7% for desktop access. It marked the first time happened since tracking stats for internal usability.

• So, one of the best quality seo services are to head towards mobile ranking popularity first before addressing on desktop.

• If you cannot gain good ranking on mobile, you will start losing traffic. So, remember to improve your performance to make the site load faster on mobile.

• You have to focus on content structure and even on navigation for gaining the best response now.

The concluding note:

You are still not sure if your website is able to be recognized in number one position. Well, you can try focusing on the above-mentioned points and see your ranking result hike like never before! Yes, the entire procedure is time consuming and you cannot just get a result overnight, but patience is the key to gain success in this regard.


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