5 Ways To Get More Email Subscribers


Email marketing is dead.
This is what people that don’t know how to use email marketing effectively for their business or people that have failed attempting to get the best out of email marketing say.

Ryan Deiss, over at Digital Marketer, mentions that if you do email marketing, the benchmark KPI is the amount of value per each subscriber on a monthly basis should be $1.

This means if you have 1,000 subscribers on your email list then you should be hitting $1,000 a month. Imagine if you had 10,000 or even 100,000 visitors? The potential is unreal.

Let’s think about it logically, if email marketing is dead, why are marketing automation companies such as Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign getting heavily funded from investment rounds?

Both platforms allow users to utilise email marketing to help them grow their business. Klaviyo has raised over $150m and Active Campaign around $20m. As email marketing tools, they must be doing something right which then therefore suggests that email marketing is NOT dead.

It’s just not used effectively.

The ROI was compared of various marketing methods and you can see the visual below. By far, the ROI for email marketing was the highest by a long shot. So it goes to show, you need to invest in building your list!

Really there are two keys in using email marketing effectively:

  1. Growing your email subscribers list
  2. Segmenting your audience and sending them the right marketing campaigns at the right time.

This article will touch on the first point and we’ll cover 5 different strategies that will help you grow your email list.

Utilising content upgrades

Content upgrades have taken off over the last few years. What blog owners have found is that pop ups are a good strategy to generate email subscribers but there effectiveness is not as great as it used to be.

However, using content upgrades has become a more effective strategy to grow your list and it isn’t as annoying.

A content upgrade is having a small image inserted in a blog post. Since the user will be engaged in reading the post he/she will see the image and the aim is for the user top optin in. So a ‘bribe’ is normally offered such as a PDF of the post or an ebook similar to the topic they are reading about.

We’ll use Sleek Note as an example. In their post about content upgrades they have posted an image promoting a guide about CRO strategies. Since the users  are already reading about how content upgrades can increase their conversation rate for email opt ins they’d be more likely to optin for this guide.

The key here is to create an optin that is relevant to the post that users are reading as this will drive higher conversions.


Who doesn’t want anything that isn’t free? JewelScent have been absolutely killing it with this strategy. If you look at the image below you can find a simple advertisement they were doing at some point promoting a giveaway for 4 lucky winners to win a free jewelry candle.

The trick is, in order to be eligible to get the free gift people have to subscribe to their email list. Think about it, if you advertise a giveaway and target people that could potentially be interested in your products, how many do you think you could get on to your subscribers list?

Yes JewelScent have to give away free products which they will lose money on but if they managed to get 5,000 subs from this campaign, surely it’s worth it? Don’t underestimate the power of giveaways especially if you’re giving away something of real value as this therefore increases the chances of it going viral.

Lead Magnets With Facebook Ads

This is a similar strategy to the above however if you don’t have a physical product you can’t give anything away. However, if you provide a service or run a SAAS company the alternative is to give out free information instead of a free product.

Check out one of the offers the adespresso is running in order to build their email subscriber list. Adespresso provides a platform whereby facebook marketers can manage their campaigns more effectively.

In order to build their list they created an ebook which will add value to their target audience (their lead magnet), promote it on Facebook and convert them into email subscribers through their landing page.

To create a similar strategy for your business and brand you need to create an informational product that adds value to your ideal customers.

Once you’ve done this you can retarget blog visitors on facebook through a paid advertisement straight to your optin page to build your email list.

If you have a compelling offer then this strategy will work like gangbusters.

Discount Offer On Your Homepage

This is another strategy that works amazingly well with ecommerce stores and it something cosy house collection is making the most of.

If you look at the image below, you can see the pop up that they use on their website. Every visitor that is not already part of their subscriber list gets shown a pop up box that offers them a 10% discount in exchange for their email address.

The beauty of this strategy is a lot of people like discounts so you’d get a high conversion rate of email subscribers. The two benefits you will get from this strategy are:

  1. People that have opted in will be more likely to purchase from you as they would want to use their discount code.
  2. Even if they don’t purchase you can always market to them through an effective email marketing campaign as they have shown strong interest in purchasing.

Utilise quizzes

Quizzes spark curiosity. Just look at Dr Sara Gottfried’s quiz below.

If you’re someone that is struggling to lose weight and can’t understand why that’s the case then this will grab your attention.

Quizzes do two things:

  1. Grab your attention
  2. Entices you to complete the test

They then lure you in to complete it. After you complete Dr Gottfried’s test she asks you to leave your email address so you can get your results. Now, I don’t know about you but if I’ve invested a certain amount of time to complete a quiz I would want to know the results and definitely would leave my email address. There’s a reason why quizzes have high conversion rates.

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