SEO Service by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

CLEANA. A family-run cleaning company with Sydney-based offices learned that the performance of their website is not delivering the desired results. They discovered that their website needed to catch up with the most recent SEO trends, so they looked for a helping partner. We provided them with SEO services, which increased their website’s traffic as well as its domain authority, page authority, and rating.


It was Cleana’s goal to increase the visibility of the company, modernize it to reflect the SEO practices of today, and put an emphasis on the relevance of the content in order to improve its visibility. Aside from improving the rating of the domain, the domain authority, and the page authority of the website, the company also sought to increase the traffic and build a strong reputation in the market.


Our strategies involve complete SEO tactics that can work well for the business goals to be achieved in future. Here below are the strategies we’ve used to grow the business.

● Updated Previous Content.
● 404 Error Pages And Redirect Chains Were Cleaned Up.
● Updated Page Titles To Reflect The Content On The Page.
● More Naturally Sounding Content With More Keyword Inclusion.
● More Naturally Sounding Content With More Keyword Inclusion.
● As Part Of The Anchor Text, We Used Relevant Keywords Rather Than Just The Brand Name.
● Increased Relevance
● Shared The Content On Social Media As Much As Possible
● Comprehensive Website Optimization

All the above strategies are implemented by us to get the best results sooner.


As a result of the overall improvement in performance, we were blown away by the results. It is also worth mentioning that the traffic, domain authority, domain ranking, and page authority also improved. Page content was very well updated with the latest SEO trends, and all the efforts made the business stand out from its competitors.