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The Ultimate Guide To Dominate Google First Page For Any Keywords

Have you ever thought of this amazing question, How to Dominate Google First Page and how it is relevant to your business? People always wanted to dominate Google first page for keyword. But, things may not be always by your side, especially if you are trying to redesign your page, which comes with a Google update. However this scene keeps on changing. You have to walk to the Google first page through some right tracks.

There are some proven strategies available which might help you to learn more about Link Building Corp blog. You will further come to learn more about ways to dominate the Google First page if you adopt the rules a bit efficiently. But first you have to find the right keyword. it is always quite difficult to target the right keyword around here. If you fail to do so, then it might be proven to be rather difficult to dominate the current Google’s first ranking pages that easily.

Table of content:

1- Ways To Find Right Keyword
2- Strategies To Dominate Google First Page
   A)- Dealing With Guest Posts On High Authority Websites:
   B)- Social Media Profiles Creation & Promotion:
   C)- Building Microsites And Promoting Them:
   D)- On-Site Blog Promotion:
   E)- Creating Helpful Guide:
   F)- Create YouTube Videos And Promote Them:
   G)- Presenting Business Profiles On Major Sites:
   H)- Focusing On The Notion Of Google Maps Marketing:
   I)- Paid Search Engine Ads:

Ways To Find Right Keyword:

You can always try getting your hands on Keyword Planner as the promising tool for keyword research. You have to find a keyword with low to medium searches and then Google it. Check the website profiles that appear on first page using some tools and whether you can replace those websites easily. Our analytic skills play pivotal role in choosing right keyword. you are always asked to work on your judgment and the experience for determining the best keyword for your detailed use over here for sure.

Strategies To Dominate Google First Page:

After you are through with finding right keyword, next step is to work your ways in dominating first page of Google. Some proven strategies might help you in this regard to get the first page covered.

A)- Dealing With Guest Posts On High Authority Websites:

It does not matter what people have to say about guest posting, it is always a proven strategy to dominate first page of Google for some of the keywords relevant to business. It is always important for ranks on the first page. Want to know how it works? Let’s find out the details.

Guests posts if written got high authority websites can always gain the top ranks on first pages of Google. But the biggest question is to deal with ways to pinch the ideas. Some easy steps might rule the way in this regard.

• Create database of relevant websites to accept guest posts
• Rune these sites on SEMrush for finding powerful ones
• Next, create the customized pitch for outreach
• Follow submission guidelines strictly of the websites you pitch
• Never use any template for outreaching as everyone uses it

It is hard to come across websites where your guest post might rank for chosen keywords. You may have to create around 9 to 10 posts on same KWs for increasing chances of gaining featured on Google’s first page.

B)- Social Media Profiles Creation & Promotion:

Another Important Website Ranking Factor got to be Active social media profiles. These will often rank on first Google pages. So, creating one social page or profile on chosen keyword can help gain the rank n Google’s first page. But it solely depends on competition for keyword. If it is tough, you might have to go through some tough optimization of social media pages to be ranked right at the top. There are some points to be added over here while creating social media pages for chosen keyword.

• Make sure to select keyword that makes a complete sense. It is really awkward to create pages for keywords, which are not even matching at all.

• Ensure that the pages come handy with premium quality images.

• You need to update pages regularly and fill social media profiles completely.

So, it is mandatory for you to treat the keyword based profiles like your actual one and promote those aggressively for increasing chances of first page rankings.

C)- Building Microsites And Promoting Them:

A good old way to dominate Google is by creating microsites with keywords in URL and then promoting the same. High chances are there that these sites will get featured on first page if optimized well. You need to Nail Your Content Marketing Strategy for that. But, creating only microsites won’t help as you should treat those as regular sites and promote them well. Some of the popular platforms for promotion are:


D)- On-Site Blog Promotion:

On-site blog is highly promising to be honest. In case you are posting content regularly on blog and promoting it too, website blog is the easiest one to get the first page ranking. Ranking with the help of SEO blog is easier and you have to update weekly. For that, there are some guides available on multiple topics related to SMO, SEO, online reputation management, content marketing and more.

On the other hand, you are asked to use some of the long tail keywords and LSI ones in content. For that, going through some smart moves will help.

• Try using KW on your blog post’s title
• Include keyword in first 100 words of content
• Try writing KW rich sub heading
• Sprinkle variations or LSI KWs in content

But you should never overuse the keywords or your website might get penalized. When it is about content promotion, you have epic guides available online for reference.

E)- Creating Helpful Guide:

For some selected keywords, you can gain some search results with books from e-stores. So, creating chosen e-book on selected keyword and listing it on various online platforms can help you feature on Google’s first page. Being a smart marketer, you have to explore all available options for dominating first page ranking on Google. You have to start creating helpful guide, list important platforms and promote that aggressively.

F)- Create YouTube Videos And Promote Them:

It is not a secret that YouTube videos will always feature right at the first Google’s page. But, Google will show YouTube results for only selected keywords which are often referred as video keywords. Some of the major types of keywords with Google research are:

• Tutorials
• Ways to keywords
• Anything relevant to exercises

In case, you have chosen video keyword for dominating Google’s first page, you have to create high quality video to be uploaded on YouTube, keeping the YouTube SEO in mind. Then, it is time to promote your videos in an aggressive manner.

G)- Presenting Business Profiles On Major Sites:

There are so many websites, which will allow businesses to create profiles with long descriptions. You have to start looking for websites. There are so many times when it happens that the business profiles will rank on first page for lower difficulty keywords if you have optimized descriptions for those KWs. But, there is no chance but to promote the business profiles in an aggressive manner for creating that authority on Google. There is no way but to deal with the value of Use of Video Marketing right here for sure.

H) – Focusing On The Notion Of Google Maps Marketing:

There are so many times when you might have observed that Google has started to showcase Google Maps results for some of the local searches. The maps will definitely have a strong hold in this regard. You can add any keyword in the list, and you will definitely come across your answer over here. So, for dominating the first page ranking in Google, you have to work with the Google Maps and there is no escaping in this regard. You are likely to go through detailed guide on ways to do Google Maps Marketing by following a Google Maps Marketing Step By Step to it. Go through the guide with careful measures and learn the best practices associated with Google map marketing solutions over here for sure.

I)- Paid Search Engine Ads:

Google is known to have been showing some paid search results on multiple places of the Google search engine based ranking pages, and that includes the Map section as well. You have the liberty to run some of the paid ads for the selected keywords if it has the potentiality to generate some leads on your behalf. So, it is always a clever thing to state that you have to include some paid ads into strategy for dominating the first page of Google’s ranking over here for sure.

Catch Up With The Concluding Note Around Here:

Trying hard to dominate the first ranking page in Google is not that easy of a task if you ever try to work on it with some low difficult keywords. The strategies as explained in the said article are all tested to the core and have helped so many developers to get the primary ranking on the Google’s first pages over here. Well, the results are subject to depend on the difficulty level of the keyword for sure. But, once you are through with the steps to follow, it is not going to be that hard to be right on top of the ranking list at all.

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