Concept Living

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Client Overview

Based in San Pedro Alcantara, Spain, Conceptliving is an interior design and construction company. They provide their clients with a complete end-to-end experience by bridging the gap between renovation and interior design, modern construction, and property upgrades. Due to the fact that their website was out of date with technological developments, they required a fully created website in order to compete in the market.


The goal of Conceptliving was to develop a modern, user-friendly website that promoted the business’s offerings. The business wanted to improve the visibility of their brand and make it simpler for potential clients to locate their interior designing and renovation services.


Our strategy to accomplish this was to create a contemporary website with an interior style and a user-friendly interface. To improve the website’s visibility and that of the company’s properties, we also concentrated on search engine optimization.

Competitors analysis is a key strategy in web development. To stay ahead of your peers, you must always be one step ahead. Competitors analysis can be used to determine a company’s position in a competitive market. TConsequently, we identified every weak point and began looking for solutions.


After establishing the redesigned website, Conceptliving saw an increase in customer awareness and quality leads within two to three months. Additionally, the website was search engine optimized, which increased organic traffic. Additionally, the new website made it simple for visitors to explore their work and services which lead to new sales.