Website Development by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

A website called Healthologies offers the most recent news and data regarding the healthcare sector. Healthologies need assistance because their website wasn’t keeping up with changes in technology. Due to the discontinuation of one of the website plugins, the website was unable to maintain SEO-Friendly URLs, and whenever they altered pages, they ran the danger of the website breaking. They came to us to update and develop their website with SEO so they could obtain better responses, traffic, and retain their online presence.


The company wanted to obtain a modern website that would help them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, they want to maintain a strong online presence in order to attract more and more visitors to their website. Due to the vast majority of people utilizing smartphones as opposed to other devices, they wanted their website to be mobile-friendly.


We concentrated on website development tactics to help them regain their significant market presence after listening to their issues. In order to be more technologically advanced, we also implemented SEO strategies. These were the methods we employed:

Web design strategy that is responsive: We concentrated on creating a website that is very compatible with a variety of devices. People can access the internet these days through a variety of interfaces, including laptops, mobile devices, and notebooks. Therefore, the site designs should seem fantastic on these user interfaces.

competitor strategy analysis: One of the key strategies in web development is competitor analysis. It’s crucial to always be one step ahead of your peers. The position in a competitive market can be determined with the aid of competitor analysis. Therefore, we followed the plan to pinpoint every weak point and start looking for answers.

Identify the target group: The last strategy applied by us was to target the audience . To design a website, understanding users’ perceptions, attitudes, buying sentiments, needs, and expectations is crucial. We were able to make effective marketing efforts with the aid of careful target audience identification, which can produce outstanding results.


The website has been renovated with a fresh, engaging design that is mobile adaptable, enticing users to linger on the page.

They were transferred to WordPress, a modern platform with quicker speeds and quicker page loads. With WordPress, the backend is simpler to use, updates can be performed more easily, and there is less risk of the website crashing due to outdated plugins.

More quickly than 50% less time is now required for the website to fully load. This will stop users from leaving the website because of long load times.

With the ability to currently adjust page URLs and website optimization, their GTMetrix scores rose and their SEO improved.