Opinion Group

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Client Overview

An online survey company such as the Opinion Group of the UK specializes in market research and conducts online surveys. They collect consumer information online and conduct online surveys as part of their business. Their business needed more visibility online to grow, attract new customers, and increase survey responses. With the use of SEO tactics, all of this can be accomplished, so they came to us for help with the latest SEO updates.


The goal of the SEO project was to increase traffic flow to Opinion Group’s website and improve business exposure. We set a goal to increase organic traffic to the website by 20% over a period of six months. We also focused to improve their overall performance which includes domain authority, domain ranking and page authority.


In order to achieve this goal, we implemented an SEO strategy that focused on keyword research, content optimization, and the building of links in order to achieve our goals.

It was necessary for us to conduct keyword research in order to determine the most relevant and beneficial keywords and topics for Opinion Group.

Following that, we worked on optimizing their existing content to include these keywords and topics, as well as creating new content that was tailored to these keywords.

Our final step was to increase their visibility and authority by building links to their website from relevant, high-quality websites that link to them.


Our SEO efforts resulted in significant increases in organic traffic for Opinion Group, as a result of our efforts. After six months, we had exceeded our goal of achieving 20% growth in organic traffic by achieving an increase of 20% in organic traffic. Their business exposure also increased as a result of their website ranking higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs), as they were now able to attract more customers from various search engines. Due to this, they were able to increase the number of survey responses, giving them better data with which to work.