How To Use Guest Blogging For Natural Link Building? Know The Secret Of Getting Quality Links


Want to rank higher in Google SERP? Want to reach your potential customers? Get higher possibilities of getting discovered online by guest blogging. You can consider guest blogging as a powerful strategy in your link-building toolkit.

In this article we will cover:

What Is Guest Blogging?
How to Guest Blog for Building Links
How Guest Blogging Impacts Link Building

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What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging, also known as guest posting, is the act of writing content for another company’s site. Usually, guest bloggers write for similar blogs within their industry to:

Attract traffic to their website

Increase their domain authority utilizing external links to high-authority domains

Increase their brand awareness and credibility

Build relationships with peers in their industry

Almost always, guest bloggers deliver mutual benefits for both the website hosting the content and the guest blogger. In other words, guest blogging is a two-way street- so when you decide to do guest blogging, consider featuring posts by guest bloggers on your website as it is one of the worthwhile link building techniques.

So how to get guest blog for link building.

1. Research Where To Pitch

When it’s the matter of pitching for getting published you need to be very specific and selective. There are many high domain authority sites delivering guest blogging opportunities, which does not mean that you have to pitch to all of them.

Pick one authoritative site that is most appropriate for the type of content, you want to create. Generally, selecting a niche-specific and high domain authority site is a great idea to get published.

However, approaching trusted media platforms for publishing sponsored content on which media editors can also work is an equally good idea to experiment with. This justifies the proven importance of link building. Publishing with a media house delivers your content instant popularity and exposure to highly educated audience groups to analyze your brand’s success stories and deliver you with some consecutive feedback.

Once you have decided on your target site to pitch for getting published, you require to self-observe the performance of the site and align it with your own to analyze whether your guest blogging objectives can be satisfied through the site. A high domain authority site with the enriched social following, a connection with industry influencers and experts, and possessing a well-engaged audience base for a while, can be looked at as an idea for guest blogging and for building high-quality links in the process.

Adding to authenticating the site’s performance, the authors also require to make sure that they get a featured bio with a good byline, a headshot, and a link back to your site for the audience to follow.

2. Pitching Ideas

After knowing where to pitch, the next step is to send an email to the editor or blogger your guest post ideas.

Here is an example for you:

Hi [Name],

[Personalized comment (greeting message)]

I’m writing to you because I’m interested in publishing a guest post on your site.

Based on what has worked for [Site name you have worked with] in the past, I feel that your readers would love these ideas:

[Idea #1][Brief Description]

[Idea #2][Brief Description]

[Idea #3][Brief Description]

To give you a rough idea of my writing style here’s a guest post I recently wrote for [Guest post link]

Do you think these ideas would be great for your site? Waiting for your response.


[Your name]

The personalized comment can be related to the posts they have on Twitter, their last blog post, etc. You can skip this for smaller blogs, but it assists you to get recognition by popular bloggers and editors.

If you don’t get any response to your pitch, then wait a week and then follow-up.

3. Find Right Guest Blogging Opportunities

To begin a guest posting campaign, you first require a list of guest blogging targets. Here you can also use reliable guest posting services.

There are many ways you can find these opportunities. Listed below are a few of them:

a). The Google Search Method

Many blogs maintain pages where they request guest posts. These are generally convenient targets since they are publicly sharing their guest posting guidelines.

To find these pages, utilize Google search operators like the following:

• “[your keyword]” + “guest post/blogging guidelines”

• “[your keyword]” + “write for us”

• “[your keyword]” + “contribute”

This will work probably in every niche.

The issue is that this method generally yields poor quality candidates. Although not always true, the majority of top authority blogs do not precisely solicit posts- they already have many people wanting to write for them otherwise.

To find these kinds of websites that do not maintain public “write for us/contribute” pages, try the following searches:

• “[your keyword]” + “guest column/post”

• “[your keyword]” + “this is a guest contribution”

• “[your keyword]” + “contributing writer/author”

This will present your blogs that have at least one post published by a guest author. If they have accepted guest posts before, they might accept yours also, even if they do not have a “write for us” page. Guest posts can work more effortlessly if you learn benefits of link building.

b). The Influencer Method

One of the most popular methods to find guest blogging opportunities is to follow the footsteps of an influencer.

Essentially, you:

• Find a top influencer in your field who publishes guest posts more often.

• Target every website they guest blog on

If you have been working in a specific field for some time, you would know that a few top influencers in your niche. The step is to simply do a Google search to find their guest posts:

“Guest post” + “[influencer name]”

This will show you many non-obvious candidates. Additionally, since top influencers mostly publish on authority blogs, you will get some top-quality targets.

4. Write Guest Blog To Attract Audience

Write a good guest post that will blow everyone’s mind. Listed below are some things that you can be considered as advanced link building strategies for 2020 and improve the quality of your copy regardless of how well it is written.

a). Focus On Readability

Readers of today don’t go through the entire post. Instead, they scroll through the article until they find subheading they want to read, and then they bounce. That is the method that you, as a writer, have to consider- ensure your guest posts are scannable:

• Break your article up in many sections
• Use shorter words, sentences, and paragraphs;
• Maintain consistent formatting throughout the article
• Use bullet points.

b). Add High-Quality Images

Images improve readability also, but what they really do is make you different from other guest post submissions. It is rare for a guest blogger to bother with quality images, which is a missed chance and, honestly, does not need that much effort. With this method, you can do a premium link building in 2020.

c). Throw In Some Data

Another rarity in the field of guest posting is analytics. The majority of guest posters focus to create many content with as little effort as possible, which means it is rare for guest posts to deliver valuable insights.

Be different- go out and find some data, put together a pretty chart in a paragraph, and trust your publisher to be pleasantly surprised.

d). Add Contextual Backlinks

Don’t ignore the primary reasons behind your guest post submission- insert a few backlinks to steal a little bit of the audience for yourself. Here, the rule is not to be greedy and to place links only where they would add value. Adding to that, ensure to set up proper expectations of what type of content will readers see when they follow the links.

5. Go Live

Once your content is delivered to the editor, wait until a few days to hear their feedback. Make very necessary changes as required, then wait until the article goes live.

Remember that some large blogs have a 1 to 3 months waiting list. Factor this into your campaign. Furthermore, guest post writing can also be counted in progressive link building services.

If you do this right, you can conveniently get some high-quality backlinks. More necessarily, once you publish your guest post, you also develop a relationship that you can save for future opportunities.

6. Initiate Comments On Your Guest Posts

Once you publish your guest post, you should engage with your audiences who leave a valuable comment on your post.

If some questions have been asked in the comments, make sure to answer them, and express your gratitude to the readers who make an effort to comment on your post that they find useful.

By proactively engaging with the audience who comment on your post, you will enhance their experiences which will give you a specific recognition. Plus, as you are always on the mind of readers you can achieve the conversion goals liked with your guest blogging and can efficiently use guest blogging to build backlinks to your website today.

Let’s have an example.

You are a makeup artist with a phenomenon of talent and a unique style. However, there is an issue: not many people know about you. How can you make people notice you? The answer is by doing makeup of famous person. You get an invitation. You go and wow the audience with your artistic talent. After you have impressed them, you can ask them if they have enjoyed and want to do makeup from you.

Doing makeup of a popular person does two different things for you:

It connects your name to the reputed person the crowd already loves.
It delivers people the opportunity to glimpse the magic and beauty you can bring into their lives.

Guest blogging is not at all different.

When you write an authoritative, quality post in a popular blog with many followers, people will notice you. They will even start coming to your blog as it is one of the effective types of link building strategies. About 50 visits from average referral traffic and 539 visits from maximum referral traffic you get through guest blogging.

But this does not end here? When people explore your blog and see that you are doing something they have never seen before? They will definitely link to you.

Once your well-polished, beautiful content shines on a website with many followers, the results are convenient to predict and you will identify guest posting opportunities.

If your content is good, readers will come to you. You will be recognized as an experienced blogger. Your blog will acquire its own crowd of followers.

And obviously, you will get your own high-quality backlinks.


In a nutshell, guest posting is the most useful SEO strategy that still works! You can consider it for growing backlinks to your website. To use guest blogging successfully, you need a professional who has years of experience. At LinkBuildingCorp, you will get a guest blogger who cares about your reputation. We give you an opportunity to reach your potential readers who can increase your sales. After all, it is a timeless business strategy in a new set of clothes.

For more information about hiring our services, contact us or email us now.

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