How to Grow Email Subscribers – Growth Hack to Follow With SEO


While starting up a business, have you ever thought how to increase email subscribers for your blog or newsletter? I am sure most of you may not have prioritized this thought in the initial phase of the business. The maximum amount of attention is generally given to the SEO part; obviously, SEO is the ‘heart’ of a website. So, automatically, every online business owner thinks about SEO at the very beginning. However, it should be kept in mind that SEO requires some time to show good results.

Therefore, along with SEO, you should focus on another digital marketing move that may help you bring-in more customers. This marketing move is basically a growth hack which involves techniques on how to grow email list fast and boost business online. It is one of the promising techniques for business growth. Therefore, most of the entrepreneurs have found a huge improvement in their email list and potential customers in just 30 days.

The Major Benefit

Growing email subscribers list is of utmost importance to business owners, as it creates a viral loop, just like a positive word-of-mouth. If your post manages to attract even a small group of people (include freebies, or deals etc. to attract them), you can be rest assured that slowly and steadily it will reach thousands of people in just a nick of time. All of this is possible, as people have a tendency to share something instantly with their friend circle, thereby creating a viral envelop.

So, if you wish to escalate your online business, don’t just practice local SEO alone, try getting email subscribers as well. If you do not have an in-house team, you can outsource email subscriber service.

Techniques to Get Email Subscribers on WordPress & Others

Follow these strategies to grow your email list –

1. Write & Post an Article on LinkedIn

Freebies always attract customers. Hence, you need to make sure that you present your freebie in an engaging and attractive manner. Thus, writing an article on LinkedIn can be the ideal way. Create an engaging headline for your post, explain customers why they need your freebie, tell them the benefits and so on. Also, LinkedIn is the perfect platform, where you can get huge amount of customers.

2. Focus on Something Valuable

If you are not providing something valuable to your customers, you cannot expect growth in conversion rates. No matter, how do you make your post look attractive, it is to be made sure that you provide them with a valuable content that they can easily download. For example, you can provide them with set of templates for PowerPoint, which can be easily edited and used for making any type of presentation.

3. Ask For Something in Return of the Freebie

You should understand that you are giving away something to your customers for free; therefore, you own the right to ask them to do something for you in return. Obviously, do not ask for something that they cannot do. For example, you can ask them to like your post or comment in the ‘comment section’, in order to download the stuff you are offering, for free.

4. Use of Appealing Images

If you are posting your article on LinkedIn or any other social media platform, it is important to note that the header images should be appealing to the audience. You can also hire social media writing experts, who will not just write a catchy article for you, but also provide you captivating images that will do the work for you.

5. Work on the Landing Page

To grow your email subscribers for newsletters, you need to work on the landing page, i.e. provide an opt-in form. It will make the subscription process very smooth and lightning fast. If you wish, you can go for a ‘double opt-in’ route, which will send them a confirmation link on their email ids. This is a better technique to improve the quality of emails. Further, you can deliver them their freebies, once they confirm their email address by clicking in the confirmation link.

How Likely These Techniques will Work for Me?

These are the general techniques, which every business owner from any niche can actually implement. However, it should be noted that your business is different from another. So, you will have to analyze what will work best for you, for example, in terms of what stuff could be valuable to your audience, what type of freebies will entertain and attract your audience etc. additionally, there are two major things, which do not depend on any niche –

• Freebies – nobody hates anything, which comes for free.
• Commenting on the post – it improves the reach of the post and would be visible to your connections as well as your connection’s connections.

So, gain high and quality leads through LinkedIn and other platforms. Since, it forms a viral chain that keeps increasing; therefore, you are not at loss, in terms of growth in your connections. Henceforth, focus on this technique along with improving the SEO of your website. Both of these strategies implemented simultaneously, can make your business, a huge success in a short time frame.

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