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If you’ve just started a new blog or website, you’re going to want to promote it. It’s all very well creating a well-designed site with great content – but you need visitors to be a success. We’re going to look at a step-by-step guide to creating a successful blog that’s fully optimised for Google – so you can start getting more traffic as soon as possible.

Why is Google so important?

You’re probably already aware of how important getting a good ranking on Google is. While there are other traffic sources that you could use – Google is still by far the biggest player in town. For many businesses, Google is the only way they can get enough traffic to make money. For you website, it should still be your main source of visitors, so we’re going to look at how to get you boosted up the rankings.

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While Google should still be your number one source for traffic – it’s still important you don’t ignore other search engines and traffic sources altogether. Thankfully, most other search engines follow similar ranking procedures and you should rank for them by following these techniques.

Do detailed keyword research

Before you really start targeted keywords – you need to know which to target. There are a few simple tools available (including Google’s own keyword research page) that will help you find the best keywords for your business.

You want a range of similar and complimentary keywords that are both easy to rank for and provide a decent traffic flow. It’s a fine balancing act. You don’t really want to target really competitive terms with loads of traffic, as they’ll be hard to rank for. But you also want something that’s going to give you enough traffic to make it worth your while. Try and pick keywords they provide good traffic but aren’t too competitive.

Make sure your on-page SEO is ready to go

Before you start looking for backlinks, you need to make sure you on-age SEO is on-point. Make sure all your content is created with your main keywords in mind, and with the right density.

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You can get tools like Yoast’s SEO plug-in for WordPress to help you with all your on-page optimisation. Make sure your fill out detailed META information for all your new content, and that every post is fully optimised for SEO.

You also need to make sure you have plenty of internet links within your site. Get your sitemaps sorted as these are great for helping Google trawl and index your site (and notice new content).

Get high-quality backlinks

You probably already know how important backlinks are for getting ranked on Google. It’s one of the main ways the search engine works out what sites are relevant and authoritative on any subject.

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While you generally do want to make sure you can get as many backlinks as possible – be careful. If you spam too many low quality links, you could get penalised. Avoid those cheap Fiverr gigs that offer 10,000 backlinks overnight. They might have worked in the past, but they could be risking your sites rankings.

Instead, try and get as many high quality backlinks as you can from relevant authorities in your niche. You won’t get penalised if they are good links from good sources. Try syndicating your content on relevant blogs for both extra link-juice and residual traffic. Build relationships with important authorities in your industry in exchange for a backlink.

You can also try and get other high-quality backlinks by offering testimonials to other sites in you niche, in return for a link. Also, try and find mentions of your business that don’t include a link – message the person they wrote them and politely ask them to include anchor text with their mention. They should be happy to do so.

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Create great content

One of the foundations for getting a highly ranked site is creating great content. You might have been able to trick people with spammy efforts in the past, but you can’t anymore. Great content gets shared and linked to, doing your marketing work for you. If you can create enjoyable and informative information and post it on your site, your visitors will help by sharing it and linking to it from elsewhere on the web. There’s no shortcut when it comes to great content – it’s what your site needs to succeed.

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