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Why Are Technical Aspects Of The Website Important For Quality Conversions?

With the new 2018 impending seasons, marketers and online businesses are preparing their strategies. But 2018 is a year of change and to guarantee quality conversions, it is imperative to learn about the technical aspects of your website so you can enjoy some profits.

With the shift of balance towards different technologies, things like imminent voice searches, progress in artificial intelligence and other machines have created a challenge of offering more tailored website understanding. It will have a massive impact on the web designing. So to take a little sneak peek, we are going to discuss some technicalities that are important for quality conversions in 2018 and more years to come.

Let’s suppose you run an online travel agency or a travel aggregator. You provide flight comparisons to people so they can book flights to anywhere. To perform the quality conversion in 2018, you will need to work on your web theme, upload content, and offer your users to provide some user-generated content. Some friendly features can result in a boost in quality conversions. Similarly, when you are running a website of any other niche and you want to get more sales, or inquiries; what will you do? Most of the people will talk about investing in marketing and they can even get some clicks. But getting traffic means securing sales? Generally, securing sales is a lot tougher task and the money you are spending on marketing and Adwords is sometimes too much.

The best way, where we would like to start is by making our current visitors more fruitful. To get more conversions, you don’t need a whole bunch of visitors, just the right ones. You can lower substantial marketing costs with soaring profits. But before we begin, we would like to give you an overview, as most of our readers can be starting their new web platforms. So we will talk step by step.

What Are Quality Conversions?

A conversion is an online purchase made by a client on your website. They can either acquire a product, any service or even subscribe to the newsletter. The conversion rate of a web is simply how many visitors are making purchases and how many are just there to surf and see the products. For instance, if you have 1000 visitors in a month but only 10 sales, it means your conversion percentage is just 1%, which is very little.

A good conversion rate is something from 5% to 50%, depending on your product and services. Sometimes, the even lower conversion rate is considered good, if the potential of the product is low. So the exercise should always be how to gradually increase conversions. You need to be realistic with the product or service you are offering and the conversion quality you can achieve after researching for its potential. You should also consider the fact that your conversion rate can differ across months. A travel agency can achieve great quality conversions in traveling seasons or an e-commerce website can enjoy more in shopping seasons.

How To Increase Quality Conversions?

This is a bittersweet reality in e-commerce that every click on your website won’t result in a purchase. The best thing you can do is to spot what is stopping visitors from becoming buyers and find solutions on how to fix it. You can make use of some tools and procedures in identifying problems. Once you have diagnosed an issue, try to fix it before the season approaches.

Conversion Tracking

Firstly, you need to determine the fulfillment of each conversion by your niche of business. Afterward, start tracking the response by using analytics. In order to improve the quality of conversions, you need to know where the clicks are coming from.

Make A Customer Friendly Site

It sounds obvious though, but it is still important to discover the potential of your product or service by becoming a demo customer and self-navigating through categories. Once you are satisfied with the theme, design and website’s layout, you can work on your products and marketing. It is imperative to avoid pop-ups or any sort of forced advertisement as it is annoying. Customers don’t like such stuff and avoid coming back to your website no matter how attractive your offers are.

Customer Feedback

You should always employ a customer feedback and suggestions column to generate reviews. It is highly likely you will get improvement advises in the feedback, but always absorb the positivity and work more to create a better website for customers to return.

Competitor Analysis

Looking at your customer’s website and see how are they doing is a healthy practice which you should also do sometimes. You can always learn from them, test your website for technical aspects and draw comparisons for your own betterment. You may also learn few new things which are helpful for your own website. So try to do competitor analysis more often and always keep an eye on the market for researching new trends and ultimately securing good conversions.

Web Design

Although there are many other technical things to improve for better conversion rate, you cannot simply ignore the design of your website theme. The best thing that inspires a user is the layout, design, and graphics quality of your website; so look into this aspect too.


Even if many consider it non-technical, it is still one of the biggest characteristics to be reckoned with for getting quality conversions on your website. Content not only engage customers, they also provide you a chance to market your products and enhance search results. So always upload a top quality, healthy, and original content on your website and maintain it throughout the year.

Micro Interaction

Micro-interactions have recently got the attention they so rich fully deserve in designing world. Although it was long overdue, UX designers are shaping it up and it has become a great technical aspect of a good conversion rate.

Projecting Study

Technical tools have made our lives easy. With so much at our disposal, we can literally make some future projections, based on the study of analytical data. You can easily predict what analytical tools will help you build landing pages, marketing platforms, and even the right clients to target for potential sale growth.

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